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Take Better Pictures With Your Phone Now

You’ve heard of the expression, ‘You don’t know what you don’t know’, right?
Well, I had no idea how much there was to know about taking photographs with my phone until I interviewed Linda Holt.

Linda Holt Live Video Interview With Claire Jefford

You’ve heard of the expression, ‘You don’t know what you don’t know’, right?

Well, I had no idea how much there was to know about taking photographs with my phone until I interviewed Linda Holt.

For example – How to adjust my phone settings for higher or lower exposure; turning on grid lines for improving composition; how to hold the camera to get the best angles and so much more!

Linda’s Bio – Pretty Impressive

As one of Boston’s top head shot photographers for over 25 years, and after photographing over 3000 actors, models and celebrities, Linda Holt put aside her camera and returned to school to pursue her life long passion of interior design and decorating.

Her past photography client’s sought her out not only for her ability to have them look their very best but for her skill in having their personality shine through the lens. Today she applies those very same principles to create her signature style of fresh, colorful and well edited spaces.

Linda started her blog, Linda Holt Interiors, in 2011 as a way of merging her two passions of photography and design. Her blogs are a mix of photography tips for iphone users and design inspiration.

Linda holds three different Color certifications and has been quoted in both House Beautiful Magazine and The Huffington Post for her color expertise. She is also a featured writer for Merrimack Valley Home Magazine and writes on industry design trends.

In this live video, the fourth in my Social by Design series, Linda shares so many incredibly valuable tips and practical advice for using your phone everyday to take better quality images than you may have ever imagined possible.

Download my FREE Tip Sheet after you watch the interview.

Grab your phone (unless you are reading this on your phone) and get ready to take your skills of phone photography to the next level!

Boost Your Brands Image & Get More Engagment

The quality and final look of photographs you share, speaks volumes about your brand as a business. I believe that this is also a key element that undoubtedly leads to increased likes, shares and ultimately, building your following on almost any social media platform.

By taking some time to learn how to properly use your camera phone, it can dramatically increase the quality of photographs you take each and every day.  Thus, providing you with a better opportunity to reach a wider audience.

What I especially loved about the knowledge Linda so willingly shares, is how she went out of her way to learn about other devices  just so she could bring even more value to this interview.

Linda uses an IPhone, but she exceeded my expectations by researching some specific elements of Android phones as well.  As someone who is an Android user, I was pretty impressed by that!

Where To Learn More From Linda

To find out more about this topic, Linda has written plenty of blogs about using your phone to take better photographs.  Click here to see a complete list of these Linda’s phone photography posts.

What was your biggest takeaway from my interview with Linda? Comment below.  Don’t forget to grab my free download here of the Top 14 Tips from my interview with Linda. You will get it along with 5 other FREE incredibly helpful downloads for your interior design business, when you subscribe to my email.

Cheers Linda, for being so giving with your knowledge of Phone photography for interior designers and decorators!

After knowing Linda virtually on line for over 4 years, I finally got to meet her at KBIS Orlando Blog Tour earlier this year

All my Social by Design video interviews can be found here on the Playlist I created especially for you!

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