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White Dove by Benjamin Moore Colour Review

This week in my colour review, I share with you one of my favourite white paint colours: White Dove by Benjamin Moore.


Don’t be fooled into thinking that when you hear the name of a paint colour, then that paint will indeed be that colour. Confused? LOL

What I mean is, just because White Dove is called ‘WHITE‘ Dove, doesn’t mean to say that it’s a true white.

As an example, I’ve noticed that some clients can get put off when I show them a colour that has the word ‘Gray’ in it if they are not a fan of Gray. 

However, because all grays have undertones, what one perceives as ‘Gray’ in their own mind, can be completely different than the actual ‘Gray’ colour I’m specifying.

As for the whites, stick with me and you’ll understand what I’m talking about when you look at my white paint colour comparisons.

Here’s what I’ll be sharing with you about White Dove:

  • The Undertone of White Dove
  • Colour Comparisons to other whites
  • Best Whites for Ceilings, Doors and Trim
  • Fabulous Colour Combinations
  • Favourite Applications In Interior Design

Another view of my Toronto client’s dining room. Notice how the White Dove paint colour on the walls matches perfectly with the custom ripple fold drapery?  That’s not a coincidence. 😉

Benjamin Moore Hail Navy Painted Ceiling Toronto On
Click here to see more photos from this project.

Okay, are you ready? Let’s do this!

White Dove OC- 17 by Benjamin Moore


White Dove is not a true white. They rarely are!  It has a creamy undertone that makes it a soft, rich white paint colour to work with for your interior decorating projects.

Colour Comparisons:

Despite what my husband thinks (that all whites are created equal and look the same) this is so not the case!  When you begin to compare whites, you will start to notice how very different they all are from one another.

This is why it really bothers me when contractors or kitchen companies recommend a cabinetry colour, without even factoring in the countertops, the backsplash or any other fixed elements in a space. That’s a totally backward way of thinking!!

Below are comparisons between White Dove and Chantilly Lace by BM. As you can see, the White Dove is creamier than the Chantilly Lace. Chantilly Lace is what I like to refer to as one of the rare ‘true whites’. See this project where we used Chantilly Lace in one of the most incredible walk-in closets you’ve ever seen!

Chantilly Lace And White Dove Benjamain Moore 1
White Dove shown here with Chantilly Lace. Both are Benjamin Moore paint colours.
White Dove Chantilly Lace Comparison 1 1

If you prefer a white that is less stark than Chantilly Lace, but more creamy than White Dove, Benjamin Moore’s Ivory White is a good alternative to consider.

White Dove Vs Ivory White Benjamin Moore 1
Shown here is Ivory White, CC 130 by BM next to White Dove OC 17.
White Dove Ivory White Comparison

Best White Paint Colours

You could use either of the whites mentioned above as trim colours to pair with White Dove on the walls, or you could just continue using White Dove!

In my Toronto client’s dining room, we chose to keep the natural stain of the wood trim, as it was also the finish on their gorgeous, warm-toned interior doors, as well as part of the charm and character of their home.

Entrance Toronto Ontario Interior Design
Colour combination of White Dove with Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore.

Fabulous Colour Combinations

Here you can see my large painted board Hale Navy, tucked behind a baseboard painted in White Dove.

Hale Navy And White Dove Baseboard 2benjamin Moore 1
White Dove baseboard shown with painted colour board, Hale Navy HC-154.
White Dove Hale Navy Comparison 1

Below you can see the paint colour combination together that I used in my client’s main floor decorating project.

White Dove Hale Navy Sea Haze Comparison

In my previous blog post where I reviewed Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams,  I recommended White Dove as one of the best whites to pair with it.

Colour Combinations Sea Salt And White Dove 1
Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams is a great combination with White Dove.
White Dove Sea Salt Comparison 1
White Dove Benjamin Moore With Anew Gray Sherwin Williams 1
Anew Gray SW 730 by Sherwin Williams is a rich, neutral colour that looks fab too!
White Dove Anew Gray Comparison 1 2
Colour Combination White Dove And Kendall Charcoal Benjamin Moore 1
Kendall Charcoal HC -164 from Benjamin Moore’s Historical Collection is one of my favourites!
White Dove Kendall Charcoal Comparison 1

Kendall Charcoal would look stunning on the ceiling with White Dove walls!

I always find the painted ‘fifth wall’ to be so dramatic, unexpected, and exciting in a space. 

If you are looking for a lighter contrast, White Dove also looks great when paired with the classic greige tone of Revere Pewter HC-172 by Benjamin Moore.

Colour Combinations White Dove And Revere Pewter Benjamin Moore 1
Revere Pewter next to White Dove.
White Dove Revere Pewter Comparison 1

As shown above, in the colour palette of the three colours used in my clients home, Sea Haze 2137-50 by BM also works wonderfully with White Dove.

Sea Haze 2137-50, is a light sage green colour

Here, I’ve added Classic Gray into the colour combination, if you wanted to bring in a fourth colour.

Hale Navy White Dove Sea Haze Classic Gray Comparison 1

The walls in the image below are painted Sea Haze and this is the same client’s living room, as the industrial-styled dining room shown earlier in this post.

Living Room With Dark Blue Window Seat With Custom Storage And Coffee Table 2
Design by Claire Jefford. Professional photographs by Stephani Buchman.

This fun fireplace floor tile that we used has warm tones that pair beautifully with White Dove.

White Dove With Fireplace Tile Mridu

Fabulous Colour Palette

You can see in this colour palette just how flawlessly all of these hues look together.

Pinterest Colour Review Template White Logo
White Dove and Hale Navy pair nicely with Classic Gray and Sea Haze.

The pattern below shows a more masculine colour combination in various tones by Benjamin Moore.


For this particular interior decorating project, it was quite tricky to choose a colour for the walls in the living room. Normally, specifying colour comes very easy to me.

In this case, however, I was initially a little unsure about using Sea Haze. Mainly because the colours that we used for many of the accents in the room such as pillow fabrics and in the area rug are what I like to refer to as ‘clean’ colours.

Fabrics With Hale Navy And White Dove Mridu
All three colours shown here with fabric swatches from my clients custom bench seat.

Sea Haze is a colour that I consider to be more ‘muddy’ or ‘dirty’. I almost never mix ‘clean and dirty’, but here it worked.

To double-check though, I was able to see this paint colour in our 3D rendering software designs that we did for our clients.

It’s not a perfect match because we are looking at it on a computer program, but it was enough to give me the confidence to give it the thumbs up and move forward with this colour.

Colourful Rug
Ok, not perfectly matched with the after image shown below, but it gave me the confidence to go for it!
Cj Runnymeadrd1923web
Walls are Sea Haze 2137-50 by BM, fireplace, trim and ceiling are White Dove.
Cj Runnymeadrd1941web
Fireplace painted White Dove by Benjamin Moore.

Favourite Places to Use White Dove

As shown above, I love White Dove in either an entire room or as trim colour and also for custom millwork.

Below are graphics I designed, I just love creating these! I think they are pretty, do you?

Pinterest White Dove Hale Navy 2
Magazine Cover Graphic White Dove and Hale Navy Benjamin Moore
Pinterest White Dove Dining Room
White Dove Magazine Cover Graphic


For more colour Claire-ity, I have created Perfect Colour Palettes to help you avoid making costly mistakes when it comes to choosing paint colours?

My White Dove Perfect Colour Palette is one of the colours available.

White Dove Benjamin Moore (1)

Don’t miss out. See all of my Perfect Colour Palettes here .

These paint colour guides are a super helpful resource to have on hand when trying to find a perfect palette for your next design or decorating project.

Claires Guide To Trending White Paint Colours 1


If you’ve used a paint colour that I’ve reviewed or you want to ask a question, or even if you have a different point of view to mine, please do share! 

Do you live locally in the Toronto or Burlington area?  Contact me here to inquire about an in-person Colour Consultation.

For colour advice, please note that I can’t always give advice based on simply reading about a scenario.  

If it were that easy for me to recommend the perfect paint hue without knowing more about the specific space; the lighting situation; what other fixed elements to consider etc, then I really would be even more magical than I already am. HAHA!

Perfect Colour Palette Collections

You can now also find White Dove included in my Benjamin Moore Whites & Neutrals Collection.

This collection has all 10 of my Perfect Colour Palettes for whites & neutrals by Benjamin Moore.

Remember, it only takes one mistake to take your home decorating project from divine to disaster. Don’t let the paint be what stresses you out!

Collections Covers Benjamin Moore (9)

I went one step further and created a collection showcasing all 20 of my Perfect Colour Palettes for Benjamin Moore paint colours.

Check out my Benjamin Moore Ultimate Collection.

Collections Covers Benjamin Moore (15)

Take my Colour Quiz to see which Colour Palette best suits your style. 

Colour Quiz Graphics Blog 500x750 Resized 1
(206) Comments
  • Darla Powell
    | 16 September 2018

    Great post, Claire. White Dove is one of my go tos.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 16 September 2018

      I think it’s a go-to for many design professionals, such a pretty tone. Cheers Darla!

  • Julie
    | 16 September 2018

    I love White Dove! Lovely color, reminds me of Alabaster by SW.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 16 September 2018

      Ditto Julie!

  • Janet Lorusso
    | 16 September 2018

    White Dove is the trim color I specify the most…it really does “play well with others”!

    • Claire Jefford
      | 16 September 2018

      Definitely a favourite for many of us design professionals! Cheers for watching Janet!

    • Meredith Lawler
      | 9 March 2019

      Is there such thing as too much White Dove? Can I do walls, trim, kitchen cabinets, and kitchen island all in White Dove? If you had to recommend one of those things to do in another color, which would it be?

      • Claire Jefford
        | 15 March 2019

        If you love that colour and the look, then do it! As long as there is something to ground the space. I did a bathroom in all Simply White by BM. The walls, the cabinetry and the tile (we initially colour matched the shower tile to Simply White) with a hardwood looking tile. We love it and so do our clients! See it here in our portfolio –> https://clairejefford.com/portfolio/gallery/gwynne-avenue/

        • Asoni
          | 21 June 2019

          I was thinking of pairing chantilly lace with hale navy or old navy (not sure yet) and I was wondering when you paint a wall whether it’s white dove or old navy do you paint the trims the same colour but with a different finish?

