Rock the Initial Consultation

Complete Process Package
Rock the Initial Consultation


It’s time. Time to confidently take control.

Are you re-inventing the wheel with every new client project you take on?

Do you lack organized processes that hold you back from converting inquiries into clients and consultation clients into design projects?

Would you like to hold your head up high and be fearless when communicating with clients?

With all my clearly outlined and easy to follow processes, you’ll learn how to:

  • Take control of the initial consultation
  • Effectively communicate your value to clients
  • Easily identify red flags from the first call
  • Build relationships & trust more quickly
  • Confidently communicate with your client
  • Gain more confidence to charge your worth
  • Be a stand out professional in the industry
  • Make the most efficient use of your time
  • Deal with awkward client scenarios
$497.00 CAD

Must-See Videos

In addition, you’ll also get exclusive access to three videos! First, an introductory video with a step by step walk through of my process from the initial call to the start of the initial consultation.

Second, a NEVER SEEN BEFORE style of video where you’ll see EXACTLY how I handle the discovery call. Here I show you how to confidently share details of how a client will benefit from working with you, including how to manage expectations in terms of what to expect when working with you and one of my favourite lines, which potential clients LOVE to hear.

Third, is also an exclusive and NEVER SEEN BEFORE style of video of an initial consultation meeting. See how I take control of a meeting, discuss packages and pricing and how to deal with possible awkward scenarios with clients and how to deal with them professionally and confidently.

If you get stuck on how to word emails and put together forms, don’t worry—I’ve taken care of all of that for you. You will also receive:

  • 7 Drafted Email Templates
  • More than 15 Templates/Forms/Checklists for Tracking and Logging Inquiries and Organising Clients' Information
  • An Easy to Follow Process Flow Chart
  • A Script for the Discovery Call


A 20-page slide package for reference, which includes information on how to handle consultations where clients are hiring you for ongoing services. Those can be quite different to the consultation-only meetings for design and colour advice. Don’t worry—I cover it all!

$497.00 CAD
Melissa Clark

Your Rock the Consult videos are priceless! The direction you provide has given me so much confidence. I'm going on my third one tomorrow and my comfort level has transformed!

- Melissa Clark
Adam Scougall

An open message of thanks to Claire Jefford for her Rock the Consult videos, tips, and tools. I thought I was pretty good, but clearly I need to up my game with a tight mix of new tools shown in the package! This is the way to command a higher consult.

- Adam Scougall
Karen Gauden

Claire's Rock the Consult is a blueprint for success! I loved the video where Claire walks through an initial consultation. There are so many forms, it has totally given me a leg up in my design business. Thanks, Claire!

- Karen Gauden
Anne Decocco, Decocco Design

I bought Claire’s consult package and it’s jam-packed with value. I’ve already implemented some of Claire’s wisdom and forms with great results!

- Anne Decocco, Decocco Design
Thanh Buswell

I launched my business two months ago and investing in Claire’s ‘Rock the Initial Consult’ is the #2 best business decision I’ve made. All the content is so valuable and worth every penny! It is thorough and well-organized.

- Thanh Buswell
Christina Symes Rodriguez

Thank you so much for creating this! I love all the documents you included and have already started using them. I have been needing to create them for my business and kept putting it off. Now I don’t have to do it from scratch!

- Christina Symes Rodriguez

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