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3D Renderings for Interior Designers

How often do you hear clients say…”I can’t visualize how my space will look if we take down those walls.”
“I am a visual person & would love to see your ideas for our space.”

How often do you hear clients say…

“I can’t visualize how my space will look if we take down those walls.”
“I am a visual person & would love to see your ideas for our space.”
“It would be so helpful to understand exactly how our home is going to look before we undergo a renovation.”

Renderings of a Toronto clients living room. We uploaded sourced fabrics, art & paint colour.

Let me tell you, offering 3D Rendering Services has been THE BEST DECISION that I ever made in my business.  Approximately one year in, I was introduced to Chief Architect and I never looked back!

See more of this clients home in this video. Photography by Stephani Buchman.

That program –The Design Pro Version –  changed my life! To be able to show clients the potential within their space, before they commit to a renovation or decorating project, has been a massive game changer.

Around 90% of my client projects involve rendering services.  Whether it’s a full floor or basement redesign, one room or an entire home, we almost ALWAYS provide drawings & concept designs.

Rendering design where we knocked out a wall & created a pass-through to open up the space.

Now it’s true that not all the finishes shown are necessarily exactly what we are recommending, but it’s pretty damn close.  If we are unable to show a specific design detail in a rendering, we will sometimes add a moodboard of all finishes and selections we are recommending for a clients home. This way clients can clearly understand our intentions for their newly designed space.  See a video here of our clients kitchen below.

Photo by Stephani Buchman Photography.

Despite the tutorial videos on their website and a very helpful Facebook group called ‘Users of Chief Architect‘ where other users offer support and advice, there is no denying the fact that learning and creating these types of drawings can take a lot of time and patience.   As a busy entrepreneur, both of those can be very hard to come by.

There are many other terrific 3D rendering software programs on the market, each with a different look and with their own pros and cons. My interior design student assistant uses Sketch Up. You can see from the drawing below that this has a different look to Chief Architect.

Laundry room design by Creating Contrast Designs using Sketch Up.

Before I share a fabulous list of Interior Design Professionals who offer this service to the trade, here is something you need for putting together a stand out presentation that will ‘wow’ your clients.  It’s my ROCK the 3D Design Presentation Process Package.

Link here to learn more.

This is the exact process and templates that we use for our client Power-Point presentations.  With 100 testimonials and being the highest reviewed design professional in the Greater Toronto Area, it’s safe to say that we’ve nailed down this process to ensure customer satisfaction for every client.  If you want to do the same and get similar results, click here to find out more.  Why start from scratch when I’ve already done all the hard work for you?

In my fabulous Facebook group Interior Design Business Strategies, exclusively for Designers; Decorators and Stagers, there are many members of my amazing tribe who offer e-design and space planning services to other designers.

In an effort to help and support others in our wonderful industry of interior design, (which is what I’m all about in case you didn’t already know!) below I am sharing some of these helpful designers resources and contact information.

Please note that I have never personally hired any of the design professionals listed below, nor can I testify to the quality of their services. I am not receiving any sort of affiliate or commission for sharing their details either.  It is purely as a resource in case you are looking to outsource this service within your own interior design business.

Please do your due diligence in vetting perspective opportunities for work collaborations, just as you would with any sub contractor or trade.  Additional services and pricing information can be obtained by contacting the designers via their websites, listed in each of their profiles.

Note: Prices listed as of the date of publishing this post, April 2018.

Renderings Resource List

Staci Nugent

Company: Staci Nugent Design
Area of expertise: Residential 3D Renderings, Concept & Mood Boards, Floor Plans & Elevations, Product Sourcing, Creating Presentations & Photoshop.
Rendering Program: Sketchup
Education/Certificate: Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design
Starting price: Basic Package is $195 USD for one layout/view & one revision with up to three changes. Designer provides all sources.


