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Interior Design Salary

Interior Design Salary

What’s the average salary for an Interior Designer working for another company?

What jobs are available within the Interior Design industry?

Although most of the designers whom I coach or who are in my Private Facebook Group for Interior Design Professionals run their own design business, perhaps you are still studying for your degree or recently graduated and wondering what the next step is in your journey.

Or maybe you are already running your own business, but it’s not quite bringing you in the revenue you need or it’s proving to be more difficult to get established with steady clients than you had anticipated.

If you are going to design school; or recently graduated or are simply looking at the options available to you in the interior design field, watch my video to better understand the types of jobs currently listed in both the US & Canada & what to expect in terms of an estimated annual Interior Designer salary.

Let me start by saying that everyone has different goals in terms of what they want to achieve and how much money they want to make.

I love this about life.

We are all different.

No two people are the same and ‘There is more than one path to the top of the mountain.’  I freakin’ love that expression.

So even if we all had similar goals, there are many different ways and strategies for achieving those goals.

I started my Interior Design Firm as a second career as soon as I received my Interior Decorating Certification. Despite applying for a couple of Interior Design jobs similar to the examples that I share with you in the video, I never worked for anyone else, nor had any previous retail experience.

However, I did work in Human Resources at Ford Motor Company in the UK when I lived in England for 6 years.  That role was pivotal for me in terms of understanding the importance of having organized processes and developing effective communication skills.

Average Salary Ranges

If you watched the video you will see that the average annual salary for an Interior design job ranges from $40k – $120k. The higher end of that pay scale favours those who work in retail and are likely heavily commission based wages. Remember though that retail positions will also mean that you must work evenings and weekends.

There are other pros and cons of working for another company, all of which I cover in the video so be sure to watch it.

I’d Much Rather Be My Own Boss!

If you prefer to work for yourself (or if you already are)  make sure you are signed up to email list here, where I share my no-nonsense approach to success based on my own experiences.

I’m a ‘walk the walk kind of girl’ in case you didn’t already know that. If I said it, you can bet that I did it!

One on One Coaching

Not quite making the salary you want to be making in your business?

Are you unsure of your processes or how to market yourself to target your ideal client and get more business?

Stop wasting time and making excuses!  Get expert advice from someone who has been there.

One on one coaching sessions available. Find out more here.
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