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About Claire Jefford
About Claire Jefford Interior Designer

Meet Claire Jefford

Claire’s industrious and spirited personality brings something special to each project she works on.

Whether she’s guiding a homeowner through colour, fabric, or furniture selections, presenting a fully custom 3D design plan, or coaching another interior design professional on how to bring a successful design business to life, Claire is absolutely untiring in everything she does.

Her designs are stunning, tailored and timeless, and her energy is ridiculously contagious. 

Claire’s work has been featured in Lux Lifestyle Magazine, KBB magazine and Maria Killam’s White e-book and blog, she’s a prominent keynote speaker at various industry events all across North America, and she’s also co-authored an interior design business book. 

Simply put, Claire Jefford walks the walk.

Plus, she’s a firm believer that, ‘There is more than one path to the top of the mountain.’

Meet Kathryn Venema

Kathryn has been with CJI for over four years.

She joined as a second-year interior design student studying for her bachelor’s degree at Sheridan College. We love having Kathryn on the CJI team and clients love the design concepts that she helps create and bring to life.

Kathryn works diligently on all of the 3D custom design plans and is a great help with social media content and planning.

Claire Jefford Interior Design
About Claire Jefford
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