How to Choose a Paint Colour

Picking a Paint Colour?

Choose the right paint colour
the first time Let me show you how in just 5 easy steps!
BONUS: The Top 15 Shades of Gray by Benjamin Moore

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How to Choose a Paint Colour

I don’t like hearing this

An expression that I do not like to hear during an initial consultation meeting or when presenting plans to clients is the response, “That will do.”

No! That’ means something is not good enough and doesn’t excite you! And that does not sit well with me.

Whether you are working with an Interior Designer or doing a project on your own, never settle for something that is just ‘okay’ or that does not inspire you.

Living Room Custom Drapery Bold Artwork Balboa Mist Benjamin Moore
Living room design inspired by this gorgeous piece of art. Design by Claire Jefford Inc. Photo by Stephani Buchman.

(PSST – More to come soon on our recently photographed Oakville project shown above!)

I mean sure, there are times when you don’t necessarily have to love every single piece in a room if it works well with the overall design.

But for the majority of the finishes and furnishings, we want you to love the pieces you are investing in. Our goal is to find you the BEST paint colour. The BEST sofa style. The BEST fabric. The BEST wallpaper.

You see what I’m saying?

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Three examples with paint colour

Watch my video below to see one of my biggest pet peeves when people are looking for a paint colour, and even interior designers are guilty of making this mistake!

Plus, I show you three examples of determining the BEST colour to pair with finishes.

Which was the BEST?

In the video I walk your through a few different examples of ‘good -better-best’ scenarios.

One example is which green paint colour by Benjamin Moore is the BEST for a sweet dotted fabric we used in this client’s home, for their guest bedroom window treatment.

You can see the 3 green options of my large painted Benjamin Moore boards that I paired with the fabric below.

Benjamin Moore Green Paint

Which one do you think that I chose as the BEST?

Option #1 -HC -120 Van Alen Green

Benjamin Moore Van Alen Green

Option #2 – 2147-40 Dill Pickle

Benjamin Moore Dill Pickle

Option #3 – 543 Woodland Hills Green

Benjamin Moore Woodland Hills Green

You will have to watch the video to see!

Just kidding. But you should watch it 😉

I chose Woodland Hills Green. The other two aren’t terribly wrong, but I always want to be choosing the BEST paint colour.

There are two other examples that I share with you in the video.

One is where I show you how I chose the BEST of the 3 gray paint colours by Benjamin Moore shown below to work with a Caesarstone counter that we used in my sister’s Bungalow renovation.

Benjamin Moore Gray Paint Colors
Classic Gray / Edgecomb Gray / November Rain

Did I choose Classic GrayEdgecomb Gray or November Rain?

I also show you the best dark blue-green to use with the wallpaper shown in the image below.

Benjamin Moore Marthas Vineyard Dragonfly

To see those two examples, you will have to watch the video because I don’t have photos of them to share with you here on the blog!

You may also want to take a look at this past blog post with even more helpful tips for choosing paint colours.

How To Choose Paint Colours Yt Thumbnail
Check out this past blog post for even more tips on how to choose paint colours

Pin for Easy Reference

Choosing Paint Colours Pinterest Pin 1

Which Colour Palette BEST suits your style?

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See all colours here, including my brand new Collections here.

Pcp Mock Up 1 1

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(26) Comments
  • QuianaRose
    | 11 July 2020

    I loved this color tutorial. Very practical.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 12 July 2020

      Thanks so much for watching! Glad you found it helpful.

  • Leslie Carothers
    | 11 July 2020

    Hi Claire: Paint color posts are always so helpful to help us understand how to make the right decisions!

    Thanks for writing this one!

    • Claire Jefford
      | 12 July 2020

      Hey Leslie, thanks for reading and commenting!

  • Carla
    | 11 July 2020

    I love your paint color

    • Claire Jefford
      | 12 July 2020

      Thank you Carla. I’m a bit obsessed about how to choose colour the right way!

  • Kathy Phelan
    | 11 July 2020

    Hi Claire: You are SO right. You cannot pick paint color in a vacuum! Great video!

    • Claire Jefford
      | 12 July 2020

      Hey Kathy. So many people do just that though when it comes to paint colour and it’s so frustrating! That’s the reason for my post though, so hopefully it helps others to better understand how to properly choose a paint colour. Cheers!

  • Lisa Peck
    | 11 July 2020

    This is a great post on choosing colors. So helpful and clear.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 12 July 2020

      Thanks Lisa!

  • shannon
    | 11 July 2020

    Love seeing your process, and those lovely colors~

    • Claire Jefford
      | 12 July 2020

      Cheers love!

  • Suzi Rugg
    | 11 July 2020

    Great advice on choosing the BEST colors! Thanks Claire!

    • Claire Jefford
      | 12 July 2020

      Thanks Suzi. Never settle for anything but the BEST, right? 🙂

  • Mary Ann Benoit
    | 11 July 2020

    So agree, pick the paint color last. And it is always such a mistake to pick a paint color by consensus, what others have used before and liked or any other means that is not specific to your house and fixed finishes.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 12 July 2020

      Yes, it drives me crazy Mary Ann, especially when I see Designers asking those questions. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Rachel
    | 12 July 2020

    Great post and examples. I have been studying and learning from you and Marie K the past 2 years and your knowledge has helped me with redoing my older home.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 12 July 2020

      That’s so nice to hear Rachel. I learned from Maria in 2012 when I took her course and I’ve never looked back!

  • Christina
    | 12 July 2020

    Color is definitely subjective! Great post!

    • Claire Jefford
      | 12 July 2020

      Cheers Christina!

  • Janet R Lorusso
    | 12 July 2020

    Absolutely spot on, Claire!…paint color depends on SO many things!

    • Claire Jefford
      | 12 July 2020

      For sure! Thanks for reading Janet.

  • Sheri Bruneau
    | 12 July 2020

    As always, your colour posts hit the nail on the head! Very informative and easily explained for someone who may not have any colour knowledge.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 12 July 2020

      Thanks Sheri!

  • Val
    | 1 February 2024

    I’m really hoping you can tell me exactly what the real / blue embroidered oval dot fabric is that you used with the paint samples in this article. I have a remnant of it from a sewing project I did years ago and would like to try to find some more.
    Thank you very much!

    • Claire Jefford
      | 8 February 2024

      Hi Val. I believe we answered this in an email when you messaged us 🙂

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