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Retainer Fee – Interior Design 

You should never be chasing money.

Don’t start any interior design work without a signed letter of agreement and retainer payment.

It’s your business:

  • You make the rules
  • Your set the boundaries
  • You are in control

And guess what? The good clients love that!

If you missed my previous video, ‘What is a Retainer Agreement’, please watch that first.  You can find it here.  In that post I go into more detail about the purpose of letter of agreement itself.

In today’s video  I focus on the retainer fee amount and how to work the retainer with your clients.

If you have ever chased clients for outstanding payments or had to reissue invoices & reminders time and again, then you know what a lousy feeling that is. It’s a terrible place to be.

Since the beginning of my career, I have been successfully reviewing my Letter of Agreement and collecting retainer payments from clients at the end of the initial consultation meeting, before moving ahead with design services.  You can too.

Watch my video here to learn more.

Need A Retainer Agreement? Get mine!

Exude the confidence to take control & manage clients expectations on your various processes with my Letter of Agreement. 

Having this powerful tool shows clients you are organised and on top of your game. When you invest in my Letter of Agreement & you’ll also receive a private link to a 20 minute video where I explain why you need an LOA; when to use it & a step by step of how to walk your client through the LOA.

Letter of Agreement with Walk Through Video

Want Total Confidence in Your Consultation Process? Let’s ROCK this!

An unbeatable value for 3 incredible packages, save over $90! Link here to purchase.

Whether you are just starting out in the business or are a well seasoned interior design professional, don’t waste any more of your precious time trying to refine your initial consultation process, because I’ve already done it all here for you.

Gain confidence to charge your worth and impress your clients from the very first phone call. My simplified, yet super effective 3-in-1 bundle package includes:

  • More than 20 templates
  • Over 7 drafted emails
  • An easy to follow process flow chart – all from the discovery call to the end of the initial consultation meeting
  • Not one, but two Letter or Agreement (LOA) templates, one for hourly services and another for design packages. Watch me explain in a step by step walk through video details of how to present your LOA and how to communicate the terms confidently to your clients.


BEST VALUE! BUNDLE & SAVE with my 3 in 1 Package
BEST VALUE! BUNDLE & SAVE with my 3 in 1 Package


I include videos showing you how I speak to a potential client on an initial phone call and another video on how to conduct an initial consultation. Be a fly on the wall and learn how to avoid the BIGGEST MISTAKE designers are making in this first meeting!

There are also 4 scenarios where I show you how to deal with awkward client situations such as:

  • Asking about your discount
  • Having friends & other family members give decorating advice
  • How to handle if a client who challenges your process
  • How to deal with the ‘other half’ who may not be fully on board with hiring your extremely helpful services

Why re-invent the wheel with every new client or fly by the seat of your pants creating new templates and forms with each consultation meeting? Gain more confidence & get organised NOW.

AND – you’ll also get my Interior Design Starter Pack that addresses branding your business; establishing relationships with trades and suppliers; must have tools for your business and more.

The time and stress you will save yourself by getting super organised, super fast, is invaluable.

Interior Design business coach Claire Jefford Testimonial

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4 thoughts on “Retainer Fee”

  1. Love this, it’s so much less stressful for all when the terms are CLEAR. I love to have clarity on the fee piece so that clients can have one set in stone cost to rely upon in the wacky world of remodels.

    • Yes Shannon, managing clients expectations is everything. When your processes are clearly outlined, client’s feel more assured and you as the designer feels more confident as well. Thanks for your feedback my dear!

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