          • Claire Jefford
            | 1 July 2019

            Baseboards are typically painted with a semi gloss finish so it’s easier to wipe dust. Crown molding can also be a semi gloss, where your ceilings are often matt so they are less reflective. Historically the popular sheen for walls have been an egg shell, but lately a trend has been to paint walls in a matt as well.

  • Jillian
    | 16 September 2018

    I love these posts, Claire. They’re really giving me the confidence to discuss colors with my clients. White Dove is my go to trim color.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 16 September 2018

      So happy to hear this Jillian!!

  • Bridget
    | 1 November 2018

    I use White Dove quite often as it does pair with so many colors and seems to stay true to itself in various applications. Great videos, Claire.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 2 November 2018

      So fabulous to hear this Bridget! Thanks so much for watching, glad you are enjoying my videos! 🙂

  • Kimberly Welling
    | 10 November 2018

    I am using SW Agreeable Gray in my home gym. There are no windows in this basement room. Would you suggest using White Dove as my trim?

    • Claire Jefford
      | 11 November 2018

      Hello Kimberly! Yes, Agreeable Gray and White Dove work well together.

  • Dee Dorian
    | 15 November 2018

    I am thinking of using white dove for my trim. What what do you suggest for the walls? I would like there to be some brown (not yellow) undertones and somewhat of a contrast with the trim. Thanks!

    • Claire Jefford
      | 29 November 2018

      Hi Dee. I would choose your wall colours first, match them up with your fixed elements such as counters, fireplace stone, tile, etc. Then choose the best white to work with the paint colour and those fixed elements too. Do you have my free pdf download on How to Choose the Right Paint Colours the first time? That should help. You can get it here –> https://clairejefford.com/ccd-freebies/

  • Missy Mazza
    | 19 November 2018

    I’ve painted my walls in a finished basement white dove and wonder what color I should paint the ceiling. I want to make the room as bright as it can. I’m not sure if I should paint the ceiling White Dove or if there is a color a little lighter I should try. I’d appreciate any suggestions!

    • Claire Jefford
      | 29 November 2018

      Hi Missy. First thing to remember is that a light colour will not make a dark room bright. You will need good lighting for that to happen, even if natural lighting is not possible, pot lights tend to be better than one central fixture for the best light. There are quite a few whites that will work with White Dove, but I would just paint the ceiling the same white, but in a matte finish. With shadows from lighting, the same colour will often look different when applied onto different surfaces and with different sheens.

      • Evelyn Sweeney
        | 1 May 2019

        Where can I get white dove for cabinets please

        • Claire Jefford
          | 1 May 2019

          Hi Evelyn! You can have cabinets either custom made and ask your carpenter to do them in White Dove or if they are existed cabinets, you can seek out a painter who sprays cabinetry.

    • Joél Selph
      | 3 March 2019

      Hi! I am using white dove for the trim for my entire home. I would like a brighter color for the ceilings. What white would you recommend for the ceilings?

      • Claire Jefford
        | 3 March 2019

        Whites that are lighter than White Dove which you may wish to consider are Snowfall White, Oxford White, Simply White. All of these are Benjamin Moore colours.

    • Lia
      | 11 March 2019

      Hi Claire, I have white dove as the trim color thoughout my entire house. We built 9 years ago and I want to change my current beige walls to a “white” that coordinates well with white dove. Any suggestions? My house has beachy tones, light blues, beige, ivory. Thanks!

  • Jenny
    | 29 November 2018

    Hi there! My husband and I just bought a second home and the walls are a grey color and the trim and doors are white dove. There isn’t a ton of natural light in the downstairs portion of home where the main living spaces are and the wood floors have a little grey tone to them, so we change the s from grey to white. I want a brighter starker white because of the lack of natural light — and I am wondering if you have any suggestions for a brighter white that would pair okay with white dove trim and doors. Any insight is so so appreciated! Thanks 🙂

    • Claire Jefford
      | 29 November 2018

      Hi Jenny! Simply white and Chantilly Lace are more white and they both look nice with White Dove.

  • DTA Design Group
    | 4 December 2018

    Excellent post. Keep writing such kind of information on your site.I’m really impressed by your blog. Thanks for sharing.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 4 December 2018

      Cheers for reading!

    • Laura
      | 3 March 2019

      Hi Claire: our whole house is white dove. We are doing some remodeling and want a brighter white but will leave the cabinetry in white dove. Floors will be walnut and accent wall will be prettier. Do you suggest Simlly white to be a little brighter but look Good together? Thank you!

      • Claire Jefford
        | 3 March 2019

        Hi Laura. Simply White and White Dove look lovely together. Remember to look at what else you have going on in the space though, such as any tile or stone to ensure it works with the lighter / whiter walls.

  • SC
    | 17 December 2018

    Our kitchen cabinets and family room built ins are White Dove and we are thinking about painting our walls (open concept family room-dining-kitchen) a white as well. I would like to brighten up our space but wondering if we go with a “whiter” white that maybe our cabinets would appear dingy or more yellow?

    • Claire Jefford
      | 18 December 2018

      Remember that brightening up a space doesn’t happen simply by adding a light colour on the walls. The lighting itself (artificial or natural) is what will make a space lighter. I’m not a big fan of white on white, especially when it’s a white and a cream or off white. I think it is tricky to pull off without making whichever one is more off white appear dingy, just as you mentioned. Is there a fireplace stone that you can pull from or another fixed element in the space which would be a key factor in choosing a wall colour? That is where I would look to first.

  • chystelle mucha
    | 21 December 2018

    Hello. My kitchen cabinets are white dove and my countertops are basilica by Cambria. My island is chelsea gray by BM and wall color is usuful gray by SW. I am trying to figure out what my trip should be . I am getting 4.5 inch shutters and need to tell them the color. Company trying to tell me pearl 009 is best match but not too sure where this color comes from. Should I go with white dove trim and tell them I want to do white dove bm shutters to match. ? do you know anything about this pear 009 color? thank you so much.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 21 December 2018

      Yes, white dove looks beautiful with those colours, as you know because you have painted your cabinetry that white. I don’t know what they are referring to in terms of the Pear 009, but yes, would do the trim White Dove.

  • Marilyn
    | 4 January 2019

    Hi Claire. I have Cambria Ironsbridge countertops and can’t decide which Ben Moore cabinet color to use. My kitchen faces north but I’m afraid of a very bright white. Cambria recommends white opalescence which is completely wrong. Please suggest colors that could work.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 4 January 2019

      Hi Marilyn. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to have a sample of Cambria’s Ironsbridge. However, I agree with you that by looking on line at the suggested colours, the Opalescence doesn’t seem to be a good match with it – but I also appreciate that looking at elements such as this on line is not best practice.

      My advice would be to take a sample of the Cambria counter (if you can get it from your rep) to a Benjamin Moore store. Pick 3-4 whites that look best and then bring them home to view them in your own space/light. From there, if you can confidently narrow it down to 2, consider getting small sample pots and painting large boards in those 2 colours. Place the painted boards vertically and the counter horizontally, in the same way that they will be oriented in your home. Then view the counter with the paint at a few different times of the day to see which works best. Also, be sure to consider other tile or flooring in the space. Whites can be tricky! Good luck and let us know what you decide. Thanks.

  • Rebecca
    | 13 January 2019

    I loved your videos! Thank you!
    I just renovated my entire 2nd floor and would like to paint ALL of the bedroom and hallway walls in White Dove and all moldings, doors, and trim in super white, both by Benjamin Moore.
    In your opinion, will these colors look nicely together? Will there be a nice, subtle contrast?

  • Candy
    | 10 February 2019

    Hi Claire – if we have white dove shiplap walls — what color would you paint the ceiling?

    • Claire Jefford
      | 11 February 2019

      Hi Candy. I would paint the ceiling in White Dove as well. It will look slightly different anyway because not only is it being applied to a different texture (shiplap vs drywall) but it’s also going to be a different sheen. Don’t over complicate it. 🙂

  • Michelle
    | 11 February 2019

    hi, I recently used white dove on my walls in a second home. I have always loved white dove and use it on my trim so was confident that I would love it painted on walls. When I saw the paint job, I was convinced it wasn’t right. I looked again at the paint can and the formal for white dove purchased from a different hardware store was different from the one I had always used. What is the correct formula for white dove?

    and btw, I’m thinking of using white dove on walls flat with cottontails semi-gloss on trim. what do you think?

  • Jessica
    | 15 February 2019

    We just remodeled our first floor, and we opted for White Dove on walls and ceiling. Entryway cabinetry is BM Sea Haze. I need a color for my brick fireplace. Considering Kendall Charcoal, would that be too dark? I want it to be neutral, and a different shade, but complimenting our new entryway cabinets. Kitchen is redone with Natural Cherry and Soapstone. Thanks for your thoughts!

    • Claire Jefford
      | 2 March 2019

      Hi Jessica. This colour combination is lovely. As to whether or not the Kendall charcoal is too dark a colour for the fireplace will depend on a few different factors. One, do you like dark colours? For me I love the contrast and dramatic look, so I’m never afraid of using dark colours. Secondly, you need to create balance within the space. If there is a large dark fireplace on one side of the room and the rest is all white walls, it won’t feel right. It could be as simple as having a dark gray sofa opposite the fireplace and black framed windows and now it all comes together nicely. Good design is all about looking at the big picture.

  • Shauna
    | 18 February 2019

    Hi! Thank you for this informative site! I am repainting a bright south exposure sunroom. The existing color is an old restoration hardware color in a sage green. While the color is nice I am just feeling ready for a change. I am considering painting the walls White dove. The trim in the room is bright white and all windows (9 of them ) are covered in plantation shutters in white as well. The ceiling is flat white with 4 large sky lights. So obviously the room gets lots of natural light! Do you think that it is just too much white? I envision a creamy white that will contrast a bit with the trim and shutters to make the space fresh and clean looking. The living room that looks into the sunroom has a griege color paint ( my gray sofas go very nicely with the walls so I know there is gray undertones). I’ve got my white dove sample to try but wanted your thoughts on the white on white. Any advice is appreciated!

