White Dove by Benjamin Moore Colour Review

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White Dove by Benjamin Moore Colour Review

This week in my colour review, I share with you one of my favourite white paint colours: White Dove by Benjamin Moore.


Before we dive in, did you know that I put together a collection of Paint Colour Guides to help you avoid making costly mistakes when it comes to choosing paint colours? White Dove is one of the colours available.

Ecg Cover White Dove Benjamin Moore

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Essential Colour Guide Graphic 1


Don’t be fooled into thinking that when you hear the name of a paint colour, then that specific paint colour, must be that colour. Confused? LOL

What I mean is, just because White Dove is called ‘WHITE’ Dove, doesn’t mean to say that it’s a true white.

As an example, I’ve noticed that some clients can get put off when I show them a colour that has the word ‘Gray’ in it if they are not a fan of Gray. 

However, because all grays have undertones, what one perceives as ‘Gray’ in their own mind, can be completely different than the actual ‘Gray’ colour I’m specifying.

As for the whites, stick with me and you’ll understand what I’m talking about when you look at my white paint colour comparisons.

Here’s what I’ll be sharing with you about White Dove in Episode #2:

  • The Undertone of White Dove
  • Colour Comparisons to other whites
  • Best Whites for Ceilings, Doors and Trim
  • Fabulous Colour Combinations
  • Favourite Applications In Interior Design

Another view of my Toronto client’s dining room. Notice how the White Dove paint colour on the walls matches perfectly with the custom ripplefold drapery?  That’s not a coincidence. 😉

Benjamin Moore Hail Navy Painted Ceiling With Metal Pendant Lights And Ripple Fold White Drapery
Photography by Stephani Buchman.

Okay, are you ready? Let’s do this! Watch my video review by clicking the image below.

White Dove

White Dove OC- 17 by Benjamin Moore


White Dove is not a true white. They rarely are!  It has a creamy undertone that makes it a soft, rich white paint colour to work with for your interior decorating projects.

Colour Comparisons:

Despite what my husband thinks (that all whites are created equal and look the same) this is so not the case!  When you begin to compare whites, you will start to notice how very different they all are from one another.

This is why it really bothers me when contractors or kitchen companies recommend a cabinetry colour, without even factoring in the countertops, the backsplash or any other fixed elements in a space. That’s a totally backward way of thinking!!

Below are comparisons between White Dove and Chantilly Lace by BM. As you can see, the White Dove is creamier than the Chantilly Lace. Chantilly Lace is what I like to refer to as one of the rare ‘true whites’.

Chantilly Lace And White Dove Benjamain Moore 1
White Dove shown here with Chantilly Lace. Both are Benjamin Moore paint colours.
White Dove Chantilly Lace Comparison 1 1

If you prefer a white that is less stark than Chantilly Lace, but more creamy than White Dove, Benjamin Moore’s Ivory White is a good alternative to consider.

White Dove Vs Ivory White Benjamin Moore 1
Shown here is Ivory White, CC 130 by BM next to White Dove OC 17.
White Dove Ivory White Comparison

Best White Paint Colours

You could use either of the whites mentioned above as trim colours to pair with White Dove on the walls, or you could just continue using White Dove!

In my Toronto client’s dining room, we chose to keep the natural stain of the wood trim, as it was also the finish on their gorgeous, warm-toned interior doors, as well as part of the charm and character of their home.

Entrance To Dining Room Wooden Floors Dining Room Table. Benjamin Moore Hale Navy Painted Ceiling 1
Colour combination of White Dove with Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore.

Fabulous Colour Combinations

Here you can see my large painted board Hale Navy, tucked behind a baseboard painted in White Dove.

Hale Navy And White Dove Baseboard 2benjamin Moore 1
White Dove baseboard shown with painted colour board, Hale Navy HC-154.
White Dove Hale Navy Comparison 1

Below you can see the paint colour combination together that I used in my client’s main floor decorating project.

White Dove Hale Navy Sea Haze Comparison

In my previous blog post where I reviewed Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams,  I recommended White Dove as one of the best whites to pair with it.

Colour Combinations Sea Salt And White Dove 1
Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams is a great combination with White Dove.
White Dove Sea Salt Comparison 1
White Dove Benjamin Moore With Anew Gray Sherwin Williams 1
Anew Gray SW 730 by Sherwin Williams is a rich, neutral colour that looks fab too!
White Dove Anew Gray Comparison 1 2
Colour Combination White Dove And Kendall Charcoal Benjamin Moore 1
Kendall Charcoal HC -164 from Benjamin Moore’s Historical Collection is one of my favourites!
White Dove Kendall Charcoal Comparison 1

Kendall Charcoal would look stunning on the ceiling with White Dove walls!

