new pale oak BM TNT colour review episode #6

Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore Colour Review

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Although I’ve never used this neutral Benjamin Moore paint colour myself,  I’m dying to specify it for a project soon!

I’ve heard a lot of great feedback from those who have painted their walls in Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore. If you’ve used it, please comment below to share your experience.  Do you love it?


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Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore

As with each of my colour review posts, today about Benjamin Moore’s Pale Oak I’ll be sharing:

  • What the undertone is
  • Paint colour comparisons so you can get a better sense of Pale Oak
  • The best whites for trim and ceilings
  • Fabulous colour combinations to pair with this Benjamin Moore paint colour

Below the colour review video, you’ll see exactly how all of these paint tones work with one another in graphics that are perfect for pinning to Pinterest.  Follow me on Pinterest here.

But first, let’s do this!

Where would you Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore in your home?

Best Whites to pair with Pale Oak:

Please note that all paint colours listed below are by Benjamin Moore.

(These are Perfect for Pinning by the way!)

White Dove by Benjamin Moore is always one of my favourites!



Cloud White works wonderfully with Pale Oak


Ivory White is the most creamy of the three and maybe even my favourite pairing.

Fabulous Colour Combinations

Healing Aloe by Benjamin Moore is so soothing!


Smoky Green is a slightly more intense colour & more blue than Healing Aloe.


Newburg Green, perhaps my most favourite combination with Pale Oak

The graphic below shows you all the colours together, plus Chelsea Gray thrown into the mix.  How gorgeous is this?!

Perfect Paint Palette!

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19 thoughts on “Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore Colour Review”

  1. I used pale oak on all the walls of my living areas along with dove white on all the trim as well as a shiplap exposed cathedral ceiling. It is stunning. The floors are medium brown hardwood and our upholstered surfaces are blue-greens. Much like your suggestions, so thanks. I chose pale oak because my kitchen cabinets had a subtle violet undertone. I tried every greige and pale oak was clearly the best. Dove was best with the cabinets.

    • Nancy this is so great to hear, thank so much for sharing. I’m thrilled to hear that everything looks so stunning!

  2. Thank you for putting almost all of my favourite colours together! I can’t wait to do some testing… but have to move first!

    • Jill I am loving that combination too!! Let me know if you use them on a project, I’d love to see them together in real life -you know what I mean. LOL Cheers.

  3. I am thrilled I found you! Moving into a new home soon (actually a hundred year old historic home that we are renovating) and picking colors can make a girl crazy! Your videos and blogs have been a Godsend. I absolutely love pale oak and am pretty much going to use it throughout the majority of my house. I was considering using Alabaster SW 7008 LRV 82 for kitchen cabinets (north facing kitchen) and all trim since it seems like a nice warm off white without being too yellow or gray. Do you think that would be a good combo? I am using Pure White SW 7005 LRV 86 for the ceilings as we really want the trim to stand out since pale oak is such a soft color. Your thoughts on this combination would be fantastic as I’ve been really stressed out.

  4. Oh wow! SO glad I found this. Thank you! The colour combinations are all so lovely!

    I actually recently paid for a MK colour consultation, and she suggested Simply White for our kitchen cabinets, and Frosty Carrina for our countertops. When I see the two together, I see “cream and grey” … and it makes me nervous. We have a colour board for Pale Oak and, to me, it’s a very close match to the base griege colour in Frosty Carrina. I had been wondering if White Dove was a better option for our cabinets — it looks better, to me, when I have all the colour boards laid out. So, seeing you pick out White Dove with Pale Oak was reaffirming… but the Ivory White pairing you did also looks so good, so that makes me confused again. 😛

    We already have Simply White trim in a bunch of other rooms, but would be fine with White Oak cabinets and Simply White trim (I think!). I guess the debate is: Simply White trim, Simply White cabinets, White Dove walls OR Simply White trim, White Dove cabinets, Pale Oak walls OR Simply White trim, Simply White cabinets, Pale Oak walls. Our adjoining rooms are Stone Hearth, with lots of off-white furniture. If you have any additional thoughts beyond what I’ve already gleaned from this post, that’d be so appreciated. Thanks!

    • Hi Summer. I have pulled all the large paint boards as well as Frosty Carrina and in good light, the Simply White works very well. So my recommendation based on what you’ve written would be Simply White trim, Simply White Cabinets and Pale Oak Walls. Although, if you have an island, you could paint the island Pale Oak too. 🙂

  5. Wow! I can’t believe you even pulled this together with Frosty Carrina for me. That’s so, so amazing. And the reassurance means so much right now as we try to make all these final orders.

    Thank you very, very much for your time!!!

  6. I have used Pale Oak on living and dining room and entryway walls in two houses and have also used it as the exterior house color. It is crisp and neither too warm nor too cool. I compared it to many Benjamin Moore whites for trim and went with Snowfall White for a crisp clean contrast. Came out perfect!

    At certain times of day in my current house, I see a slight pinkish undertone in a couple places. But not other places I have used it. Still love it as classic, not beige (dated) or gray (trendy and cold).

    • Kim thank you so much for sharing your experience with Pale Oak. I have yet to use it so this is helpful to hear!

  7. i painted my bedroom wall in Pale Oak but now am torn with the trim/wainscotting color. I love F&B white tie but I can’t tell if it goes well with pale oak. Dove white is my second choice as it’s often recommended to use with pale oak walls. What do you think?

    • Hi Linda. I prefer the White Dove as it is still creamy, but much less yellow than White Tie by Farrow and Ball. Let us know what you decide!

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