    • Claire Jefford
      | 24 March 2019

      Hello Shauna, thanks for your comment. You may have already made your decision based on the date that you posted, apologies for my late reply.

      That will definitely be a lot of white. While white walls are on trend right now, it’s important to know how to decorate and style a space in the right way to make it look fabulous like the rooms we see on line or in magazines. I’m personally not a fan of mixing off white and bright white, which sounds like that is what you will be doing with all the bright white shutters and trim. But again, that is a personally preference. Let us know how you got on, it can be tricky to comment when I’m not in the space to see.

  • Janet Jenkins
    | 19 February 2019

    What are we to do with all of these sample pots after our painting is complete?

    • Claire Jefford
      | 2 March 2019

      If you don’t want to hang on to them for possible future use, you can take them to somewhere like Home Depot and they dispose of old paint cans safely.

  • Theresa
    | 20 February 2019

    Hi Claire, I am remodeling my home and basically changing all paint colors and most fixed elements (stone, cabinet color, countertops). I would love to do a white throughout the home, and get my color from furniture/accessories etc. I am very torn between Sherwin Williams Alabaster and White Dove. I plan to do the ceilings, wall, trim and cabinets all in whichever one I go with, different sheens. I’ve painted poster boards and put them all around. Both are very pretty, I’m just concerned about undertones that I may not see from the poster boards. I have covered porches around my home adjacent to the main living rooms which dims the natural light some. Can you give me any advice on which of these two colors overall tends to work best for the long run? I plan to do neutral furnishings also. My floors are all hardwood, a mix of provincial and special walnut. I would appreciate any input you can give me. Love your blog :).

    • Claire Jefford
      | 24 March 2019

      You need to be guided by those new fixed elements you are choosing for your space. Looking at those and which white works best with the tones in counters, stone etc, is what you need to be doing. It may not end up being either of those whites depending on what you choose for finishes. Be sure to choose paint last and as you know, not all whites are created equal!

  • Shelly
    | 23 February 2019

    Hi Claire, I have 1950 metal kitchen cabinets that need to be repainted. They are currently white… No idea what brand or color, they are definitely a true white. I love the freshness of a white kitchen but am lost as to what products to use and the steps to take to successfully refinish my cabinets. Any direction and support you can give would be greatly appreciated!!!

    • Claire Jefford
      | 2 March 2019

      Hi Shelly. That’s a great question, one that I truly do not know the answer too. I did a search in YouTube and very little results came up that were helpful. Consult with a local paint store to get their advice on this. Then be sure to document the update in a video, because it clearly needs to be addressed!

    • Ginger Rose
      | 19 November 2019

      Hi Claire – I am having a very difficult time in deciding what paint to go with in my living room. The walls now are off white, which I love, the color when we moved in. We have just installed natural red oak flooring and want to re-paint. We have a cathedral ceiling with a stone fireplace of dark red stones, some yellow, orange and white and gray mortar. Lots of natural light. Windows, and sky lights. Would white dove walls and simply white trim work? Or can you suggest any other paint color?

      • Claire Jefford
        | 23 December 2019

        This is impossible to answer confidently without seeing the space and the finishes. I suggest you contact a colour expert in your area who can meet on site. Well worth the money if you get a good consultant!

  • Connie Alfano
    | 4 March 2019

    Firstly, I love your videos. Lots of examples, which are very helpful.
    Undecided re: color for my kitchen walls, cabinets and trim. I inherited “Steamed Milk” plantation shutters (color was chosen and shutters installed without my input 🙁 but they’re not bad. I have Luna Pearl countertops,white subway tile backsplash and LVT called Enchanted forest (Alterna Armstrong)… same colors as the fireplace you did. Will White Dove be a good choice? Just don’t want the shutters to look beige. It seems pretty close to the color of the shutters…a little lighter but doesn’t seem to turn the shutters beige. Also, should I use a satin or semi gloss finish on the trim and cabinets? Thanks so much.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 24 March 2019

      Hi Connie. I just googled Luna Pearl granite and this will definitely be where you need to take direction from when choosing any of the colours for your kitchen. It appears to have white and some grey taupe blotches. Please look at paint boards with your counter and then your shutters to determine what will be the best choice. I like a semi gloss on the trim of baseboards, as it’s more easy to wipe.

  • Louise PLOUFFE
    | 19 March 2019

    I have maple wood kitchen cabinets and looking to paint and glaze I was thinking about white dove but not sure what glaze color I should use we don’t want a lot in the cracks just enough to see a little contrast. Do you have any suggestions?

  • Louise PLOUFFE
    | 19 March 2019

    I have maple wood kitchen cabinets and looking to paint and glaze I was thinking about white dove but not sure what glaze color I should use we don’t want a lot in the cracks just enough to see a little contrast. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Claire Jefford
      | 19 March 2019

      Hi Louise. Whenever we paint cabinets, we hire a company to spray them – the doors/drawers off site. I’ve never actually used a glaze so cannot comment on that specifically.

  • Janet b
    | 1 May 2019

    Likely a stupid question (I always tell my kids no question is stupid 🙂 ) so here goes…can a paint be mixed incorrectly? I painted a bunch of White Dove swatches directly on my walls, it’s stark white, it even matches my trim and closet door that are Kelly Moore Swiss Coffee. It looks like I painted a primer. Now, the walls currently are a deep mustard color in which I painted directly over because I was told at paint store BM paint has a primer in the paint already. Could this cause the stark white? Absolutely no gray or any undertones are visible. There was a problem with the first can, I had to return it because 2 hours after purchase, I went to paint and there was about 2.5” of thick gooey substance in the bottom of the can after they had mixed it, they said they’d never seen this happen before.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 20 June 2019

      Yikes! I’ve not had this happen personally before, sorry this happened to you. It sounds like a problem with the mixer perhaps or the paint going off? I don’t even know if that is a thing, but someone at the store should be able to assist you. Good luck!

  • Faye George
    | 9 May 2019

    Hi Louise,
    I have black granite countertops, and Revere pewter walls,
    I’m thinking of painting my cabinets White Dove and the island cabinets Kendall Charcoal…

    The kitchen has a lot of natural light as it faces West.

    Do you think this White is the right White?
    Thanks again for your comments and suggestions…

    • Claire Jefford
      | 6 June 2019

      Hi Faye, it’s Claire here by the way. Those 3 colours you mention all work beautifully together. If there is no white anywhere in the space to refer to – like in a back splash or floor tile for example – then it should be fine. Also check how it will go with the current trim colour or if you are considering changing that as well, then you could use White dove there too.

  • Cheryl McGary
    | 10 May 2019

    Hi, love all your suggestions and ideas! I’m painting our kitchen cabinets BM white dove and our island BM newburyport blue, our counter will be Pietra Quartz and I’m torn on the wall color. I like both SW agreeable gray and BM collingwood. Which paint color would be better? Have south and south west facing windows. Would love your suggestions! Thanks so much

    • Claire Jefford
      | 20 May 2019

      Hi Cheryl. Thanks for your kind words, I’m glad you are enjoying my posts!

      I’m not familiar with Pietra Quartz specifically, so please take large samples of all of your finishes and possible paint colours, then display them the same way as they will be put into the space. (IE counters horizontal, paint and cabinetry colours vertical)

      This way you should get a good idea of which colour will work best.

  • Dottie Fortner
    | 15 May 2019

    Hi Claire,
    I am remodeling my pool house and am thinking of either BM Gray Wisp or SW Sea Salt for the walls and BM White Dove for the cabinets. Should I also do the trim in White Dove or a whiter white? Thanks in advance.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 20 May 2019

      Hey Dottie, I recommend using the same white for the trim as you are doing on the cabinets. There is no need to introduce another white and remember that the trim will likely be painted in a different sheen to the cabinets and the light hits them both differently so they won’t look exactly the same. Don’t overthink it! Cheers for watching.

  • Michael Miller
    | 16 May 2019

    Hi there – I’m painting the first floor of my rowhome (open plan kitchen, dining, and living room) White Dove – the main windows (living room) are west-facing. What finish do you recommend for the White Dove – matte or eggshell?
    Thank you and love your posts!

    • Claire Jefford
      | 22 May 2019

      Hello Michael. In the past and for a very long time, the eggshell sheen has typically been the most popular to use when painting walls. As of late, we are seeing a trend of more homeowners and designers using a matte finish. Consider whether you want the walls to have any sheen to them. Benjamin Moore carries a line (cannot recall which one exactly at this time) of matte paint that is easily wipeable. That is something else you want to think about, especially if you have kids or a busy home where walls get easily dirty AND with the colour being so light.

  • F.George
    | 25 May 2019

    I have black granite countertops with grey glass subway tile backsplash.Dark brown hardwood..
    My kitchen also faces west..
    I’m painting my maple cabinets white…
    Should I use Simply white,Dove white or Cloud white BM paint color.

    Thanks so much for you suggestion.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 6 June 2019

      Take all 3 colours and paint them on large boards, hold them upright on the counter and move around at different times of the day to determine which works best. Simply white is more ‘bright’ than the other two, with White Dove being the creamiest of the three.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 20 June 2019

      It’s really difficult to say for sure without seeing everything. It sounds like all the colours are solid and no patterns with varying colours. Paint large sample boards of each white and then place them vertically on top of the counter top in front of the backsplash, each at different times of the day to see what works best. Also consider what your current trim/crown/ceiling white tone is so the new cabinetry colour works well with that.

