Design Style – Boho Casual

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Design Style – Boho Casual

Boho Casual is featured as the fourth and final interior look in this initial Design Style series.

Bohemian, as it’s also known, is the least structured of all the Interior Design Styles we’ve covered – Farmhouse, Coastal and Mid Century Modern, being the other three.

There are no hard and fast rules for this freer style that uses layers of colour, texture and pattern to create an eclectic and highly individualized look.

Boho Casual Colours

Boho Casual design style has a range of distinct colours that assist in curating this look.

Let me share three inspiring Bohemian colours that will give you a great starting point if you are considering this interior design style for your own home.

Farrow & Ball – Green Smoke No.47

Green Smoke, Farrow and Ball
Green Smoke by Sherwin Williams

A gorgeous green, Green Smoke lends itself so well to the Boho look.

As you’ll see and read later, botanicals are a big feature of Bohemian design style. Green Smoke is the perfect colour to convey this look in a paint colour.

Green Smoke, living room
Green Smoke living area and fireplace wall – image by Farrow & Ball

This is a favourite green of mine, one that I even used in my own recent basement renovation.

Below are my custom shaker style laundry cabinets painted in Green Smoke by Farrow & Ball.

This green works so beautifully with the nature-inspired bird and branch wallpaper, which has subtle dark blues, similar toned green and warm beiges in it.

You know that my family and I are bird-nerds, right? 😉

Green Smoke cabinetry, Laundry Room
Green Smoke cabinetry in my basement laundry room

If you love green too, I have created a Green Smoke Perfect Colour Palette that offers 10 colours to pair with Green Smoke, a fabulous decorating resource to inspire your next interior design project.

Benjamin Moore – Wild Flower 2290-40

Wild Flower, 2290-40, Benjamin Moore
Benjamin Moore’s Wild Flower

Not quite a terracotta, Wild Flower is a slightly brighter tone, a beautiful combination of pink, orange and red. It’s the perfect colour to pull off a casual Bohemian look.

This is a very on-trend colour and was featured in Benjamin Moore’s Colour of the Year palette for 2022.

It was also a colour that was seen in nearly every single showroom at the spring and fall Highpoint Furniture Market in North Carolina.

Wild Flower, Dining Room, Benjamin Moore, 2022 Colour Trends, 2022 Color Trends
Wild Flower dining room wall – image by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore – Mascarpone AF-20

Mascarpone, Benjamin Moore
Mascarpone by Benjamin Moore

Most styles do well with a neutral colour to anchor the look and Mascarpone is a great choice for this Boho palette. It’s soft and creamy and let’s the richer colours really shine.

If you’re hesitant about the colours in this combination for the Boho Design Style, check out my Mascarpone Perfect Colour Palette which gives you 10 colours to mix and match with this pretty, light neutral.

Green Smoke, Wild Flower and Mascarpone

Green Smoke, Wild Flower, Mascarpone
Boho Casual Design Style Colour Palette

A bold colour palette speaks to the Boho look completely.

Design Details

What are some of the signature details of the Boho Casual design style?

There are so many, let me touch on some of them here.

Natural / Light Wood Tones

Light wood tones and woods that are closer to their natural state in appearance work amazingly with the Boho Design Style.

The light pine flooring below has a very natural look, as does the bed frame and side table, even though they are a bit darker in tone.

light wood flooring, natural flooring, wood bed frame, macramé, cane chair, wicker chair, layered design, plants
Light toned, natural wood flooring in this Boho inspired bedroom

An even lighter flooring as seen in the image below allows the other elements in this Boho styled bedroom to stand out more. But still in a very calm and casual way.

peacock chair, light flooring, boho, iron bed,
Boho Casual bedroom with light flooring and other natural and light-toned elements.

Organic Forms / Shapes

Softer shaped and less rigid forms are indicative of a Boho Casual design style. This style tends to incorporate more smooth, curved and rounded shapes into its look.

And look how gorgeous this room image is below with the contrasting, dark navy wall as a backdrop that really makes the natural woods stand out.

organic side table, round table, cane, wicker, rattan, boho, bohemian style
Orangic feel to this Boho inspired bedroom with furniture with no hard lines or corners

The image below exhibits brilliantly the less structured shapes and lines that you will often see in Boho Casual design style.

peacock chair, macrame, grass wall art, cane stool, botanical decor
Curved and flowing elements contribute to the overall unstructured and freer Boho feel.

