Coaching FAQ

How do I access my purchase?

To access your purchase, you have multiple options.

First, you will have seen a screen at checkout allowing you to access your products directly after purchase.

Your email receipt also includes a link to your purchases.

To access any of your online product purchases in the future, go to any page on the website and at the top right you will see a ‘login’ button. Once you enter your login information, you will be able to view your dashboard and access all of your purchases.

How To Access Products


Why Claire Jefford?

I’m right there with you, working in the trenches with clients on various types of interior design projects. I am the business coach who offers practical advice based on the experience of running my own interior decorating business for over 13 years.  Not only do I ‘walk the walk’, but when it comes to working with me, what you see is what you get. 

Whether you know me from Instagram, my YouTube channel or you are in my private Facebook group, I’m the exact same down-to-earth boss lady on my videos as I am in real life. I don’t hold back in sharing information. If you ask me a question, I will give it to you straight and I’ll tell you everything I know.


Do your products come with video tutorials?

Where I have felt it was necessary to combine a digital resource with a walkthrough video, then yes, you will also get that additional resource to guide you.  

What if I’m not satisfied with an online purchase?

My products were created with you in mind, because I’ve been where you are. I struggled when I first started my business because there was so much paperwork and systems required. I wasn’t prepared by what I had learned in my decorating courses.

With a background in Human Resources, I was able to take that experience to streamline my processes to make my business run more efficiently and be profitable in a short period of time.

I share all of this with you now so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and you don’t need to waste precious time trying to figure it all out on your own.

I’m so confident that you will find my products incredibly valuable, actionable, and easy to follow, that I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your investment, just email us and we’ll give you a refund. No questions asked. What have you got to lose? 

(The only exceptions are for any Bundle purchases, my one-on-one coaching sessions, and the Perfect Colour Palettes.)

What can I expect from a 90-minute coaching call with you?

You can expect to be blown away with honest and actionable advice that you can start implementing straight after your call. Similarly to my design consultations, I like to do some prep work before our call to make the most efficient use of our time together. 

As soon as you book your session and schedule your date and time for the meeting, you will be sent a questionnaire to complete before our call. I like to gather some key information so that I understand where you are currently in your business and obtain links to your website and social media profiles.  


Will you send me any follow-up information after our video coaching call?

Yes. After every coaching call, not only will you receive a link to our recorded video so you can refer to our discussion whenever you wish, but in the follow-up email, you can also expect to get any links and information promised to you during our call.

My coaching clients are always thrilled with our sessions and what they takeaway to implement on their own, to improve their business practices. 


Can I book more than one call?

Of course!  Contact us here to find out about package pricing for my multiple coaching sessions.


Why is your podcast called TNT, The Naked Truth?

I’ve always been upfront and open about sharing what I’ve learned. It’s the only way I know how to be! In this podcast, we get real. My guests and I will talk openly and honestly about the ups and downs in our journey as business owners in an industry that’s ever-changing.

If you are in my Facebook group, Interior Design Business Strategies, you may be familiar with my weekly live WIDWIL videos where I share ‘What I did and what I learned.’

You can expect a very similar flavour on the TNT podcast, hearing real stories about client projects, working with the trades, proven marketing strategies, and more.

All of the content I share focuses on helping you gain more confidence and Claire-ity for running a successful interior design business.

I use the podcast as an opportunity to connect with you directly and remind you that you are not alone in any of this. When we share real-life experiences and stories of real situations that we come up against in running an interior design business, we come together as a supportive community.

Just as my tagline for TNT states: Dynamite Claire-ity for your interior design business.


Where can I listen to the podcast?

You can hear past episodes here.

Tell me about your private Facebook group! 

My private Facebook group is strictly for interior design professionals. The group is called Interior Design Business Strategies – IDBS, where there is no BS.

We currently have over 7000 members from all across the globe and it’s a highly active community. Here people ask questions related to running an interior design business and share helpful information and resources.


I am a student or design enthusiast curious about the industry. Can I join?

IDBS is strictly for professional interior designers, decorators, and stagers. If you are in school or a recent graduate and do not have a website to verify you and your business, you may not be granted approval, but we encourage you to submit a request to join.

If you are a design enthusiast or simply curious to learn more about running an interior design business, the best thing you can do is grab my Interior Design Services and Rates Guide here. This will get you on my email list for regular updates and to stay informed of when I release new videos, blog posts, or upcoming events.

What is WIDWIL?

WIDWIL has become a popular live video event that I do in my Facebook group. WIDWIL stands for: What I did and what I learned.

I take a trending topic or a recent experience and share my feedback and insights on such matters with my group.  The video is live and we get interactive—so viewers can ask questions and also share their feedback from real-life situations.


Is there a fee to be a member of IDBS and how do I join your group?

My Facebook group is free and you can submit a request to join here. Upon submitting your request to join, you will be asked three questions that you are required to answer prior to being approved. Please be sure to carefully read and answer each question, so as not to delay the approval process or be denied entry.


How long does the approval process take to get access to your group?

We typically review submission requests once a week. If your request is approved, you will be advised via a Facebook notification.

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