  • Joanne McDonald
    | 4 June 2019

    I love your videos and your blog. I too love white dove and have used it in the kitchen and entirely in a bedroom. I am “fixing up” my home for resale purposes as my husband passed away and I need a smaller home and yard. I have a rather large living room and a small foyer. While I do not see much about it, I love the color, BM Silver Chain. I first thought I would paint the living room in silver chain and the foyer in Kendall Charcoal; however, I think that Revere Pewter goes better with my furniture and tile around the fireplace. My question is: Do you think that revere pewter in the large living room would look good with Kendall Charcoal in the foyer. I too like the dramatics but am afraid to get too dramatic for resale purposes. Thanks, Joanne

    • Claire Jefford
      | 20 June 2019

      Hello Joanne. Sorry to hear about the passing of your husband. xo To answer your question, Kendall Charcoal and Revere Pewter look lovely together. I’m not familiar with Silver Chain. While I love creating contrast in design, depending on the lighting in your foyer, that paint colour may be a bit dark for potential new buyers when they first walk in the door. On the other hand, it may be incredibly beautiful and dramatic. Perhaps ask your realtor who will have a better idea of what helps to sell in your local area. All the best and thanks for watching!

  • Alplily
    | 6 June 2019

    Hi there,

    I am a condo owner on a budget. My whole condo has Navajo White walls… and, the worst part… light sandy taupe doors and trim (darker than the walls). My vanities and cabinets are all that awful builder quality oak. The whole place feels dingy, especially with beige wall to wall, too. I am thinking about painting everything–walls, trim, doors, and cabinets Dove White. I have eclectic taste, with pine and oak antiques, contemporary-ish furniture, and a Tibetan wool rug that is rust, wine, terracotta, and a touch of mauve. I am a painter, too, so will have a lot of landscape and abstract paintings on the walls. Generally, I want to lighten and brighten the place up and make it feel cleaner and airier. This should make it feel bigger, I hope, and provide a good backdrop for interesting colors and textures in furniture and accent pieces. Am I on a good track? I hope to one day add hickory hardwood floors…

    • Claire Jefford
      | 19 June 2019

      Hi there. This question is quite in depth and without seeing the space, it’s hard for me to comment on whether what you have going on is working. If you need help with design and decor in your home, I highly recommend investing in a colour and design consult with a professional in your local area.

  • Alli
    | 9 June 2019

    I love this blog. Thank you for educating me on white paint. My contractor and I chose Origami White for my kitchen cabinets 6 months ago. At that time, I thought there was white and off white paint. Little did I know. I’m now trying to pick a paint color for my walls and I’m having a difficult time. I’m thinking of White Dove, but not sure if that color will go with my cabinets. My island is marble and countertop is gray. I have wooden floors. Can you suggest other white colors that will complement Origami White?

    • Claire Jefford
      | 10 June 2019

      Thanks for reading Alli. I’ve not used Origami White by SW before, but I just pulled the card out of my paint kit. I paired it with Snowbound by SW and Cloud White by BM. Those seem to work well, but my boards are painted, whereas the card with Origami is printed. Plus, the weather is dark and rainy here today so not the best light. I wasn’t loving White Dove with it how it was showing here in my studio. Be sure to test with large painted boards in your own space to see how it looks with your cabinets and at different times of the day. Best of luck!

  • deb stephens
    | 10 June 2019

    Hi Claire, hello from a former Burlingtonian , now in Niagara-on-the-Lake! Great post, very helpful. In one of your blogs you spoke about it being okay to have White Dove walls with Simply White cabinetry. I’m torn here as I am finding the white dove sample cabinet board too yellow with my new Lancaster Bianco 3×12 matte white subway tile backsplash in a kitchen with western exposure. The cabinet doors will be sprayed by kitchen cabinetry company and I think with the addition of the lacquer in the spray paint it yellows the colour a titch. The walls are a done deal in White Dove and ceilings are 50% White Dove so the real question is White Dove or Simply White for a less creamy/yellowy look for the cabinetry. Looking for your wisdom here!

    • Claire Jefford
      | 19 June 2019

      Hello Deb, I love Niagara on the lake!! In terms of your question, I don’t have Lancaster Bianco to hand to see it together with either of the whites. I recommend you paint a couple of large sample boards like the ones I use in my videos and move them around the room / counters at different times of the day to see what would work best.

  • Karen
    | 17 June 2019

    Do you use White Dove on the walls and for the trim?

    • Claire Jefford
      | 19 June 2019

      Hi Karen. You could use the same white for both. It’s likely that the sheen’s will be different ie -trim semi-gloss and main walls eggshell or matte – so this will make them look slightly different anyway.

  • Lorraine
    | 19 June 2019

    I have enjoyed reading through this blog.
    My space is open concept with lots of natural light. My kitchen cabinets are cloud white. Can I paint the walls, ceiling and trim in a matte white dove?

    • Claire Jefford
      | 19 June 2019

      Thanks Lorraine. Although you could paint the walls White Dove, as those whites are not drastically different from one another, I don’t think it’s necessary to introduce a new white in this case. The Cloud White may very well look slightly different when applied to the walls vs the cabinetry anyway, so I’d consider using Cloud White or a completely different neutral if you want to see some contrast in colour.

  • Lori
    | 6 July 2019

    Thanks for the video it was very helpful. Would white dove or dove wing cabinets look better with calacatta gold? Do you have a better suggestion to go with the calacatta gold? Is it ok to paint the cabinets wall and crown molding around the kitchen the same color? It will be semi gloss and eggshell so it will look a tiny bit different. Thanks I appreciate the advice.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 16 July 2019

      Hi Lori. Calcutta gold comes up in search as a marble, quartz and a granite. Therefore, I don’t know which one you are referring to specifically. Be sure to look at your counter with possible options you are looking to paint your cabinets, holding a paint board up behind it and then comparing a few to see which works best. And yes, you can paint the cabinetry and crown molding the same colour.

  • Kathy
    | 7 July 2019

    Great help! I’m painting my den, with a cathedral ceiling, in Edgecome Gray. The ceiling has many levels, and I’m treating all the verticals as the ceiling color and also repainting all trim. There will be a lot of the ceiling color showing. Is White Dove a good choice for doors, trim and ceiling with the Edgecomb Gray?

    • Claire Jefford
      | 16 July 2019

      Edgecombe Gray and White Dove work wonderfully together! In fact, we just used this colour combination in a clients condo with beautiful results.

  • Lauren
    | 14 July 2019

    Hello. Love your blog! Would you suggest White Dove or Chantilly White for trim/doors/ceiling with Ballet White walls? North and west exposures. I want contrast but not too glaring. Thanks, in advance.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 16 July 2019

      Hi Lauren. Both Chantilly lace and White Dove work well with Ballet White. You need to decide if you want to go more creamy (White Dove) or a starker white (Chantilly). Refer to your fixed elements and any fabrics that you have in the space to see what would work best in your situation. Thanks for reading!

  • Melissa
    | 14 July 2019

    I’m painting my walls Benjamin Moore pale oak. I want all the undertones of white dove, just a bit whiter on my kitchen cabinets. Is having the paint mixed with white by 25 or 50 percent a good idea to brighten it up a bit? Or should I pick a different white altogether? I just want a bit more contrast but keep the undertones. Any ideas? Thank you!

    • Claire Jefford
      | 16 July 2019

      Hi Melissa. I never mess with paint colours and percentages, I believe there are enough colours in the world to find the perfect colour every time. Try looking at Simply White, it’s fractionally more white. Test it first please! thanks.

  • Susan
    | 18 July 2019

    The exterior of my home has always been some shade of white with black shutters and black front door for years. I am repainting the outside White Dove this time around and would like to know the correct black to use for the shutters and door. They are currently a muted black, not a bold black. Thank you! This post has been very helpful.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 11 August 2019

      Hi Susan, thanks for your question. You need to pull out various blacks and look at them with White Dove AND look at the colours outside because that’s where they are going to be applied. Colours always look twice as bright outside and if you have any other black fixtures outside on your house, like eavestroughs or the front door, you’ll want to make sure the black is the same as those so there aren’t too many variances between each one.

  • Anna Lisa Leal
    | 2 September 2019

    Great video and loved how you paired white dove with both warm and cool palettes. I am about to repaint my entire house white (walls and trim) we have terra cotta floors and warm woods and a cooler palette for the fabrics etc. Oving to more modern Mediterranean. I’m torn between BM White Dove, SW Shell White and SW Creamy. I’ve dragged my paint squares all over the house and still cant decide. Seeing how you used it with White Dove with cool and warm I’m wondering if that may be the way to go for future flexibility…..thoughts?

    • Claire Jefford
      | 20 September 2019

      Hello Anna. It’s impossible for me to say without seeing it for myself. Please download my FREE Paint Guide on 5 Steps to Choosing the Right paint colour. Hopefully that helps you. Here is the link –> https://clairejefford.com/ccd-freebies/ Good luck!

  • Sharon
    | 5 September 2019

    Hi Clair,
    I appreciate all your valuable advise and am hoping you can point me in the right direction!
    We are just starting a main floor open concept kitchen/living room Reno.
    Lucky me, my husband has built and painted our new kitchen cabinets Oxford White. The island is Walnut as well as a walnut pantry. Counters are LG Viatera Minuet. We have added a traditional gas fireplace in the livingroom that we are also planing to paint Oxford White with a walnut mantle. My question is, is it ok to paint all the trim the same colour! I’m debating on White Dove or Dove wing for the walls. Thoughts??

    • Claire Jefford
      | 6 September 2019

      Hello Sharon

      Although I am not familiar with the counter tops you mention, but if Oxford White works well with all your fixed elements, then you can absolutely paint the trim in the same colour instead of feeling like you need to introduce a new white. Remember, the trim will be a different sheen which will make it take on a slightly different tone anyone. So it won’t look exactly the same. Good luck, sounds like an exciting project!

  • Sara Louise Petty
    | 8 September 2019

    I am using Farrow and Ball Lamp Room Gray as an accent wall in my living room (the largest wall).I have a open plan kitchen too. I was going to use WImborne White in kitchen (cabinets are a mahogany with warm cream granite counters). I current have swiss coffee by Behr all over kitchen and rest of open plan living room. But it’s been 13 years and it needs a repaint and I thought I would lighten it up. Is White Dove too grey to put with warmer tones in the kitchen? Swiss coffee was great as not too warm nor too cool but I want something a touch lighter and more of a white now. How does White Dove compare to swiss coffee or I heard Cotton Balls or Mountain Peak White could be an option. Farrow and Ball is a little pricey to do all over – even though I love their paint!

