Design Styles – Farmhouse

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Design Styles – Farmhouse

Welcome to the first post in my new Design Styles Series!

Having run my own interior decorating business for over 11 years I’ve learned that for many homeowners, identifying specific interior design styles can be tricky.

Heck, I’ve even seen in Facebook groups exclusively for interior designers where someone will post an image of a room and there will be various interpretations of what the specific design style is called.

If we interior design professionals have different names for the same design style, then it’s no wonder homeowners struggle with this as well.

Let me do my best to make it easy for you.

Through this Design Style series, I want to help you to identify specific décor and interior design elements that are indicative of certain interior design styles.

But First, A NEW QUIZ!

Colour Quiz

Kicking off this series also coincides with the launch of my new Design Style Colour Quiz.

Psst!! Even if you took my quiz before, it’s been totally revamped now with different Design Styles and NEW colour palettes. I just know you are going to love it.

Design Style Perfect Palettes

And because I am obsessed with simplifying your life when it comes to choosing the right paint colours for your home and have an addiction to creating fabulous paint colour combinations, I’m also excited to announce the release of my new Design Style Perfect Colour Palettes.

Design Styles

Immediate design inspiration is what you get with these digital downloads.

There are three different paint suppliers to choose from, depending on your preference: Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams and Farrow & Ball.

Design Styles included (so far!) are Farmhouse, Coastal, Mid Century Modern and Boho Casual.

They all tie in with my new quiz and as Farmhouse seems to be the most loved design style currently, that’s our focus of today’s post.

Design Style – FARMHOUSE

Farmhouse design style is synonymous with relaxed and casual living with a touch of that rustic country feel.

You certainly do not have to live rural to enjoy a beautiful farmhouse style interior.

Modern farmhouse is hugely popular and is a common look you see in suburban and urban homes as well as in the rolling hills of the countryside.

Farmhouse Colours

As with any design style, Farmhouse has a range of distinct colours that help create this look.

Let me share three inspiring Farmhouse colours that will certainly give you a starting point if you are considering this design style for your own home.

Benjamin Moore – October Mist CC-550

This soft green was Benjamin Moore’s Colour of the Year for 2022 and suits the Farmhouse look so well.

October Mist
October Mist

It evokes nature and open fields and looks amazing with the next two colours.

Sherwin Williams – Moroccan Spice SW 6060

Terracotta is a super trendy colour this year and Moroccan Spice is a perfect example of this earthy colour.

Moroccan Spice
Moroccan Spice
Benjamin Moore – Pale Oak OC-20

Such a versatile colour, Pale Oak is the perfect neutral backdrop for a Farmhouse Design Style.

Pale Oak
Pale Oak

It also works great in other interior styles. I’ve used it for a recent Burlington client project in a more modern and vibrant renovation.

An always popular neutral, Pale Oak, complements October Mist and Moroccan Spice to create a perfect Farmhouse Palette.

October Mist Moroccan Spice And Pale Oak, farmhouse design style palette, Design Styles - Farmhouse, Farmhouse colour palette
Farmhouse Colour Palette

Design Styles – Farmhouse

Design Details

What are some of the signature details of the Farmhouse and Modern Farmhouse look?

Character grade hardwood is a staple of the farmhouse aesthetic.

Flooring Visible Grain And Whitewashed
Natural character and whitewashed hardwood flooring.

Species such as maple and oak are great for whitewashing which adds lovely rustic appeal.

These woods also offer lots of natural characteristics such as visible grain, knots and other imperfections that add to the charm of the farmhouse expression.

Shiplap is a common design detail that is often seen in farmhouse interiors. This refers to the off white wood panelling you see behind the vignette below.

shiplap, plaid pillows, farmhouse design style
Shiplap wall – great design detail for Farmhouse look.

Apron sinks and farmhouse sinks are obvious choices for creating a rustic or modern farmhouse interior.

We incorporated a white apron sink in this Burlington project, which actually had more of a coastal vibe with the blue backsplash.