Plus, do you notice the colour palette? Yup, it’s displaying similar tones to my recommended 3 Boho colours!

Green Smoke, Wild Flower And Mascarpone Boho Casual Design Style Palette Blog Graphic 500 X 750 (1)

Soft / Flowing Drapery

Bohemian drapery, tasseled drapery
flowing drapery, linen drapes, canopy bed, flowing fabrics,
Beautiful layered drapery fabrics on windows and bed canopy

Fabrics & Textures


These natural and manmade materials are so versatile they are a common feature in many design styles.

In the Boho Casual look, they are often curved and have a very gentle appeal about them.

rattan chair, rattan table, wicker baskets, grasses,
Rattan chair and table, wicker baskets
natural bedroom, wicker, basket, wicker, rattan, storage trunks
Large cane/wicker storage trunks, black and natural wicker basket


Macrame is huge when creating an interior design with that relaxed Bohemian look and feel.

It’s everywhere, from wall art, and plant holders and is even being incorporated into some alternative furniture designs.

macramé wall art
Macramé wall art
Macrame Wall Hanging, White Walls, Blush Accents
Bedroom with macramé over the bed, from a Design trip in LA I attended in 2018
macramé, wind catcher, wall art
Macramé wind catchers and wall art
peacock chair, macramé, planter, light, grass headboard, boho design style bedroom
Macramé hanging light fixture and plant holder

Tassels & Fringes

tassels, fringe, natural fabrics
Tassel and fringed natural fabrics are perfect to get the Boho Casual look
tasseled area rug, cane chair, wicker chair, boho design style,
Area rug with large tassels, along with floor cushion and pillows on sofa
dried flowers, tasseled pillows,
Large and small tassels on decorative pillows in this boho-casual bedroom
plant pots, tassels
No place tassels can’t go in Boho Design Style – plant pots embellished with tassels

Boho Casual Decor


boho design style, hanging hats, green pillows, wicker chandelier, tassel quilt
Hanging hats on the wall, a simple way to get a bit of that Boho feel
high point market, rattan headboard, wicker chanderlier, boho bedroom
A vignette from Fall Highpoint Furniture Market with hats over the bed

Grasses and Dried Flowers

woven grass wall art
Woven grasses wall art
dried flowers, palm fronds, pink vase, boho flowers
Dried flower arrangement including palm fronds


Adding living plants, and plenty of them is probably one of the easiest ways to achieve a more boho-inspired aesthetic.

Include different sized, shaped and textured plants in a variety of containers made of wicker, macrame and wood and you’ll be on your way to getting that Boho style.

boho design style, macrame planter, peacock chair, pot plants
Beautiful Peacock chair and vibrant greenery
terracotta planter, wicker papasan chair,  large fern plants, houseplants
Robust array of plants of different sizes and textures and containers and Papasan chair

Boho Casual Design Style

If you prefer a design style that does not require you to adhere to specific rules, Boho Casual might be a great one for you to try out.

It can still be purposeful but it is not so obvious in its execution.

Layering is key but how you mix and match colour, patterns, and textures is what gives the Boho Casual look its unique and personalized aesthetic.

Boho Casual Design Style, Boho bedroom

Boho Casual Perfect Colour Palettes

Loving the look of the Boho Casual design style?

Let me help you achieve this sophisticated yet relaxed feel with my Perfect Colour Palettes which provide 10 fabulous colour combinations in order to pull off a gorgeous Bohemian inspired interior.

Sherwin Williams Boho Casual palette
Boho Casual Style Sherwin Williams
Sherwin Williams Boho Casual Perfect Colour Palette – 10 colours
Benjamin Moore Boho Casual palette
Boho Casual Style Benjamin Moore
10 Boho Casual colours by Benjamin Moore
Farrow & Ball Boho Casual palette
Boho Casual Farrow & Ball
10 complementary Boho Colours by Farrow & Ball
Green smoke
Green Smoke Farrow & Ball
Mascarpone Benjamin Moore

Colour Quiz

Now that we’ve reviewed all the Design Styles featured in my updated colour quiz, find your Perfect Colour Palette to see which style best suits you!

Colour Quiz Blog Graphic 500 X 750 2 1

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Boho Casual
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