How To Effectively Work With Realtors

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How To Effectively Work With Realtors

To help you get more clients and boost those sales, my Interior Design Marketing Strategies Series is back!

This week in Episode #6, I share my experience of working with a Realtor and tell you:

  • Why teaming up with these industry professionals is smart for your business
  • What strategies you need to consider before building this type of mutually beneficial partnership
  • How you can also use postcards to land clients

If you’ve been hanging out with me for any length of time, either by being subscribed to my YouTube Channel or being a member of my FREE private Facebook group, you know I always encourage you to have clear processes and be super organized. 

In order to get the best results & maximize the potential for serious growth of clientele in your business with this style of marketing, watch my video here or click on the image below. I help you to thoughtfully consider your strategy!

Have you worked with a Realtor or dropped postcards in your local community?

Comment below to share how these initiatives worked for you or if you plan on trying these marketing strategies.

You’ve landed clients, now what?

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(11) Comments
  • Janet Lorusso
    | 16 March 2019

    Love collaborating with realtors! I team teach a seminar with a realtor on getting ready to list with staging tips from me and the nuts and bolts of listing from her. And she uses us for the staging walk through and report she offers her clients.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 16 March 2019

      This is a brilliant idea Janet! Thanks for sharing, and for watching.

  • Lisa Peck
    | 16 March 2019

    Like that you embedded your video into the blog! Great tips on frequency and repeat marketing. This sounds like a good collaboration and like that you share lessons learned.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 16 March 2019

      Hey Lisa, cheers for your feedback. Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Carla Aston
    | 16 March 2019

    Yes, love to see the embedded video. Great job, Claire!

    • Claire Jefford
      | 17 March 2019

      Thanks Carla!

  • Marina V
    | 16 March 2019

    Great topic. Postcards have been on my mind way too long 🙂

    • Claire Jefford
      | 17 March 2019

      I also have a postcard of my work that goes into my ‘New Client Folder’. Keeping some in your car comes in handy too, or when you network/meet new suppliers or trades. Cheers Marina!

  • Mary Ann Benoit
    | 17 March 2019

    I love your videos:) Great info. I have collaborated with a local realtor here in beautiful Seward Alaska. She has a radio show called the “Market Minute” and has interviewed me twice on both home staging and how to update and get ideal clients for your vacation rental property. This was a great collaboration as I got new jobs in town after people heard both interviews as well as great material from the audio files for my blogposts.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 17 March 2019

      Thanks Mary Ann, so great of you to share this! I love hearing stories of collaborations and marketing ideas that worked for others. Cheers for your comments!

  • Claire! I always love your blog posts! So informative!! Thank you for all of the tips!

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