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Interior Design Questionnaire For Clients

Interior Design Questionnaire, get the answers you need from clients

Why is an Interior Design questionnaire for clients important?

What questions should you ask to better understand your interior design clients’ needs & their wish list for their project?

Here in my latest video, you’ll learn my reasons for sending out a questionnaire & what types of questions I ask to ensure I get the answers I need.

If you have been thinking about using a client questionnaire or you already use one in your client on-boarding process, but your clients don’t always complete it, then by the end of the video you’ll know how to effectively get the answers you need before your initial consultation appointment.

I can confidently say this because I have successfully been using my client questionnaire since the very beginning of my career and 95% of clients complete it before we meet at the initial consultation meeting.

#1 The Questionnaire Is An Important Part Of Your On-boarding Process

One of your first points of contacts with a new client is on the discovery call.

It’s here where you will ask specific questions in order to get a feel for what your potential clients’ needs are. Then once they book an initial consultation meeting with you, you’ll need to find out more about your new clients before you meet.

Plus, it’s important for them to consider different aspects of a project that they may not have thought about already, but that your questionnaire prompts them to think about ahead of time.

The questionnaire allows you to get to know more about your new clients and to dig deeper into their reasons for wanting a change.

Although they may have been dreaming about renovating or decorating their home for some time, they probably haven’t considered some key questions. This is where I find the client questionnaire to be extremely helpful.

#2 The Types Of Questions You Should Ask

Now let’s look at what type of questions you should ask in your client questionnaire. You can see more in the video, but here’s one question that I like to ask first.

I start by requesting each family member’s name and their age.  I want to know how many people live in the home and how old they are. This is important to keep in mind not only as you are creating their design and selecting finishes and furnishings, but I also like to know this for when I first walk in the door.

Maybe I’ll be greeted by the entire family and if so I can say to the kids “Hey, you must be Toby and Angela’. This shows clients that you are detail-oriented and cared enough to take the time to review their responses. Getting personal and showing you care is important.

#3 Getting Clients To Complete And Return The Questionnaire

Lastly, how do you get clients to complete & return your questionnaire before you meet?

This is what I say on the discovery call:

“In order to be best prepared for our meeting, we send you a questionnaire ahead of time and ask that you complete it and send it back to us 48 hours prior to the date of our appointment. Two hours may seem like a long time together, but it goes by pretty quick and I want to be as efficient as I can be with the time that we have, making sure we address your biggest pain points and top priorities.”

Who doesn’t love hearing that we want to make the most efficient use of our time together?

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Do you use a client questionnaire? Comment below and share your experience with having clients complete your questionnaire.

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