    Also – I was going to paint the baseboards same color just in a satin finish.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 28 September 2019

      Hello Sarah. If you are asking me whether Lamp Room Gray would work with White Dove, it absolutely would. In fact, I think that combination looks rather lovely! Just be sure to check that white with your fixed elements and other paint colours in your home if you are using it for trim. I’m not familiar with how Swiss Coffee by Behr so cannot comment as to how it compares. Good luck!

    • Fay Chronopoulos
      | 30 September 2019

      Hi Claire!
      I’m finally painting my knotty pine paneling white in my downstairs family room. There are only 2 windows, and the room doesn’t get a ton of light and the ceilings aren’t high (since it’s walk out basement! All the other walls in the room are pale oak. I’m torn between painting the paneling white dove or simply white… any recommendations?

      • Claire Jefford
        | 2 October 2019

        Hi Fay. Both whites work well with Pale Oak, so you need to decide which you prefer. The more creamy and slightly deeper White Dove or Simply White which is slightly more bright and white. Be careful when painting pine, ensure you prep it properly and be aware that the knots may bleed through over time.

  • Sara Louise Petty
    | 8 September 2019

    p.s. Lamp Room Gray I believe is a match for Sea Haze by BM which is why I feel you’d know what to do! My issue is going too cool against the warmth of the kitchen -although my glass tiles in there definitely has many shades of grey and cool and warm in them which is why I got them. They match everything!

  • Anita Healy
    | 9 September 2019

    Hello Claire,
    This is my first time here and wow! So much great information!
    We are about to undertake a major main floor reno including kitchen and it is all open. I know I love White Dove as I used it in my master bedroom paired with Simply White trim, which looks fantastic! I wanted to do the cabinets in White Dove, mostly because I am afraid of going to stark with anything else and want an ‘all white’ feel to the main floor, but have 7 kids (!!) so am afraid of dirty walls.
    Three options:
    1) paint everything White Dove (cabinets, walls and trim) or
    2) do cabinets in White Dove and use a slightly darker colour for the walls throughout (such as??? I like Edgecomb gray and Revere Pewter but would like something even lighter…..) or
    3) Do kitchen cabinets and trim in Simply White with walls all done in White Dove… I love how these two work together but for some reason, I am scared of using so much Simply white …

    My floors are medium, rustic hardwood, and hardware will be champagne bronze. Counter is Statuario quartz and backsplash is a herringbone Carrara marble (warmer tones)

    Please, please help! I need to let kitchen cabinet makers know soon and I am torn!

    • Claire Jefford
      | 20 September 2019

      Hello Anita. I’m so glad you found me and have found my content helpful. There is a lot of things to consider here, which is why it is impossible for me to provide you with the right answer. My advice is to please hire a professional colour consultant in your local area. Everything needs to be seen together and in your home in order to make an informed decision. I promise that if you hire someone who is confident with colour, it will be money well spent.

  • Kate
    | 21 September 2019

    I have white chair rail in my bathroom. I want to paint the upper portion white dove and the bottom collingwood. Do you think those colors work together.?

    • Claire Jefford
      | 21 September 2019

      Hi Kate. Absolutely these colours work together, they are a gorgeous combination. As always,be sure to check with counter tops, floor tile and wall tile etc. to ensure the tones of each colour will work.

  • Sherry
    | 27 September 2019

    Hi Claire, I really enjoy reading your responses to all of the decorating quandaries out there, and nice to know I’m not alone in my indecisiveness. We are having our living room painted and plaster walls repaired. I have decided to use White Dove (eggshell) on walls. Trim and windowsills are pine and there is a stone fireplace with gray stone. The room is long, 26.5 x 13.5 and ceiling is approx 8 ft. Wondering if using White Dove (flat) is the best way to go for the ceiling paint? Thanks in advance for your advice.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 27 September 2019

      Hi Sherry. I prefer the idea of using the same white if it makes sense. In the circumstance that you are describing, I don’t think bringing in a different white would make sense. The flat finish applied on the ceiling is going to make the same white look a little different anyway. Happy painting!

  • Karen
    | 6 October 2019

    Hi Claire, how will White Dove look in a north-facing room? I’d like to paint my kitchen cabinets with it (great room concept). I have good-sized windows, but it can get shadowy in here at different times of the day. Also, if I do go with White Dove on cabinets, what baseboard color would you recommend? Thanks!

    • Claire Jefford
      | 18 October 2019

      Hi Karen. Paint a large board with White Dove and move it around the room at different times of the day over a few days to see how it looks in your home. As for the trim, you could use White Dove, but in a semi-gloss sheen. This will make it look different to a matte or eggshell finish that you’ll likely be using for the walls. I do have an Essential Colour guide for White Dove if you want more information on co-ordinating colours and whites. You can get that here –> https://clairejefford.com/claire-jefford-shop/

  • Ati
    | 8 October 2019

    Hi there, thanks for this post! I had my condo painted White Dove but it reads like a pale yellow throughout the house. What would you suggest for a brighter, whiter white that won’t read too sterile? And do you know if Simply White and/or Decorater’s white would be better options? We have to submit a colour by tomorrow, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

    • Claire Jefford
      | 11 October 2019

      Oh dear, looks like I missed your deadline. Simply White and Decorator’s White are less creamy. Good luck!

      • Ati
        | 18 October 2019

        No worries, thanks! We ended up going with Oxford White and that helped brighten the place. I will say, White Dove is a hard colour to cover! Even with three coats the warmth of it still shines through a little. Lesson learned!

        • Claire Jefford
          | 18 October 2019

          Wow, that is good to know. I’ve used Oxford White before for clients kitchen cabinetry, it was beautiful. Cheers Ati!

  • Swati
    | 11 October 2019

    Hi Claire! Thank you so much for all the info. We are remodeling our kitchen and the counter tops will be Cambria summer hill, back splash – warm gray subway tile, wall paint – BM pale oak and floors are medium walnut hardwood. Would you recommend white dove for kitchen cabinets, ceiling and trim? Island cabinets will be a darker color .. maybe Chelsea gray or Kendall charcoal. It’s a north facing room with very limited light

    • Claire Jefford
      | 11 October 2019

      Hi Swati. I pulled my Cambria Summerhill sample and yes, White Dove would work. I actually like Pure White better though, but either one work. You could also consider Tweedcoat for the island colour as it works nicely with that counter top choice. Sounds like an exciting renovation!

  • Robin
    | 12 October 2019

    It is so good to see so many other people out there struggling and stressing over picking a neutral paint colour. I have spent 2 months agonizing over which paint colour to pick for the entire house, to the point that my anxiety over not being able to make a decision is affecting my sleep. I hired a colour consultant who came in. Asked me what I wanted, so I said because it is an interior townhouse I would like to lighten and brighten it. I like warm tones, but want a clean look, and mentioned I was drawn to a lot of the colours that seemed to have yellow in them. We compared and came up with calming cream. I bought a tester can and didn’t like it on the walls. Too much yellow came out. I have tried a few other testers, all of which I haven’t loved. The last ones were Linen white and mayonnaise. I am thinking mayo is too light. I like the linen white but something is keeping me from going with it (maybe too much colour, or seems more peachy? just not sure). If I went with white dove would it help lighten and maybe provide that sense of warmth I am trying to find without being too yellow? But, I also kind of like the clean look of Simply White, but does that look too yellow or does it have a more creamy tone. I know you suggest doing the test boards, but I am really hoping you can provide a hint of experience in using these colors? I don’t have the best eyes, even when I do get the colour on the walls and the cost of testers is hitting the pocket book. Clearly hiring a colour consultant (from a paint store) didn’t help me much, unless there is someone in Ottawa you can suggest. I have a painter but I think he is going to walk away if I don’t give him an answer this week. Any help (please) you can provide would be oh so greatly appreciated

    • Claire Jefford
      | 18 October 2019

      Robin, I’m sorry to hear that you are losing sleep over this. If you wish to email me the area within Ottawa where you live, then I can see if there is a ‘True Colour Expert’ in your area and then send you their information. You can email me at: info@clairejefford.com

  • Colleen
    | 21 October 2019

    I am considering painting our whole house white dove. We will have. White cabinets and white counter tops. What color do you suggest for the trim? Regular white trim?

    • Claire Jefford
      | 25 October 2019

      You could use either of the white colours that I listed in the vlog or use White Dove because the trim sheen is going to be different, which means it will look slightly different yet still compliment White Dove. Good luck!

  • Nina Bogdanovsky
    | 6 November 2019

    Dear Claire,

    This is a new construction, I want to paint walls and trims in my big dining room and bedroom (both with cathedral ceiling) in White Dove and I would like something a little darker for the ceiling but in the same color pallet. There is nothing else in the rooms yet, except huge sliding doors that are white plastic.

    Can you please recommend me something?

    Thank you

    • Claire Jefford
      | 6 November 2019

      Hi Nina, your new construction project sounds exciting! I’ve recently released my Essential Colour Guides that provide more colours to pair with White Dove. Here is a link to find out more –> https://clairejefford.com/product/white-dove/

  • Nancy
    | 12 December 2019

    Hi Claire,

    We are a couple months out from redoing the entire insides of our 32 year old home. Going from the honey oak cabinets, trim, doors and plantation shutters to fresh and brighter with painted. Flooring also coming out. So, basically I have a clean slate to start over (YAY! What a blessing!). Our upholstered furniture will also be replaced but I will wait until the interior is done before selecting anything – I love so many colors that I’m not stuck with any vision in my head and will just that part evolve but tend to be classic casual in my style. We have a walnut piano, a mahogany dining room set. We are doing hardwood floors throughout and considering white oak with an English Chestnut stain or a warm medium brown. Countertops in the kitchen will be soapstone (not black but more of a black/green with a faint green vein). I don’t want super white cabinets and trim/doors and fell in love with the BM White Dove as it’s creamy and warm and the bit of grey in it tones it down from being too yellow and it goes with soooo many other colors both warm and cool and looks great with the soapstone we are looking at. Also considering painted beadboard in BM White Dove for the backsplash. Thinking of Firenze Calcatta tile (with a mix of grey, gold and cream) in the master bath with possible SW Sea Salt and BM White Dove cabinets/trim.