Laurette Coetzee

Company: LC Interiors www.lcinteriors.ca

Area of expertise: Residential & Corporate 3D rendering, 3D Walkthrough Videos, Concept Presentation & Mood Boards.
Rendering Program: Sketchup
Education/Certificate: 15 years industry experience in residential and corporate interiors
Starting price: $115 CAD (more details found on website)


 Caryn Menches

Company: Modern Lotus Interiors

Area of expertise: Commercial; Residential; Kitchens/Baths; Full Homes ;Concept only with Space Planning; Permit Ready Drawings and Moodboards
Rendering Program: SketchUp & hand drawings
Education/Certificate:  Fullerton College, AA Degree; Master’s Degree in Interior Architecture
Starting price:One room starts at $65/hr, with a 10 hour minimum. Entire homes dependent on size.


Gina Everett

Company:  Create Perfect

Area of expertise: Residential; Kitchens/Baths; Full Homes; Concept; Space Planning & Mood-boards
Rendering Program: SketchUp Pro and Indigo Render
Education/Certificate:  2 x Interior Design Diploma, 1 x Certificate and 1 x BA Hons
Starting price: One room $340 USD


Kelly Fridline

Company: Kelly Fridline Design LLC
Area of expertise: Commercial & Residential; Kitchens/Baths; Full Homes; Concept only with Space Planning; Permit Ready Drawings; Moodboards etc
Rendering Program: Chief Architect (capable of hand renderings too)
Education/Certificate:  Master of Architecture, Savannah College of Art and Design (IDP completed)
Starting price: $75 per hour. The time/price is dependent upon level of detail, requested updates, and turn around requirements.


 Silvia Karounos

Company: Silvia Karounos Decor Studio. 
Area of expertise: Commercial; Residential; Kitchens & Baths; Full Homes; Concept only with Space Planning ; Drawings & Moodboards
Rendering Program: Sketch Up and Podium V.2,5 Plus. Chief Architect and PowerPoint
Education/Certificate:  Interior Design Diploma (Brazil), Certificated Interior Decorator (QC Design School)

Starting price: Up to 300 sq.ft. Sketch Up rendered image with 1 revision $180. SketchUp and Podium rendered image $250. Panoramic rendered image $350. Drawing floor plan and Moodboard: $80 per image. All pricing is in USD.


Kelsey Schwager

Company:  Key Light Render Studio
Area of expertise: Residential; Kitchens/Baths; Concept only with Space Planning & Moodboards
Rendering Program: Chief Architect Interiors
Education/Certificate:  Interior Design from University of Northern Iowa
Starting price: $100 USD per space, UP TO 4 standard rendered images. A-la-carte menu for photo-realistic images, panoramic images, mood boards, 2D floor plans, or additional standard rendered images over the 4 allotted images.


 Leigh Vigil

Company: Room to Design
Area of expertise: Residential; Kitchens/Baths; Full Homes; Concept only with Space Planning
Rendering Program: Sketch-up
Education/Certificate:  AA Interior Design Bellevue College, Bellevue Washington
Starting price: $375/ room USD


Sarah Wilson

Company: Chansaerae Designs LLC

Area of expertise: Residential; Kitchen/Bath; Concept Designs & Moodboards

Rendering Program: SketchUp

Education/Certificate: BS-Computer Graphics; AA-Interior Design;

Starting price:$175/ USD


If you are looking to outsource this service, hopefully you can hook up with one of these interior design professionals. Collaborations like this can definitely be a win-win for everybody. Outsourcing tasks that you don’t have time for or that you simply don’t enjoy doing, is key to running a successful interior design business.

Comment below if you use a rendering program and let us know your favourite software.  This is always a hot topic of conversation in our community, so please share this post with others who can benefit from learning more about these ‘To the Trade’ services.

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Check out my Shop page here with more helpful resources for organising your interior design business.

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      I can totally appreciate that Geri. Hopefully one of these fabulous designers can assist you!

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    Thank you, Clair! Great resource you have put together. The timing is perfect too! I need help with some renderings.

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