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Get Organized!

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being organized.

I mean, super organized.

Like, everything has a place.

Being a professional in the industry and having offered interior design services since 2011, I know what a fabulous feeling it is when a home looks great, but the function is just as important.

Since renovating, I’ve never felt so comfortable and happy in my own home. It’s not just because of the beautiful colour palette that perfectly suits our style and not only down to the sensible floor plan layout that works flawlessly for the way we live.

It’s because everything now has a place.

Blue Living Room White Roman Blind Blue Swivel Chairs Mid Century Modern Record Cabinet
Our new living room, which used to be our kitchen. All professional photos of my home by Stephani Buchman.

In my previous blog post you saw the unbeatable storage solutions from Häfele that we integrated into our new kitchen design.

In addition to the smart organization for kitchens, Häfele also has a fabulous and stylish solution for organizing other areas of your home. Let me introduce you to their Symphony Wall Organizer and give thanks to Häfele for sponsoring this post.

Hardware 19x35 Sg Oys Symphony Wallmountorganizer Entryway
Just one configuration for the Häfele Symphony Wall Organizer

Designed to add greater flexibility and elegance to open storage, the Symphony Organizer features a sleek, low-profile frame which makes it an ideal solution for blank walls, tight spaces or other areas where shelving and drawers just can’t go.

For even more versatility, there are a few different types of hooks styles to choose from, depending on what you wish to hang. And they can easily slide along the horizontal rail if you want to move them, then be clipped firmly back into place once you’ve selected the ideal positioning for your needs.

Hardware Sg Oys Symphony Triplehook Withkeys
These are the triple hooks for keys.
Hardware Mg Pwt Symphony Coathook Withcoat
Here is the style you can use for coats, hats and purses.
Hafele Symphony Wall Organizer oks
Shoes can also be hung here and kept off the floor. Perfect for small entries like mine!

This sure beats our old pine wall shelf with 5 pegs that used to hang on the wall in our previous front foyer! Take a look at where we have this ingenious organizational art-like piece housed in our new living room by the front door of our home.

Blue Living Room Navy Swivel Chairs Hafele Symphony Organizer Roman Blind
For the photo, we staged this area. It’s not always this pretty, but it’s always functional!

We have a full closet at the opposite end of this room which is where we keep the majority of our coats, boots and shoes.

Claire Closet
This main closet is 4’5″ by 8’5″ with a full-length mirror one side
Walnut Closet Doors Mid Century Modern Gray Sofa Living Room
Custom walnut closet doors in the living room of our newly renovated Burlington bungalow.

Now you have a better idea of how the room is set up and the situation with our closet space. The items we hang on the Symphony Organizer are what we use most regularly, like a couple of hats, a few scarves, a purse or two and coats we wear daily.

Looking at the quick photo below that I snapped just a few days ago, I can confess that it’s mostly all of my stuff. 🙂

Claire Hafele Symphony
This is real life. LOL

Available in a variety of sizes, configurations and colour combinations, Symphony is one of the most stylish and customizable open storage options available for the closet, entryway, home office, craft room, vanity and more.

You can learn more here at Häfele Canada’s website.

And don’t limit your thinking to believing that this gem can only be used by the front door. Due to its flexibility with many design options, the possibilities are plentiful!

Here it can be seen for hanging belts and ties on the end of a closet.

Hardware 19x13 Sg Oys Symphony Wallorganizer Partitionapplication2
Here’s how it first started to come together.

Organize Your Precious Jewels

“Best believe I’m still bejeweled, when I walk in the room I can still make the whole place shimmer”

Taylor Swift, Bejeweled from her new album Midnights

If your necklaces and bracelets get tangled like mine do because of a small cluttered (useless) box like this one, you may want to consider the Symphony for all your sparkling jewels.

Confession time: Currently, my jewellery storage is a mess! No judging.

Claire Jewellery Box 1

I’ve got my jewellery scattered between this traditional, cherry stained jewellery box, while some other necklaces of mine are in our guest room on the side table. Then I have some other pieces that rarely make it out of my travelling case because I have no decent place for them to live.

But, that’s about to change because the smaller version of the Symphony Organizer is on my wishlist for my bedroom.

Hardware 19x35 Sg Oys Symphony Wallmountorganizer
Häfele’s Symphony Organizer can also be used for jewellery, crafts and more!

It’s not uncommon for me to give up on wearing a specific necklace or pair of earrings that I actually want to wear with an outfit because it takes me too long to find it. And if I do find the one I want, I may need to spend another 15 minutes untangling it from other chains.

Does this happen to you too, where you find yourself wearing the same jewellery because it’s easier?

It all comes down to being well organized. When everything has its place, you know exactly where to find what you need.

Blue Living Room Navy Swivel Chairs Hafele Symphony Organizer Roman Blind

I hope you’ve found this refreshing, functioning wall art from Häfele inspiring ideas for your next home organization project. Think outside the box and remember that function doesn’t have to mean fugly. We’ve come a long way baby!

Häfele is the leading international manufacturer and supplier of furniture fittings and architectural hardware. To see all of their products and learn more, check out the Häfele Canada website here.

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