    My dilemma ….. the contractor will not use anything else other than SW uarathane trim enamel for the cabinets. He said he can usually get them to do a match if I fall in love with a BM color. My research seems to indicate that the SW and BM paint bases are not the same and I wouldn’t end up with the same White Dove color. Should I try having SW color match the White Dove for the cabinets and see what happens and then have the rest of the trim/doors done with BM paint in White Dove or just look instead at a SW warm white for all the cabinets/trim/doors? What are your thoughts on a SW alternative to White Dove? I’ve looked at SW Alabaster but it seems too yellow. SW Creamy? And any wall paint recommendations for a warmish neutral that will give me lots of options when I don’t know which color choices in furnishings I plan on?

    Thanks so much!

    • Claire Jefford
      | 4 January 2020

      Hi Nancy. Colour matching is not guaranteed and while I’ve never personally had an issue arise if clients have gone ahead and decided to do that on their own accord, I do not suggest it….EVER. I have heard too many horror stories and the risk is not worth it in my opinion. Therefore, I would go to the SW store and have the colour rep help you pick out the best SW colour for the finishes you have selected for your home. Then paint a large sample boards and move them around the room at different times of the day to see how it works in your home with the natural and artificial light.

  • Arlene
    | 15 December 2019

    Hi Claire,

    Great post and very informative!

    We have selected BM Dove White for our kitchen cabinets and island. We also have medium brown hickory flooring in our kitchen.

    The orientation of our kitchen gets very little natural light.

    We have yet to select our counter top and going ether quartz or granite. We are split between a light / white – gray or some type of medium light granite…any suggestions?

    Also what would you suggest for our walls as it is a fairly open concept but are doing a complete kitchen / family room remodel

    Thank you in advance

    • Claire Jefford
      | 23 December 2019

      Hi Arlene. I highly recommend that you hire a local Design professional to help you with your selections. Perhaps the kitchen company has an onsite designer who can assist you by looking at everything together in your home. Thanks for your comment and for reading!

  • Susan m Lill
    | 26 December 2019

    Hi Claire, Love reading your post. I’m hoping you could help.
    When we built our house the painter recommended oil paint on the trim & ship lap and we were using BM Dove White. After 2 coats and only 2 days later It ALL turned yellow from the humility and ALL of the trim in the whole house needed to be repainted again. not our cost. BM suggested to put Advanced paint over. Its 2 years latter and I’m still not thrilled with the color. I’ve used it in 3 other houses and really loved it. It seems more yellow in color then it should be. Really not sure if it bleed through or was mixed wrong. I have Balboa Mist on the walls and it doesn’t make the Dove White look good, the room looks dull, so I’d like to change the wall color, (a lot less work then changing the trim color) to help the trim look brighter, I’m hoping. I’ve used Gray Owl with it in another house and I loved it, but not sure since the DW has a yellow hue in this house. Any suggestions for a color or a white to use on the walls besides Dove White to brighten it and make my room look cheery?

    • Susan m Lill
      | 26 December 2019

      To better clarify why I’m not repainting the trim. my husband doesn’t see anything wrong with the way it looks, but he also didn’t see anything wrong with it 2 years ago either, until I had them repaint a section and show him how yellow it was. He was shocked.
      I’d love to repaint the trim but, the cost…… I could paint the few walls myself , or would have to hire a crew to do all the trim& ship lap.
      Thanks so much,

    • Claire Jefford
      | 4 January 2020

      Hi Susan. The Benjamin Moore colour that I refer to as the ‘brightest white’ is Chantilly Lace, with Snowfall White and Oxford White being close behind. I recommend waiting and saving up to hire a professional colour expert in your area and have them make suggestions based on other elements in your home, before you just try another colour. There could be a number of reasons as to why it’s looking more yellow, as you have mentioned in your original comments. It is frustrating for sure and painting is an investment so getting it right the first time and not living with a colour you don’t love is important. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Roz Fazio
    | 29 December 2019

    Hi Claire
    Great videos!
    Totally remodeling large Kitchen and great room. Charcoal gray shaker cabinetry and Taj Majal quartzite counters. Want white walls and thinking White Dove might work well.
    Your thoughts?
    thank Roz

    • Claire Jefford
      | 4 January 2020

      Hi Roz and thanks for watching my videos. I’m glad you have found them helpful. I am not familiar with that exact quartzite, I googled it and many different variations come up. Therefore, I cannot confidently tell you that White Dove will work. You need to do a large painted board sample and look at it with the finishes you are considering and with the other cabinetry colour to know if it’s going to work together.

  • Jodi
    | 31 December 2019

    Hi Claire. You’ve created such beautiful pairings with Dove White. We are redoing our kitchen and the cabinets will be Dove white, and we’re adding a built in buffet that will be in Blueberry (dark navy). We’re going with LG Viatera quartz for the countertops of both (soft white with gray veining). I’m having a very hard time finding a backsplash. We are looking at subway tiles, and all white samples we are finding are too stark, while anything off-white we’ve seen seem to be too creamy. Thinking about light gray glass, possibly, if I can find the right shade. Do you have any suggestions? I would LOVE your take!

    • Claire Jefford
      | 4 January 2020

      Choosing a backsplash is often one of the hardest decisions for home owners. You have to ask yourself some key questions when choosing a backsplash and looking at the overall finishes for your kitchen. What is the ‘Star of the show’? Is it the counters or a dramatic cabinetry colour or an interesting backsplash? If you want a subway tile, your best bet is to take a sample of the counter with you to the tile store and look at different options with all your finishes. Narrow down your favorites and bring them home to look at them in your space to determine which is the best. I have used a glass subway tile before with Ivory white cabinetry and a Cambria counter. It looked lovely. The glass tile was simple, but complimented the tones of the counter. Here is a link to that project so you can see –> https://clairejefford.com/portfolio/gallery/heatherwood-drive/ Hope that helps!

  • Brooke
    | 4 January 2020

    Hi! Just curious on those matching curtains you had made for the dining room. Can you give me the details on those?
    Thank you!!

    • Claire Jefford
      | 4 January 2020

      Hi Brooke. The dining room draperies, as well as the blind in the living room were both custom window treatments. The drapery is a Ripplefold style and the blind is an inset mounted Roman blind.

  • Danielle Fullick
    | 10 January 2020

    Hi Claire,

    If I use White Dove on my walls, ceiling and trim, what finish should I use for each of them?


    • Claire Jefford
      | 17 January 2020

      Hi Danielle. For the ceiling you typically want a matte finish so there is no reflection. Baseboards and trim is often a semi gloss because you can wipe down fairly easily as needed. For the walls, in the past Egg Shell has been a popular go to, however many people now use a matte. It really depends on the look you prefer. Thanks for reading my blog!

  • Maggie
    | 24 March 2020

    Hi Claire! Great blog. We are moving into a new home that has a tuscan style to it. We are renovating the kitchen and painting the whole house (it’s currently a weird yellow/brown). I was planning on painting the walls and cabinets the same white, after much research. Will be using brass hardware and fixtures. I was thinking to use BM White Dove, but my concern is it looking too creamy next to a white quartz countertop, which is what you touched on above. I will likely use Calacatta Laza, or something very similar, but am worried the cabinets will look too creamy. What are your thoughts on this? Would BM White Dove work only if you pick a countertop with beige undertones? I am pretty set on a whitish quartz with grey veining. Should I go with something more like BM Simply White? I am looking for a white kitchen that is not stark/sterile white, but not creamy.

    I could wait till I get there and play around with paint and countertop, but we are having the house painted before we move in and need to make a decision on paint color. So I can settle on BM white dove for the walls/trim, but when I get in there and start working on the kitchen, may realize white dove isn’t good for the cabinets and therefore end up with BM Simply white cabinets with White dove walls, which may not look good. Or the opposite, paint the house BM Simply White, but end up going with White dove cabinets, but again won’t look good.

    Any advice? Thanks so much for reading.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 30 March 2020

      Hi Maggie. Moving is always exciting…a lot of work, but an exciting time. You must look at your new counter top with different white paint samples to see what will work best. White Dove is on the creamier side and would not be my first choice for a counter with grey veining. Grab their small paint pots of White Dove, Oxford White and Simply White. Then paint larger sample boards so you can stand them up against the counter, while it’s lying flat. That will give you the best read of what will work best. Be sure to also check the white for trim with any fireplace stone or other floor tile in the house that will be close to the baseboards. Cheers for reading and good luck!

  • Kim
    | 9 April 2020

    I have chosen black pearl granite as my countertop and I would like white kitchen cabinets. Would white dove be a good choice? Could I use a white subway tile as my backsplash? I had also looked at sw pearly white but I wasn’t sure if this was too dark. I just do not want the cabinets to look yellow against the subway tile. Please help.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 13 April 2020

      Hi Kim. I looked online at Black Pearl Granite because I’ve never actually used it myself for a project. It looks like it’s pretty black and there is only some light shimmer to it, so I would say White Dove and white subway tiles would work well. Just be sure to look at possible subway tile options with White Dove because as we know, not all whites are created equal. Those tiles come in different tones and finishes. Thanks for reading the blog!

  • Keith
    | 13 April 2020

    All the walls and ceiling throughout our entire house are painted Decorator White. The trim was also supposed to be painted the same color but unfortunately the painter made a mistake and painted the trim throughout White Dove. While we said through the process that they appeared different colors, we didn’t learn until the end that in fact they were.

    So we are faced with either living with the differing whites or having him repaint the trim throughout.

    The house is a three story center townhouse with front and back walls almost entirely glass. The kitchen is also white, Cabinets somewhat closer in tone to White Dove. We are aiming for a modern euro esthetic.

