Unboxing Video Benjamin Moore Neutrals & Whites

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Unboxing Video Benjamin Moore Neutrals & Whites

It’s like Christmas all over again today! There are two reasons for this:

1)  I’m sharing my very first (but definitely NOT my last) unboxing video with you.

2) Inside this box are tools for my business that I’m totally obsessed with!

There aren’t many things that give me more pleasure than colour and organization.

Well, I guess my family and new puppy bring me more happiness, but only marginally. HAHA!  #kiddingnotkidding 😉

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Today I’m unboxing 50 large painted colour boards, also known as the ‘Core Collection’, from my good friend and THE True Colour Expert, Maria Killam.

Maria has picked her top 40 neutrals and top 10 whites from Benjamin Moore and had them painted on 11×14 inch boards.

You’ll know from watching my paint colour review videos, that I love using these boards to compare colours & explain undertones.

Watch the video by clicking the image below or go to the video here on YouTube.

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Whenever I meet with clients for a colour consultation, I always take my 125 large painted colour boards with me.  In fact, I rarely leave the house without my bag of boards any time I have an appointment related to  interior design or decorating.

I’ve been using Maria’s painted boards for 6 years and when I’m looking to coordinate a neutral with tiles or stone or fabrics, 95% of the time, I can find the best colour within these samples of her Benjamin Moore Core Collection.

Large painted boards with floor tile
Large painted boards with floor tile
Painted colour boards Benjamin Moore Core Collection
Painted colour boards Benjamin Moore Core Collection, get your set here

Love my large painted colour boards and want your own set?

Click here to shop the large colour boards now!

To gain even more colour confidence, Maria also teaches her systems on understanding undertones all across North America. I attended her Colour workshop in 2012 for the first time and then again in 2018.  Not only is investing in this hands on workshop fabulous for gaining confidence in specifying colours, but the course is also a wonderful opportunity for networking and meeting other colour enthusiasts from all around the world.

I recently interviewed Maria about her colour course. If you are thinking about attending her class, watch the video here to learn more about what’s involved.

Maria Killam interview

Check out Maria’s schedule here to see when she may be coming to your area.

2018 Class From Maria’s Long Island Colour Workshop

Follow Maria’s outstanding and always helpful colour blog here.

Got a question for me? Comment below or DM me on my Instagram account here.

Claire Jefford xox

// DISCLOSURE: Thank you for trusting me with my truthful and reliable opinion on any future purchase you may make. I always disclose affiliate or sponsored information when it is the case. If you purchase Maria’s boards, I will earn a small commission from the sale. This doesn’t affect you in any way, the price remains the same regardless.  Thank you for supporting me and entrusting me to be your go-to for all things Colour and Interior Design!

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