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How I Got 100 Reviews

What’s one of the first things you do before booking a holiday or trying out a new local restaurant?  Do you look at reviews? A lot of people look at reviews! Consumers are heavily swayed one way or the other based on the feedback from these written testimonies. I can confidently attest to this, as

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Where My Biggest Lead Came From…you won’t believe it!

One of my very first clients whom I met with for an Interior Decorating consultation meeting was eager to hire me for further services. YAY!! Then she backed out and cancelled our next appointment. BOOOOOOO. I knew exactly why she got cold feet and I also knew that something needed to change. Spring Your Business

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Do Luxury Magazine Ads Work For Getting Clients?

Although some marketing tactics may seem like great initiatives that will be hitting your target audience, how often does that really happen? Early on in my career as an Interior Decorator, I had a luxury golf magazine reach out to me. They were local to my area and pitched an advertisement in two of their

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