    Do you think the two whites are compatible? Appreciate your thoughts. Thank you.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 23 April 2020

      Hi Keith. The question here is about how much it’s bothering you. If you notice it daily and it bothers you, then I think you know your answer – that the trim should be repainted. If the painter chose the wrong white after you specified the white you wanted to use, then it’s up to him to correct it in my opinion.

  • Melanie
    | 18 April 2020

    I’m feeling pretty sold on white dove for my living and kitchen. I have just painted our kitchen cabinets upper, chantilly lace and lower, Chelsea gray.
    My bedrooms are balboa mist.
    My house is pretty small.
    I’m thinking of having a feature wall in the living as I’m nervous it will all look too light, maybe I’m wrong.
    The potential feature wall will have the kitchen in the background so I would need to find something that ties with the 3 colours. Could you possibly suggest a colour?
    Thank you 🙂

    • Claire Jefford
      | 23 April 2020

      Hi Melanie. There are many colours you could choose from, your current colour combination is lovely. You could try Pashmina or Iron Mountain, but it does need to work with other elements in the space. I have an Essential Colour Guide for White Dove that lists 10 other colours that would work as an accent colour. You can find out more about the guide here –> https://clairejefford.com/product/white-dove/

  • zakia
    | 26 April 2020

    Hi Claire, I have a oak hardwood floor and would like to paint the living room white dove. whats your opinion please. Thanks

  • Ann
    | 26 April 2020

    We were set on using white dove or simply white throughout several rooms, then realized that the large windows are all white vinyl by Simonton, and it may be best not to paint. Now I’m concerned that either one of these whites may appear “muddy” or “dirty” next to the windows. (or the trim of the windows will). Any recommendations? I was planning to use a white or natural fabric for the drapes and I’m concerned that I’ll be trying to make too many whites or off-whites work together.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 5 May 2020

      Hi Ann. Yes, lots of whites. That is why we are seeing so many new builds and reno updates with black windows and white walls. Many people love that look and this doesn’t become an issue for painting your home white.

      Most inside window trim tends to be bright white. If you have window treatments on all your windows, it won’t be as noticeable, but the windows will have a white trim which is likely going to be a different white which can make it tricky. I recommend hiring a local colour expert – are you local to me? You don’t have to overthink it, but you also don’t want it to get you down every time you look at it.

  • Emily
    | 5 May 2020

    I am looking at staining the exterior of a new board and batten home with white dove with white dove trim. I have a black metal roof and my windows are white aluminum. I don’t really like a stark white but don’t want it to clash either. Any suggestions for the exterior color? Also, I’m using white forevermark shaker cabinets. Do you think white dove has enough color to be next to these white cabinets. I’m looking at black slate appliances and darker gray floor and a more white with black lines type granite.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 12 May 2020

      Hi Emily. It’s hard to say without seeing everything together and being there in person. Just remember that any colour once applied to the exterior of a home will always look way brighter than when you view you inside your home or in a store.

  • Mike
    | 24 May 2020

    Hi Claire! we are trying to find a white color for trim to go with BM Stone Hearth and are considering White Dove. I’m afraid that White Dove may pull out the pink in Stone Hearth. We are aiming at a warmer grey(tried Chantilly lace, tooo stark) to go with our tiles(darker grey with slight green undertone). We are trying to also calm the green in the tile, which we find stone hearth has done. Do you suggest any other white to consider?

    • Claire Jefford
      | 24 May 2020

      Hey Mike! Try looking at Oxford White and Simply White. They aren’t as creamy, but also not as stark as Chantilly Lace. Check those in your space with your fixed elements to see if one of those white paint colours are a winner.

  • Kim
    | 5 June 2020

    Hi! I really enjoyed your post, thank you!! I have a question about a wall color in my dining room. I have white dove trim and wainscoting and currently have hale navy above the chair rail. It is beautiful but too dark for the space, which is pretty small. I am looking for a blue gray color that is not green like Sea Salt. I love the look of SW Krypton but wasn’t sure if it went with White Dove? Any guidance is greatly appreciated! Thanks again!

    • Claire Jefford
      | 7 June 2020

      Hi Kim. I have not used Krypton, but after googling it, that colour looks like it would work with White Dove. Just check first before you paint.

  • Felicia
    | 12 June 2020

    Hi Claire,

    What are your thoughts about using white drapes, curtains, or shades with White Dove walls and trim?
    Thank you!

    • Claire Jefford
      | 13 June 2020

      Hi Felicia! I think this can be a very luxurious look when done correctly. We did it here in this client’s dining room and even though the room style is more industrial and the trim is wood in keeping with the character of this older home, I think it’s looks marvelous, don’t you?! 🙂 https://clairejefford.com/portfolio/hale-navy-toronto-on/

  • Mary
    | 16 June 2020

    I have White Dove trim around all of my interior doors. I’m considering replacing my doors with a company that pre paints the doors before installation. I have 4 SW color choices to choose from: SW7008 Alabaster, SW7006 Extra White, SW7009 Pearly White, or SW7005 Pure White. Would you be able to tell me if any of these door colors would work?

    • Claire Jefford
      | 22 June 2020

      Hi Mary. I pulled my large sample boards to look at White Dove with Pure White and Extra White as those are the only two that I have large sample boards of. They are both very different, with Extra White being quite a bit brighter and Pure White looking just slightly more light when compared to White Dove. Out of those two, I prefer the combination of White Dove and Pure White. Less contrast between them, just a subtle difference. But you’ll need to check with any stone, tile, counter top etc to see which works best with what you have in the space.

  • John
    | 21 June 2020

    Hi, Claire. Your post on White Dove was my inspiration for painting living room and dining room walls, ceilings, and all trim in White Dove. Came out great! Can you please share some info on the fabric for drapes that matches to White Dove? I love the look / but having a heck of a time trying to match. Thanks!

    • Claire Jefford
      | 21 June 2020

      Hey John! Glad to hear that you found inspiration through my blog. 🙂 As for drapery fabric, there are so many options. It really depends what direction you are looking to go with the overall design. You could look for something that is subtle or go bold with a pattern that incorporates other colours you wish to use in the space. For example, if you used an area rug that is bold with a pattern and have busy patterned accent pillows on the sofa, then you will likely want the drapery to play more of a quite ‘supporting’ role. Always take paint chips of colours you have used in a room and any other samples you can so you are looking at everything together. Hope that all makes sense!

  • Kathleen
    | 26 June 2020

    Hi Claire. I just painted the entire exterior of my salt box colonia white dove (trim, shingles, chimneys) and am trying to decide on a front door color. I’d like a friendly green or perhaps a taupe as the door faces east. Something that doesn’t clash with my bluestone steps. Not sure if I will put shutters on or not. Any suggestions on what colors go best? I have no blue inside my home so I’d prefer not blue. Thanks.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 30 June 2020

      Hi Kathleen. You need to look at some paint options in the day with all of your finishes. It’s impossible for me to say without seeing everything together. Remember that outside all paint colours will look lighter and brighter, so keep that in mind when making selections. Grab my Free Download that offers 5 helpful tips on choosing the right paint colour the first time –> http://clairejefford.com/ccd-freebies/

  • Diane
    | 30 June 2020

    Would dove white walls look good with black and white buffalo check comforter and black curtains(white blinds underneath). Have greige vinyl wood flooring. Didn’t know if I should go more white or stick with a little color to warm it up such as dove white. Also have natural oak tongue and groove ceiling.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 1 July 2020

      Hi Diane. You need to look at the white in your comforter to see if it will work with the white paint you are considering. Of course you could choose a colour (there are always various options of what you can do!) and if you prefer that to a white, then it needs to be a colour that coordinates with other finishes and decor elements in the room. Good luck with your project, sounds lovely!

  • Don
    | 24 July 2020

    Hi Claire:
    I’m about to paint the exterior of my single story, north-facing , 1962 stucco home here in Southern California. I have a dark gray shingled roof and two lower-half light gray stone walls in front with the above stone area where I can paint the stucco. I like the mid century modern (contemporary) vibe. I am a fan of white / off-white paint colors. Additionally, I a. A fan of Benjamin Moore Pants. After sampling around my home and viewing a hundreds times over from dusk til dawn, I’ve narrowed it down to BM Simply White, White Dove and Oxford White. I’ve looked at cloud white (too yellow) and China white (too beige). Thoughts? Thank you Claire!


    • Claire Jefford
      | 25 July 2020

      Hi Don! The Simply White and Oxford White are going to ‘whiter’ than White Dove, as it is slightly more creamy. Also remember that on the exterior, colours will always go brighter. So be sure you are looking at them outside with your gray stone walls.

  • Bernadette
    | 14 August 2020

    Will using White Dove in my kitchen work nicely with a green slate center island?

    • Claire Jefford
      | 20 August 2020

      Hi Bernadette. Check to see how the white dove looks with that colour. I can’t comment for sure either way without seeing finishes.

  • Linda
    | 13 September 2020

    I’m thinking of painting my windowless bathroom White Dove. It has a green tile floor and an oak vanity. I would do walls, trim and ceiling all the same, except for sheen. I will add some coral accents. Do you think White Dove would work well? Thanks.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 15 September 2020

      Hi Linda. If there is any white or cream in the fixed elements, make sure you look at those next to White Dove to make sure the ‘whites’ work together. White Dove can be a bit creamy and look more yellow depending on what it’s paired with. Good luck!

  • Linda
    | 18 September 2020

    Thank you for the advice. I think I will look at Chantilly Lace instead since my fixed elements are bright white. Picking a white is so hard!

