Gray Owl TNT colour review episode #4

Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore colour Review

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With so many gray paint colours out there, it can be difficult to determine which is the best gray paint colour for your home renovation or interior decorating project.

Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore is a go-to for many interior designers. But is it the best colour with the right undertone for your space?

This week in Episode #4 of my TNT – THE NAKED TRUTH – paint colour reviews, I walk you through Gray Owl and show you a commercial project where we used it and you’ll see why it was the perfect choice.


  • Undertones of Gray Owl
  • Colour Comparisons to this popular Benjamin Moore paint colour
  • Best Whites for Ceilings, Doors and Trim to pair with it
  • Fabulous Colour Combinations

Are you ready? Let’s do this!

Colour Review of:

Gray Owl OC-52 or 2137-60 by Benjamin Moore.


This calming gray has undertones that are a blue-green.  Whether it goes more one way than the other, will depend on what you pair it with and your source of lighting.

Gray owl OC52
Gray owl OC52

Colour Comparisons:

Take a look at the image below. Gray Owl is the painted colour board in the middle.

Stonington Gray HC-170 is on the left and Wickham Gray HC-171 is on the far right.

Colour comparisons to Gray Owl
Colour comparisons to Gray Owl

If there was a ‘true gray’, for me it would be Stonington Gray. In fact, that’s often how I refer to it when I’m showing colour comparisons with my interior design clients.

While it has a slight blue undertone, it’s not nearly as obvious as the other two grays. Check out these three popular gray paint colours used in our different home design projects  below.

Stonington Gray

Stonington Gray on walls in our clients custom kitchen banquette
Stonington Gray on walls in our clients custom kitchen banquette

Gray Owl 

I used Gray Owl here in a Dental office in my home town of Burlington, Ontario. There is a hint of blue within the strie of the carpet floor tiles we selected for this space, and Gray Owl complimented it beautifully.

Gray Owl in a Dentist waiting room
Gray Owl in a Dentist waiting room. The chair fabric we selected is also a very light gray, with the slightest hint of blue.

Wickham Gray

On the walls in my Grimsby clients living room, Wickham Gray took on a more of a blue-green tone. It’s very subtle, but you can see that right? As an FYI – the custom cabinetry I designed is painted Cloud White by Benjamin Moore.

See more of this project, including our clients elegant dining room painted Pashmina by BM, here in our portfolio.

Wickham Gray by Benjamin Moore on the walls. The custom cabinetry is painted Cloud White.

Best White Paint For Ceiling and Trim

As mentioned above with Wickham gray in the interior decor of my clients living room, Cloud White by Benjamin Moore looks wonderful with Gray Owl too.  You can see them side by side here on my large painted boards.

Cloud White with Gray Owl. Creamy and dreamy.

Simply White by BM (below) also works wonderfully with this gray paint colour.

Simply White by Benjamin Moore with Gray Owl

Chantilly Lace is a bit brighter, but still looks lovely with this blue-green gray.

Chantilly Lace – more than just a pretty face. haha!


Creating timeless colour palettes with Gray Owl is easy.  Below I’ve paired it with a fabric that we actually used in the clients living room shown earlier in this post where we painted the room Wickham Gray.

But as you can see here, the Gray Owl pairs nicely with it too and I pulled out the darker neutral in the fabric to show you what it looks like with Anew Gray by Sherwin Williams.  If you are looking for a Benjamin Moore colour that is similar to SW’s Anew Gray, you can try Revere Pewter or Pashmina.

Anew Gray by Sherwin Williams shown above here with Gray Owl


A more bold and fun colour palette shown here

As a side note, we actually used that fabric for a teen girls bedroom on her cascading roman blind window treatment -see below.

Peacock Blue Walls shown here in a teen girls bedroom

Okay, back to Gray Owl!

You can see below how you can warm it up and cool it down at the same time.

Edgecomb Gray, Gray Owl and Hale Navy
Edgecomb Gray, Gray Owl and Hale Navy

Inspiration Photo

My clients already had their bathroom done and painted in Gray Owl when I arrived on the scene to create the master bedroom of their dreams.  I also helped with the final decorating touches in their ensuite, by adding artwork and this custom window treatment which is a flat roman blind.

You can see that here the painted walls look more green than blue.

Ensuite bathroom in Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore
Ensuite bathroom in Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore


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// DISCLOSURE: Thank you for trusting me with my truthful and reliable opinion on any future purchase you may make. I always disclose affiliate or sponsored information when it is the case. If you purchase Maria’s boards, I will earn a small commission from the sale. This doesn’t affect you in any way, the price remains the same regardless.  Thank you for supporting me and entrusting me to be your go-to for all things Colour and Interior Design!


If you’ve used a paint colour that I’ve reviewed or you;  want to ask a question: or even if you have a different point of view to mine, please comment below to let me know.

For colour advice, please note that I can’t always give advice based on simply reading about a scenario.  If it were that easy for me to recommend the perfect paint hue, without knowing more about the specific space; the lighting situation; what other fixed elements to consider etc, then I really would be even more magical than I already am. HAHA!

Nine times out of ten, I will always recommend that you either seek advice from a local Colour Professional or I might be able to hook you up with an online colour consultation.

Contact me here to see how I can help you transform your home.

Until then, follow me on Pinterest to see more colour combinations and inspiration for your home. See you there!

