Mastering Designer for a Day & Designer by Your Side: Proven Strategies to Expand Your Portfolio and Partner with Builders

Live Workshop June 20th, 2024 | 12:00pm ET

Are feeling a shift in the industry?

Do you want to revamp your current menu of services to explore alternative, lucrative business opportunities?

Or maybe you are new to interior design and want to understand the different services you can offer that will generate a solid client base.

Either way, don’t overlook the exciting possibilities, profit, and enjoyment that can come from less complicated consulting services. 

Designer for a Day and Designer by Your Side services have been growing in popularity over recent years with both homeowners and designers. Not every client is looking for full-service design, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to invest in your expertise.

The best part? You can leverage these consulting based services to build  trust  and secure larger projects with repeat clients. 

Plus, builders gravitate towards designers who structure their business in this way, which means those trade professionals are more likely to want to work with you and refer your services time and time again.

This live workshop is exactly what you’ve been looking for if you…

✓ Wish to expand your portfolio and increase your earning potential 

✓ Dream of having more flexibility in your schedule while still making great money

✓ Want to connect with builders for a steady stream of client work

✓ Are keen to work with clients in a way that leads to repeat business and regular referrals

✓ Are tired of clients who are meant to be full-service but then ‘shop’ you

✓ Want a better understanding of structuring these popular services and simplifying your process

*Our last workshop SOLD OUT—don’t wait to save your seat

All sales for the “Mastering Designer for a Day & Designer by Your Side: Proven Strategies to Expand Your Portfolio and Partner with Builders” workshop are final. We look forward to seeing you there!

$497.00 CAD

During this 3-hour comprehensive webinar, I will show you:

  • How to easily establish a menu of services that makes it obvious to identify your ideal client
  • The key questions to ask on the Discovery Call that weed out potentially problematic projects
  • My step-by-step process for Designer for a Day that gets rave reviews from builders, trades, and clients
  • How to manage client expectations and avoid follow-up questions with structured boundaries
  • Real Case Studies of 2 Designer by Your Side Projects with details of why one client story was a great success and the other was not - learn from my mistakes!
  • How these interior design services can significantly boost your annual revenue

Following this exclusive and first-time-ever available workshop, you will walk away knowing exactly how to set up these services. You’ll see how it’s possible to develop an extensive portfolio to build your credibility and have unlimited content for your social media. 

With the additional Discovery Call template, Process checklists, and Material & Selections form, you will be armed and ready with the utmost confidence to add these services to your website and connect with builders.

Offer these as stand-alone design services or include them as add-on options to reach more clients and expand your portfolio.

I firmly believe that there is more than one path to the top of the mountain. Let me guide you there in ways you may have never considered, but that are incredibly money-generating services for your interior design business.

When I first started my business, I had an opportunity to work with a reputable builder who required well-thought-out design plans before they would quote on any project. Through that experience, I leaned into Designer for a Day and Designer by Your Side Services to continually work with builders and land repeat clients for future larger projects.  

Working in this way allowed me to build an extensive portfolio, a staggering amount of 5-star reviews, and a hefty client base. 

The best part is that you control the deliverables that you wish to provide and you can choose to focus on aspects of design that you love most. That is why you got into business for yourself after all, right?

What’s Included:

  • 3-hour live workshop presentation on Zoom (recording available on the following day)
    • Distinctions between various design services and the benefits to you, clients, and builders
    • Step-by-step process of how to set up and deliver the Designer for a Day service
    • Walkthrough of two real client case studies for Designer by Your Side services
    • Earning potential with opportunities to upsell further services and make more money
    • Live Q&A for extra Claire-ity
  • Process Checklist Canva template - easily edit with your business branding
  • Discovery Call Form Canva template
  • Examples of real client invoices for each service
  • Service Outlines Canva templates—a great marketing tool!
  • A PDF Guide with an overview for easy reference with Bonus Tips and essential resources

After attending my live workshop about Designer for a Day and Designer by Your Side, you will have complete clarity on how to carry out these services to both clients and builders. I can't wait to see you there!

All sales for the "Mastering Designer for a Day & Designer by Your Side: Proven Strategies to Expand Your Portfolio and Partner with Builders" workshop are final. We look forward to seeing you there!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a recording available after the live event?

Yes! On the day following the live workshop, a recording of the presentation will be sent to the email address you used to register for the event and be available for 2 weeks. We suggest you download it to have it in your own files.

What is the format and structure of the workshop?

The workshop will be live on Zoom for 3 hours with a 10-minute break after approximately an hour. There will also be a Q&A at the end of the presentation for you to have an opportunity to ask questions. When you sign up to save your seat, you will receive an email confirming your registration. On the day of the live workshop, you will receive instructions to access the downloads, as well as a link to the Zoom call.

Will there be an opportunity to ask questions?