  • Rosa
    | 9 October 2020

    Hi Claire

    Just came across your article as I’m about to paint most of my first floor (LR, DR, entryway, upper and lower hallway in White Dove with Chantilly Lace trim…so glad to see the combo confirmed here. I will be renovating the kitchen (early planning stages) and am looking at white uppers, black for lowers and island., there will be some floating shelves – possibly in walnut or some other wood and I’m thinking White quartz countertops with some grey veining and backsplash will be white with grey I think as well – do you think this colour combo works – Would you suggest white dove for the uppers – the dining room and living room are visible to the kitchen via an entryway. What black would you suggest for the other cabinets and then should the walls in kitchen and family room (which is open to kitchen stay in white dove as well? Would that be too much white or would adding a colour be off at this point.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 11 October 2020

      Hi Rosa. This is a lot of information and without seeing your space, it’s impossible for me to provide you with accurate colour suggestions. I recommend you look to hire a local colour consultant or designer in your area who can help. You can also download my Free Tip Sheet with 5 Tips for getting your paint colour right the first time. This will help you to know what you need to consider before you select a colour. –> http://clairejefford.com/ccd-freebies/

  • Amy
    | 12 October 2020

    Hi. My foyer doesn’t get a lot of light. It is open to our dining room. It’s a nice size foyer. I painted my foyer classic gray. I need a color that will coordinate nice with my dining room. Right now it’s a dark blue on top white wainscoting on the bottom. I am not a fan of blue but I like the drama of dark. Can you recommend a dark gray that looks nice with classic gray. I have an antique gold/ bronze chandelier. My dining room is also open to my super white kitchen with carrera marble and brass handles. I have dark wood floors.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 19 October 2020

      Hi Amy. I love Classic Gray and just released a new video a few days ago of a Colour Review for this colour! Some grays that work well and that would provide a lovely contrast are BM Wrought Iron and Kendall Charcoal.

  • Christina
    | 5 January 2021

    I want to pain to two story house White Dove. I’m concerned the back of the house might be blinding. It gets full sun and shade at all. Is there anything I could do to tone it down in the back? Could I ask for 35 or 50% darker. It’s so bright all the whites basically look the same.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 7 March 2021

      Hi there, just seeing this comment now for some reason. The White Dove may be a bit too yellow/creamy for you in the brighter areas of the home. Speak with the paint store to see about toning it down. We never actually do this, we just choose a different colour for our clients if we are not 100% sure if another colour is the best option.

  • Marri
    | 9 February 2021

    Hi Claire. My community is going to paint the exteriors of all of our homes beginning this Spring. I have chosen White Dove for the stucco walls. With this color I have only been offered two colors to choose from for the trim/garage/ front door. The choices are Seapearl and Chantilly Lace. I am so confused as to which color to select. Please help!!!

  • Claire Jefford
    | 17 February 2021

    Hi Marri! Look at the other finishes with both Seapearl and Chantilly Lace. I’m not familiar with Seapearl. The Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore is quite stark and does work with White Dove, but you need to look at it with the other finishes and do this outdoors since it is for the exterior.

  • Nickoletta
    | 19 February 2021

    Hello! New kitchen cabinets will be white dove. What would be a good white for walls that wouldn’t make the cabinets look yellow or too creamy? Love all your input!

    • Claire Jefford
      | 16 July 2021

      Hello Nickoletta. Check with the whites that I refer to in this post to pair with White Dove by Benjamin Moore and do large painted boards to see how they look at different times of the day next to your cabinets.

  • Hilary
    | 7 April 2021

    Hi, I’ve painted the outside of my home White Dove. Its a 1907 farmhouse style home. Its always been all white on the outside, but now I’m considering painting the window sashes a black. But now thinking black might be harsh for older style home. Am looking at Wrought Iron or Iron Mountain. Do you have an opinion on which direction to go? Thanks!

    • Claire Jefford
      | 16 July 2021

      Yes Hilary, I believe all those colours would work well together. Test on a large sample board first for the Aegean Teal on your front door and stand back to see how it will look. Good luck and cheers for your support!

  • Marybeth
    | 31 May 2021

    Hope you can help! I have an open concept living space with wood Kitchen cabinets with a red undertone. The floor is very close in color to the kitchen cabinets. The counter is ornamental light granite. I built the home 5 years ago and now know that the flooring should have been lighter. I am terrified of making another costly mistake. I have painted 16 samples on my walls and my husband is ready to commit me. Do you think Benjamin Moore Navajo White in eggshell would work on the walls with White Dove on the trim and ceiling? I just want a safe choice. I have a blue sofa and blue drapes. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 16 July 2021

      Hi Marybeth. Please consult with a colour expert and invest in a consultation for professional advice. You are likely overthinking it with all those samples up and this may just save your marriage as well! Lol. Good luck.

  • Mary
    | 15 June 2021

    Hi Claire, great post!
    I have 2 questions. 1. Would you pair white dove on trim and classic gray on walls, or is there not enough contrast? 2. Do you think snowfall white is ok for ceiling color with white dove on trim? In one of bathrooms we’re using snowfall white on the trim and ceiling because that is the white that looked best, but the rest of the house will have white dove trim. I’d like to save some money of having to buy two ceiling colors (I would probably use white dove for ceiling in rest of the house if snowfall white wouldn’t work). My other choice is Chantilly lace for ceilings throughout the house.
    Thanks for any insight!!

    • Claire Jefford
      | 16 July 2021

      Hi Mary. I do think Classic Gray and White Dove by Benjamin Moore pair nicely together. If you are only doing the ceiling a different colour in one room and you think it works with your other decorative elements, then I don’t see it being a problem. Normally though I prefer the same white for trim and ceilings throughout a home.

  • claudia
    | 30 June 2021

    Claire, what do yo think about White Dove traim with soft neutral such as Ballet White or Soft Chamois or Feather Down?

    • Claire Jefford
      | 16 July 2021

      Hi Claudia. Definitely yes to Soft Chamois and Ballet White with White Dove by Benjamin Moore.

  • Mary
    | 14 July 2021

    Hi Claire, would you pair white dove trim with classic gray walls? Could one color potentially look dingy next to the other?

    • Claire Jefford
      | 16 July 2021

      Hi Mary. Classic Gray and White Dove make a great colour combination.

  • Sarah Thomas
    | 5 September 2021

    I’m a recent “groupie”. Spending the weekend on your website was better than binging on Netflix! Been confirming my color scheme now getting on with the trim color. My home is upper flat of Victorian in San Francisco. I’m repainting starting with the back home office (mostly home) with large east and south facing windows. I splurged and painted FB Banca. I love the cozy feeling against black sky in evening and blue sky during day. Open door and look straight through end of kitchen, to end of dining room to living room. Kitchen U shaped has 4×4 opening looking into dining room. I want scheme to work off of Banca for the kitchen and two small bathrooms off the kitchen and dining room. Lots of light, molding, baseboards, windows trim and doors. OK, here’s what I selected …. And part of my research was matching to BM … Bancha (done) BM Guacamole, Kitchen FB Churlish Green ( BM Timothy Straw or Dill Pickle), Dining room FB DeNimes( BM Smokestake Gray) Love the Grasscloth JF Fabric 52063 for the feature wall but too expensive maybe DeNimes on feature wall instead. I selected FB Stone Blue (BM Hemlock) for the bathrooms. Carrera white marble. So…there are so many opinions about trim color am turning to you for your wisdom. Has to be the same all the way through. And…while you’re at it, how do you think my palette will flow? I have BM 12 x 12 samples coming to compare with FB colors for your opinion re. trim color and assessment of my palette.
    Thank you in advance. Your website is so generous and informative education. Appreciate being able to get back to Netflix. :).

    • Claire Jefford
      | 8 September 2021

      Hi Sarah! Your post made me smile, so happy I could give you a break from Netflix. And love that you referred to yourself as a ‘groupie’. Made my day! As for your selections, it’s a lot to digest without actually seeing the space and knowing all those colours. My best advice is to look at everything together with your finishes, especially once you receive your larger 12×12 samples. It sounds like you’ve given it a lot of thought, excited for you with this big project!! Cheers Sarah.

  • Tamara
    | 26 October 2021

    Hi Claire,
    Thank you so much for the information!
    I wanted to clarify something – do you mean that White Dove and Ivory White work well together?
    I was thinking of White Dove trim and Ivory White walls but wanted to make sure I understood you.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 7 November 2021

      Hi Tamara. In the post I was showing you colour comparisons between White Dove and a couple of other whites. I also refer to 3 whites that I suggest you could pair with White Dove. But truthfully, why not just use the same white for both? They will look slightly different anyway because the sheen you use won’t be the same, but you know they will work together because it’s the same colour. 🙂

  • Paula
    | 4 January 2022

    Hi Claire – I would greatly appreciate your expert advise on my current quandary. I am driving myself mad trying to choose a laminate countertop for my white dove cabinets. Do you think Carrara Bianco Formica 6696-46 would work well together. I have black stainless appliances. Thanks so much!

    • Claire Jefford
      | 27 January 2022

      Hi Paula. I don’t have laminate countertop samples to reference to provide you with an accurate answer on this. I would suggest you check the options you are considering with different paint colours in the tones you are considering.

  • Sue Ellen
    | 3 December 2022

    We are building a new home and would like white dove cabinetry and hale navy for the kitchen island. If the kitchen cabinets are white dove, do you have suggestions for a white color for the walls and trim?
    Thank you!!

    • Claire Jefford
      | 6 December 2022

      Sounds exciting Sue!! Consider going with the same white wall colour, keep it simple. 🙂

  • Heather
    | 25 December 2022

    i love the curtains in the dining room photo with the white dove walls and Hale Navy ceiling. Where can I find them?

    • Claire Jefford
      | 19 January 2023

      Thank you Heather. These draperies were custom made for our client’s project. We found a linen look fabric line and then colour matched the wall colour White Dove so that the drapery was the exact same colour as the walls.

  • Courtni
    | 24 February 2023

    Hi! I have alabaster for my trim and SW Sand builder beige on walls and ceilings . Want to do white for. It’s ceilings and walls. My living room is two story with windows facing west and my cabinets are like expresso and my floors are dark wood. Dark! So what kind of white should i do on walls and ceilings ??

    • Claire Jefford
      | 4 March 2023

      Hi Courtni. As I always recommend, you need to look at possible paint colour choices on large sample boards and together with other design finishes and decorative elements you have in your home. Please download my free guide for How to Choose the Right Paint colour the First time here –> https://clairejefford.com/ccd-freebies/

  • Vickie
    | 25 October 2023

    I would like to use white dove with open kitchen and den. Not sure what to do WD and another color. Need color and sheen for cabinetry,walls, trim, inside door. I have another color for island. Thank You

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