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Your services are valuable. Exude confidence and professionalism when you present them!

This service is more detailed and comprehensive. When clients hire me for custom design services, I tell them that they are married to me!

It’s important to note that my business model for this service is such that I split it into two phases:

Phase 1: We create the design plans, mood boards, select all the furnishings and finishes and obtain quotes for any trades work that is needed. This initial phase of services is covered by my one-page Letter of Agreement which I review with clients at the end of the consultation meeting and request a retainer for services.

Phase 2: Occurs after the presentation meeting and before implementation of the design plans. Once we have a client’s approval to move forward with our proposed design, we review this more comprehensive Custom Design and Project Management contract and collect another retainer before proceeding with purchasing and scheduling trades work.

BONUS Letter of Agreement INCLUDED! Take control and manage clients’ expectations in the first phase of design for the Custom Design and Project Management services with my Flat-Fee Letter of Agreement.  We also use this for our 3D design concept-only flat fee service plans when there is no purchasing or implementation services required. The LOA is included in this purchase and within the Contract Template Bundle.

Our contracts are priced at $197 each. Save over $150 when you get the Contract Template Bundle!

$197.00 CAD

What's Included:

Not only will you receive a detailed contract and walkthrough video with each purchased document, but I’ve also included a Services Outline that provides a clear outline of each interior design service offering! More on that in a minute, but first, here is what's covered:

  • A list of interior design services you provide
  • Fees/Payment
  • Procurement and Warehousing
  • Installation
  • Communication
  • Intellectual Property
  • Third-Party Service Providers
  • Warranty
  • Acts of God
  • Termination
  • Publication
  • Signing Section

Added Bonus: Services Outline PowerPoint

The additional bonus of my fully customizable downloads will make it simple for you to explain the value of each interior design service you offer. This slide template is perfect to either send to a client after a discovery call and/or to print for your consultation binder to easily reference as needed. The slide template includes:

  • Brief service outline and benefits to your client
  • A detailed list of specific services you provide
  • Estimated timelines for the project
  • Approximate investment amount
  • Getting started and next steps
  • And more depending on the specific service

Plus, a Walkthrough Video!

With each purchase, you will also get access to a video walkthrough. The first 20 minutes includes:

  • The difference between a "Letter of Agreement" and a "Contract"
  • A brief description of each service offering
  • Why you need a contract
  • When to review the contract with clients and tips on how to use the PowerPoint Services Outline templates

In the second part of the walkthrough video, I do a brief overview of the Services Outline and highlight areas of the contract that you need to edit to include your own information. You will be able to tailor the documents to your specific business model terms and fees.

Our contracts are priced at $197 each. When you get the Contract Template Bundle, you save over $150!


“The thing I love about Claire’s contracts is that they’re clear and concise; I can confidently present these contracts knowing that they’re easy to understand and my bases are covered.”

-Lana Gagnon, Interior Designer

I confidently stand behind all my online product service offerings. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, contact us within 30 days of purchase and we will happily issue you a full refund.

While these documents are a fantastic resource for defining which services to offer to your clients, as well as providing a solid foundation for creating a contract that works for the way you run your business, it's imperative all legal documents be reviewed by your own lawyer prior to use.  The information provided on this website does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice

$197.00 CAD


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