This is a good example of how the same interior design elements can be utilized within different design styles.

Farmhouse design style, apron sink, farmhouse sink, design style - farmhouse, modern farmhouse
Gorgeous apron sink, an ideal farmhouse design feature

The final design detail we’ll touch on is skirted sofas. Casual and comfortable!

These comfy and practical pieces are an ideal addition to any interior where you are aiming for a farmhouse look and feel.

If you have an older sofa or loveseat but you no longer like the colour of its fabric, consider getting a cream or white slipcover if you want to tie it in with a new Farmhouse feel for your home.

skirted sofa, farmhouse design style
Skirted sofa – adds rustic and cosy farmhouse appeal

Design Styles – Farmhouse

Fabrics & Textures

Let’s take a look at some of the best-known fabrics for achieving the farmhouse look.


linen, drapery
Simple linen drapery, white and light is always in style


Jute, basket, rug, design styles - farmhouse, design styles, farmhouse
Organic and natural

Plaid and Striped Patterns

plaid pillows
Cosy plaid pillows are a staple of farmhouse decor
plaid, checked pillows, plaid cushions, mustard throw, plaid ottoman, ottoman, design style - farmhouse
Contrasting plaid pillows with gray plaid ottoman

And pillows that have an organic feel in neutral tones.


In addition to the skirted sofa mentioned above in the Design Details section, don’t forget that you can also add slipcovers to chairs.

Slip Covered chair, plaid throw
Slipcovered chair with plaid throw – two popular farmhouse features
skirted sofa, skirted couch, slipcover, design styles - farmhouse
Slipcovered Loveseat with natural wood flooring and other nature-inspired accents

Design Styles – Farmhouse


Wall Art Ideas

There are many fantastic décor items that really lend themselves to the farmhouse design style.

I can’t lie. Some of the wall art that is indicative of the farmhouse style has been overdone. The clock below is a prime example of this.

But, I can’t talk about farmhouse design and not mention the clocks!

roman numeral clock, farmhouse, clock, country, wood clock
Clocks in a wood and metal finish – farmhouse interior
clock, farmhouse, living room, design style - farmhouse, farmhouse living room.
A great example of a farmhouse living room

As you can see from these images below, some of the wall art ideas can lean towards being either more rustic, vintage or modern.

farmhoues decor, rustic art, wood wall art
Rustic Farmhouse
country art, farmhouse gallery wall
Vintage farmhouse gallery wall
rustic barn wall art
This weathered barn wall art is a perfect piece for a Modern farmhouse design

Other decorative elements such as vintage jugs and vases with fresh or dried flowers are also great accessories to style your home in if you want the farmhouse look.

vintage milk can, fresh flowers, farmhouse chic, country decor
Fresh flowers in vintage milk can
vintage jug, lavender, farmhouse decor
Rustic decor with milk jug and lavender

Farmhouse Perfect Colour Palettes

Look no further than my Farmhouse Perfect Colour Palettes to give you all the colours you need to pull off a gorgeous Farmhouse interior.

Benjamin Moore Farmhouse palette
Farmhouse Style Benjamin Moore
10 Farmhouse colours by Benjamin Moore
Sherwin Williams Farmhouse palette
Modern Farmhouse Style Sherwin Williams
Sherwin Williams Farmhouse Perfect Colour Palette – 10 colours
Farrow & Ball Farmhouse palette
Farmhouse Farrow & Ball
10 complimentary Farmhouse Colour by Farrow & Ball
October Mist
October Mist Coty 2022 Benjamin Moore
Pale Oak
Pale Oak Benjamin Moore

Design Style Colour Quiz

Don’t forget to take my revamped colour quiz to find the Perfect Colour Palette for your favourite Design Style!

Colour Quiz Blog Graphic 500 X 750 2 1

Perfect for Pinning

Farmhouse Design Style Blog Pinterest Graphics 1
Pinterest Graphics Perfect Colour Palettes
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