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14 thoughts on “Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore colour Review”

  1. Hi Claire,
    I have just recently found you through Maria Killam’s blog and I am so thrilled. You offer so much great and helpful info about paint colors and business.
    I had my master bedroom painted with Gray Owl flat on walls, satin on trim and 50% flat on my tray ceiling. It is so beautiful and tranquil. It is seamless and really makes the art work pop!
    Thanks so much for all you do to make our worlds more beautiful!
    Diane Suess

    • Hello Diane and thanks for sharing all of this with me! I love to hear that you used the same colour, but in different sheens. I did something similar in a clients casual dressing room with Gray Cashmere and it looked so lovely!

  2. Hello would love to use gray owl in my hallway. There is a chair though and would live to use bm simply white for trim, but don’t know what color would look great with grey owl on bottom.? Any suggestions

    • Hi Claudia. I don’t fully understand your question, maybe there was typo with ‘chair’. Did you mean to say Chair rail? Are you looking for another white or an actual colour? Many colours look lovely with Gray Owl, but it definitely depends on what else you have going on in the room. Especially because Gray Owl is a Blue-Green gray. You can use more green gray colours with it like Revere Pewter, Agreeable Gray (SW) or Blue gray tones like Stonington Gray or Coventry Gray. Or a Hale Navy would make a great contrast, but again, it all depends on the look you are trying to create within the room and other elements like fabrics, area rugs, artwork etc.

  3. Hi! I’ve just recently have discovered you, and appreciate your video’s and blogs.

    I’ve had a heck of a time finding an all over neutral gray (or any neutral for that matter), for my main living area. The reason being is that the front of my home faces the north & the back the south. The front & back share the same wall, so I need to (and would want to) use the same color. I have a 2 story entry (north facing) & family room (south facing), that again share the same wall. I also have a “bridge” upper hallway, so you can look over into the family room or entry way. I have tons of natural light, including skylights in the family room. So with all the natural lighting it really throws paint colors into a tizzy (and me too!). Everything I tried on that shared wall (which faces NW or SW, depending the room) brings out the red in colors (the colors always look like a cool pink in the entry, and very taupe-like in the family room). Then I have the walls that directly face the north (my family room fire place wall, and part of the stairwall in my entry, where the blue comes out in paint colors. Ugh My wood floors do have an orange undertone.

    I can’t stand taupe, greige, pink,purple, fleshy colors, red, etc. After a million paint samples, I’m tossing around using either BM Stonington Gray, or SW7653 Silverpointe. Would love to know your thoughts on those colors for the main areas of my home – again a home that has tons of natural light & a 2 story entry/family room. I’d love to use the one that would be more neutral & timeless – have you used both of these colors? I don’t have my furnishings yet (I know that’s backwards, but due to this lighting thing I really don’t have a choice). I think my biggest fear is having some walls look baby blue, which I read can happen w/Stonington Gray – not sure if it would w/Silverpointe. Will have bronze/black bronze doorknobs & chandeliers.

    BTW, I did try Gray Owl, which I liked much more than many other colors I tried, but on the fireplace wall during mid-day it turned so beachy blue. I don’t want an aqua blue.

    As of right now, I have SW6250 Granite Peak in my Living Room. I do like blue (but not baby blue, or aqua), and plan on using some navy accents in my family room.

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Christy. Please contact a colour consultant who is local to your area. This is quite involved and hard for me to comment on with confidence since I can’t see the space. Good luck!

  4. Hello. I love Gray Owl and just painted my kitchen cabinets with it and installed white quartz countertops. Can you give any recommendations for a wall color? We currently have a buttery yellow color but I was thinking of changing it to a blue green color. I am leaning towards BM Wythe Blue. I love bright and cheery kitchens! Any insight/recommendations are appreciated. Thanks!

    • Hi Jamie. Your kitchen sounds lovely so far! The Wythe Blue looks like it would work with Gray Owl, because they are both a blue – green. Whatever colour you choose, be sure to repeat it in accessories in a room close by. This will help to tie in together and provide good flow. Hope that helps!

  5. Hi I have small basement with not a lot of natural light ( one small window) and looking for a gray wall color that would be warm but not too dark and would go with a dark gray or tan carpet to hide the dirt. Would gray owl, stonington gray or edge comb gray work best.

    • Hi Mary. When looking at colour in a room with little to no natural light, the key factor is going to be the lighting you put in. If you paint it white, but the lighting is lousy, then it will still feel dark. Check the potential paint colours you mention above on large painted samples and hold them upright between the carpet and the baseboard to see which colour works best. Thanks for reading!

  6. I love your advice on the grey colors. I am between Stonington and Owl grey for my living room. The house was built in 1906 and has very dark wood trim that I do not want to paint. Which one do you think will go better with the dark wood. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks – Carla

    • Hi Carla! It’s hard to advise without seeing the wood tone, so my advice is to paint two large boards in each of those colours and see which one looks best. Bear in mind to hold the board upright, just as it will be applied to the wall and check it at various times of the day. Hope that helps!

  7. Hello-
    I am trying to decide on a paint color for my guest bath that has no natural light. The hallway outside the room is BM Classic Gray. I put up the following paint samples all BM: Balboa Mist, Edgecomb Gray, Gray Owl, Stonington Gray, Sea Salt, and Revere Pewtr.
    I have it down between Gray Owl and Balboa Mist. The floor is light beige tile, and the woodwork and vanity are honey stain. I’ve read something about that Balboa Mist brings out the feminine and think I see some pink but not sure. I am leaning towards Gray Owl. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • Hey Mike! It sounds like you’ve done everything right in checking which colour will work best. I say go for it! Thanks for watching.

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