Forget Discounts, Focus on Value

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Forget Discounts, Focus on Value

Anyone else tired of hearing references to ‘designer discounts’ and people worrying about how to be more ‘transparent’ with clients about the costs of furnishings?

Running a profitable business means making money on the items you sell. Period.

In this industry, why do so many people feel the need to overshare this information with their clients?

Turning the Tables

When you go to your mechanic to have them fix an issue with your car, do you expect them to disclose their costs for parts and ask what percentage of their trade pricing they are passing on to you?

As they explain the anticipated fees for labour and provide you with an estimate for parts to fix your car, do you ask if they mark up those parts and then accuse them of ‘double dipping’?

Once your car is ready for pick up and they hand you the final invoice, do you ask to see the receipts issued to them by their suppliers for parts?

OMG, could you imagine?

I just want my car fixed and have peace of mind knowing that it’s been done right so that my family and I will be safe. End of story!

Please, please please, flip the switch on your mindset to Forget the Discounts and Focus on Value.

This is BLACK AND WHITE. You run a business, you have margins on the items you sell.

Sure, you offer competitive pricing, but more importantly, you offer an incredibly valuable service that involves making HUGE decisions on a homeowner’s BIGGEST investment.


Your ideal client is not hiring you because of the discount you can get them on a sofa.

I never get reviews from interior design or decorating clients raving about how much they saved on their furniture through my discounts. NEVER!

Client reviews talk about the amazing service we provided and the immense value we brought to their project.

They rave about the final result and how they never imagined that their home could look so well put together!

They tell us how they loved our reliable team of trades who did an outstanding job and the peace of mind they had throughout the project knowing that we were taking care of every detail.

You see where I’m going with this, right? VALUE. VALUE. VALUE!

Here if you need it

If you aren’t sure how to do this effectively, I have a detailed service outline included with each of my contracts that will help you confidently go through with your client the value you bring to the table if they hire you for that service.

In the video, I read the full page from my Custom Design and Project Management Service Outlines on how I address the ‘discount’ discussion right off the bat.

Custom Design And Project Management Contract 
custom design
project management
Designer For A Day Contract
Designer By Your Side Contract

All three of the above contracts are available in my Contract Bundle package. They also come with walk-through videos.

Don’t minimize the value you bring to a project, be confident and be prepared. Have the hard conversations up front and after a while, they aren’t hard because you believe it yourself.

interior design contracts
design contract

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designer discounts
forget about the discounts focus on the value
designer discounts
forget about the discounts focus on the value
designer discounts
forget about the discounts focus on the value
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