Make Video NOW! My 10 Video Tips For Beginners

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Making video is a must! People are very visual and creating video is one of the best ways to make your point to your audience. If you’re new to video, I have some quick tips to help you get started and to shed the excuses.

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Here are my 10 video tips for beginners:


1.  Invest in a selfie stick or a tripod

It’s much easier to focus on filming a great video if you aren’t worried about holding up the camera. The holder for my selfie stick attaches to my tripod to help stabilize the camera.

If you don’t have a selfie stick or a tripod, just pull out your phone and hold it up. You could also use the webcam that is built-in to your computer.

2.  Invest in a lapel microphone

You simply plug one end into your phone and very quickly you have upgraded to record great, quality audio. I use my mic in all of my videos to give you, the viewer, a better experience.

If you’re curious about the gear I use, you can check out and purchase it here.

3.  Hold your phone horizontally

If you’re making video for YouTube or to upload to Facebook natively, hold your phone horizontally. This will eliminate the two black frames around the video and will make you more center stage for a better viewpoint.

4.  Position the camera directly in front of you (or a little bit above)

The position of the camera is important because you want the viewer to be focused on you. You don’t want to be looking down on the viewer or to show off your fabulous double-chin.

It’s a more complementary angle for you, and you can look directly into the lens of the camera more easily.

5.  Turn notifications off

The last thing you want is to hear the little ding letting you know someone sent you the pizza emoji.

Eliminate distractions by silencing your notifications.  This will go a long way in helping you create the best video possible and not to lose your mind when you realise you need to start recording from the beginning.

6.  Use a flip chart to keep you on track

You can’t see it in the video, but right behind the camera is a flip chart with a few bullet points. I make notes for myself to stay on track, avoid forgetting what my next point is, and to make sure I’ve covered everything on my list.

You can pause during the recording of your video to refer back to your notes and simply edit out that dead space in post-production.

7.  Don’t waste time

When you start your video, get right to it. Begin with your content from the very beginning.

Someone has clicked the play button because they are ready to consume your amazing content, so give them what they ask for. (This is a bit different to Facebook Live, where things are a little more relaxed.) Here’s an example of a video you can check out to see what to do!

8.  Be you!

This is my most important tip!

I know it might seem like you need to be made-up and looking very professional, but truthfully, you just need to be you. Don’t compare yourself to what other people are doing, just do what feels right for you and the best way you know how to connect with your audience.

Be yourself and have fun!

9.  Ask for feedback

There’s no shame in asking for comments. You should end all of your videos with a call to action. Consider directing them to your website; asking them to subscribe to your youtube channel or hitting the ‘like’ button…just don’t ask them to do all three or they will get confused and not bother to do any.

Another great call to action is to ask your viewer to leave a comment. Pose a thoughtful question that is relevant to the video’s topic, so your viewers have a reason to leave a comment and can join in the conversation.

This will make hanging out in your YouTube or facebook comments much more fun for everyone!

10.  Engage with your audience

If someone took the time to comment on your post or on your video, reply back to them. This shows your viewer that you’re a real person, you care, and that you want them to come back and spend time with you.

It’s all about engagement.

Click on the image below to find out more about my course, so you can start making more money and attracting better clients with video too!

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There’s no excuse for you not to do video. I started making video in 2013, and I have connected with more of my ideal clients and have made more money as a direct result of my video content.

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Video is not the future – it’s the NOW!

Embrace it and your business will boom!


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