I always find the painted ‘fifth wall’ to be so dramatic, unexpected, and exciting in a space. 

If you are looking for a lighter contrast, White Dove also looks great when paired with the classic greige tone of Revere Pewter HC-172 by Benjamin Moore.

Colour Combinations White Dove And Revere Pewter Benjamin Moore 1
Revere Pewter next to White Dove.
White Dove Revere Pewter Comparison 1

As shown above in the colour palette of the three colours used in my clients home, Sea Haze 2137-50 by BM also works wonderfully with White Dove.

Sea Haze 2137-50, is a light sage green colour

Here, I’ve added Classic Gray into the colour combination, if you wanted to bring in a fourth colour.

Hale Navy White Dove Sea Haze Classic Gray Comparison 1

The walls in the image below are painted Sea Haze and this is the same client’s living room, as the industrial-styled dining room shown earlier in this post.

Walls are Sea Haze 2137-50 by BM, fireplace, trim and ceiling are White Dove.

This fun fireplace floor tile that we used has warm tones that pair beautifully with White Dove.

White Dove With Fireplace Tile Mridu

Home Decor for White Dove

Shop this carefully curated selection of home decor items I’ve put together for you, which will coordinate beautifully with White Dove!

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Shop my fabulous finds for home décor that will work beautifully with White Dove!

Fabulous Colour Palette

You can see in this colour palette just how flawlessly all of these hues look together.

Pinterest Colour Review Template White Logo
White Dove and Hale Navy pairs nicely with Classic Gray and Sea Haze..

This pattern below shows a more masculine colour combination in various tones by Benjamin Moore.

Dexter Opt 1


For this particular interior decorating project, it was quite tricky to choose a colour for the walls in the living room. Normally, specifying colour comes very easy to me.

In this case, however, I was initially a little unsure about using Sea Haze. Mainly because the colours that we used for many of the accents in the room such as pillow fabrics and in the area rug are what I like to refer to as ‘clean’ colours.

Fabrics With Hale Navy And White Dove Mridu
All three colours shown here with fabric swatches from my clients custom bench seat.

Sea Haze is a colour that I consider to be more ‘muddy’ or ‘dirty’. I almost never mix ‘clean and dirty’, but here it worked.

To double-check though, I was able to see this paint colour in our 3D rendering software designs that we did for our clients.

It’s not a perfect match because we are looking at it on a computer program, but it was enough to give me the confidence to give it the thumbs up and move forward with this colour.

Colourful Rug
Ok, not perfectly matched with the after image shown below, but it gave me the confidence to go for it!
Cj Runnymeadrd1923web
Design by Claire Jefford. Professional photographs by Stephani Buchman.
Cj Runnymeadrd1941web
Fireplace painted White Dove by Benjamin Moore.

Favourite Places to Use White Dove

As shown above, I love White Dove in either an entire room or as trim colour and also for custom millwork.

Below are graphics I designed, I just love creating these! I think they are pretty, do you?

Pinterest White Dove Hale Navy 2
Magazine Cover Graphic White Dove and Hale Navy Benjamin Moore
Pinterest White Dove Dining Room
White Dove Magazine Cover Graphic


If you’ve used a paint colour that I’ve reviewed or you want to ask a question, or even if you have a different point of view to mine, please do share! 

Do you live locally to the Toronto or Burlington area?  Contact me here to inquire about an in person Colour consultation.

For colour advice, please note that I can’t always give advice based on simply reading about a scenario.  

If it were that easy for me to recommend the perfect paint hue without knowing more about the specific space; the lighting situation; what other fixed elements to consider etc, then I really would be even more magical than I already am. HAHA!

This is how I can help you…

You will find much of the information on White Dove plus more stunning colour combinations in my White Dove Essential Colour Guide .

I have now have 30 colours to choose from in my Paint Colour Guide library. See the entire collection here.

Essential Colour Guide Graphic

Remember, it only takes one mistake to take your home decorating project from divine to disaster. Don’t let the paint be what stresses you out!

You can now find White Dove included in my Benjamin Moore Whites & Neutrals Collection.

This collection has all 10 of my Essential Colour Guides for whites & neutrals by Benjamin Moore.

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