Yes, there will be a Q&A session at the end of the presentation where you can ask me anything relating to what I share and how to make the service work for you. I’m here to give you Claire-ity. 🙂

How will this workshop help me overcome current challenges in the design industry?

The beauty of offering Designer for a Day and Designer by Your Side Services is the ability to focus on what you love most, and structuring your business the way you want.  With many homeowners being tech-savvy and shopping more online, they still do not have the expertise or ‘designer's eye’ that you and I possess. 

Guidance from an expert is very much needed and once clients hire you for these smaller-scale consulting services, they often become repeat clients for larger, future projects and are quick to refer you to others. 

What are the key takeaways or skills I will gain from attending this workshop?

As with any interior design service you offer in your business, in order to land a client and gain their trust, you need to be able to clearly articulate what they can expect from working with you. They need to understand how your services will benefit them, and what the deliverables are that you will provide as part of your valuable, luxury service.

You will come away from this workshop knowing all of these important elements that will enable you to confidently sell this service to both clients and builders. 

Can I still build a portfolio by offering these services? 

Absolutely! Nearly 50% of our portfolio has been built from consulting-only design service client projects. Plus, by using any before photos, flat-lay imagery, design plans, etc., you will have a ton of content to share on social media that can be leveraged to further market your services! 

I already have your contract templates for Designer for a Day and Designer by Your Side services, don’t those include everything I need to know for offering these services?

My contract templates with service outline documents and walk-thru videos are extremely thorough for what you need to legally cover yourself when offering these services to your clients. However, those templates do not include the ‘how’ or teachings for best practices for offering these services. 

In my live workshop, the goal is to show you exactly how to structure these services in a way that works for you, showing you my step-by-step process, as well as insights and helpful context by learning from my real client project experiences. The contracts are important but serve a different purpose.

Should I attend this workshop if I’m already offering these services in my business?

A big reason for offering this workshop is to de-mystify what these consulting services actually look like and how designers can make them work for their businesses. The feedback I have received from some of you who are offering these services is that you are not completely confident in the structure or setup, with many actually making it up as you go along with no clear plan. 

As always, when I teach, I give you complete Claire-ity - sharing my exact business model for how we deliver these services and I’m personally guiding you with my years of expertise, along with examples of our own client projects and real invoices. You also get valuable marketing tools, a process checklist, and a comprehensive guidebook, and more so that I can erase any doubt of what it looks like to offer this service to your clients and to builders. 

Are your contract templates included in the deliverables of this workshop?

Because my contract templates have been purchased by many designers and available for nearly 5 years, we did not include them in this workshop. We felt it would not be fair to increase the price of the workshop with those additional deliverables, since so many designers have already invested in those valuable, necessary, and complementary documents. 

We will, however,  have all contract templates available at a discounted price, for a limited time immediately following the event and exclusively for attendees of the workshop. 

What makes this workshop different from others?

Other workshops or courses related to running an interior design business focus on managing renovations or full-service projects. Based on the current climate of the industry and what many designers are struggling with right now in terms of the challenges that come with managing a project and clients ‘shopping’ them, I teach an alternate, refreshing approach to be successful in a way that no one else is talking about. 

What I teach is a business model that no one else has done as successfully as I have or for as long as I have. After this workshop, you will have the understanding and the tools to instantly start offering these great money-making, easy-to-do design services that have the potential to transform your business and increase your overall success.

If I don’t sign up for this workshop, will there be another live workshop in the future? Will the recording be available for purchase?

At this time I do not plan to offer this workshop or the included assets anywhere else. That may change—but, for now, I feel the best way to deliver and teach this alternative style of service is through a live workshop.

What makes you qualified to teach designers on this topic?

I have been offering these services with great success since the year I opened for business in 2011. I have worked with numerous builders and have over 125 five-star reviews from both clients and trades, as well as having received countless awards since our opening more than 12 years ago. (In fact, just this year we received another award recognizing Claire Jefford Inc. as the 'Best Interior Designer' in my town!)

I walk the walk and, if you know me, you know I don’t hold back in what I share. I am passionate about giving you the ‘how’ and not just telling you the ‘what’. If you are ready, I’m all in too!

Can I receive support or resources after the workshop ends?

If you wish for further support in any way to help you in your business, I offer 1-on-1, 90-minute coaching sessions. You can learn more about that here. 

What is the refund policy?

Once you have registered for the workshop, you will have confirmed your seat for the event. If you are unable to attend, you will still be sent a recording after the live workshop, as well as all the downloads. Therefore, there are no refunds. 

If you are ready to dive deep into Designer for a Day & Designer by Your Side services for the opportunity to expand your portfolio, secure repeat client work, and partner with builders, register to save your seat now and I’ll see you June 20th!

All sales for the "Mastering Designer for a Day & Designer by Your Side: Proven Strategies to Expand Your Portfolio and Partner with Builders" workshop are final. We look forward to seeing you there!

$497.00 CAD