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Wow, what a busy start to the new year!  There is a lot going on this month with client projects and Design Trade shows that its going by so fast. How is your start to 2014?

On Monday of last week I attended TCHFM, The Canadian Home Furnishings Market and there was plenty to see.


 One thing is for sure, wood furniture is still on trend in a big way.

These stylish pieces (below) are from Toronto based company called ‘ion design’.  The furniture comes in either contemporary styles with clean lines or a little more rustic with metal if that’s what you prefer.  These items are beautiful, however if ‘Canadian made’ is a priority for you, it’s important to know that these are manufactured off shore.

ion design
ion design

We are still seeing woods in different stains, such as this bed and side table from British Columbia based company Woodworks shown in the very popular gray tones.

Woodworks Bed
Woodworks Bed

If you are looking for something a little more ‘country’ or with an antique feel,  Quebec based company Camlen may be a good place to start your search. I spoke with president Cam Brown who had been in the Antique Business for many years.  He decided to start up a family run company that specialises in making quality built furniture and their products are just gorgeous.


To view Camlen’s photo gallery, click here.

Most of us love to use natural (or natural looking) furnishings because of the warmth and eco-friendly aspect.  However, be careful not to have too many wood pieces in one area as it will make the room look heavy and not as interesting as when items are a mix of finishes.

Here’s an industrial styled side table and rustic side board from Ruff Sawn.

Ruff Sawn Rustic Pieces
Ruff Sawn Catalogue 

If space is something you don’t have enough of while dining, I’ve found exactly what you need!

Adjustable table
Adjustable table

Click on this link to see the table (above) from Worldwide Home Furnishings instantly and easily change from a coffee table to a dining table. Beware, the quality may not be the best, but there is no denying this design is very useful for condos, dorm living or smaller spaces.

Turning the tables to soft furnishings, here is a knitted style pillow used on a sofa.

Knitted Sofa Cushion
Knitted Sofa Cushion

This look is trending just now  – see below picture of an article in the February 2014 House and Home magazine by Margot Austin that sees knitted tuques turned into cosy and stylish seat covers.

House and Home Article by Margot Austin
House and Home Article by Margot Austin

Here is a similar article Margot wrote in December 2013 titled ‘Aran Knit Inspiration’.

Lastly, despite my views on what ‘is SO last year’ according to my previous blog post, it looks like the Chevron is here to stay for 2014!

Chevron Patterned Ottoman
Chevron Patterned Ottoman by Dynasty Furniture

This Friday I am headed to the Interior Design Show in Toronto where I always find fabulous inspiration and ideas.  I will be sure to share with you what treasures I find upon my return.

In the meantime, check out my facebook page to see what I get up to in the week and join in the conversation.

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