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Is That Client A ‘Good Fit’ For You?

Remember when you were in school and your teacher would say, “No question is a stupid question.” Or they would say, “If you aren’t sure about something, chances are someone else here is probably wondering the same thing.” This is so true! I often see the same questions or similar scenarios popping up in the

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The Most Effective Way to Get Clients

Woah, we are nearly half way through my Interior Design Marketing Strategies series already and some of my best strategies that I want to share with you are yet to come! This week I reveal one of the most effective marketing strategies that I’ve been doing in my Interior Decorating business since the beginning. This

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This worked for booking clients!

Interior Design Marketing Strategies This was one of my favourite marketing initiatives that I tried in my Interior Design business, because I was able to meet a lot of people. Did you know that I’m a ‘people person?’ And not only did I get to meet a lot of people as potential clients, but I

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