Family Room: Shiplap Fireplace

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Family Room: Shiplap Fireplace


What We’re Working on Wednesday

I’m so excited to share with you a new series of videos I’ll be bringing to you periodically on Wednesdays!

On my blogs you see a lot of colour reviews, which I love doing.

But we do so much more here at Claire Jefford Inc. and I want to share with you insider secrets of our exciting interior design and decorating projects – both behind the scenes, fun after reveals and much more!

What We’re Working on Wednesday will allow me to do this in a way that I hope you will find helpful and entertaining.

Wwwow Intro

Today I’m taking you behind the scenes of a recent install of a Burlington clients family room.

We still have some work to do to finalize this space, but it’s nearly done and I couldn’t be more excited to share this ‘behind the scenes’ with you.

Video Transcript & Photos

We’re here at my clients house for our first ever episode of WWWOW! What We’re Working on Wednesday!

We just revealed to my clients as much as we could of their new family room. I’m so excited about this space because if you saw it before (below) you’ll appreciate this incredible transformation.

Burlington Family Room Before
Burlington Client’s Family Room Before

We’ve totally updated the family room and brightened it up with the new fireplace and because you see less of the dark cherry hardwood and more of the new beautiful area rug.

Let’s start off with this amazing focal point that is the fireplace. Check out the rendering shown below.

Final Fireplace Drawing With Cabinetry May 28 2021
Burlington family room rendering

We decided to go with a shiplap versus any sort of tile.

My clients actually couldn’t agree on a tile that they both loved, despite me showing them some different options.

While Coastal is usually the design style where you would find a fireplace like this, we went for it here in this client’s family room and it looks amazing! At least we think so. 🙂

It’s the same color as the coffee table that we’re getting soon, White Down by Benjamin Moore.

That’s a warm white paint colour, so it really warmed up the room and works beautifully with the other decorative elements we selected for the design of this family room.

They’ve got their AV, we’ve got this mantle and it just looks fabulous.

Shiplap Fireplace Burlington Clients Coastal Feel
Another shiplap fireplace design we did for clients. See the full project here.

I have to tell you about the sofa because this sofa, we found this at my Design Center. One day when I was there, I saw it was like, oh my gosh!

They were selling the floor model and I was so excited because I looked at it and I thought, this looks like the perfect size and with the beautiful tones we were looking for to use in this design.

Sectional Tdc
The sectional shown here on the showroom floor of my design centre.

I just knew that we were meant to have this. My client came in straight away, she sat in it, bought it, done! So that was a really good find.

We reused our client’s coffee table as it was the perfect size for the new design and we painted it the same color as the shiplap on the fireplace, which is White Down by Benjamin Moore. That is coming soon.

We’ve also got some custom pillows that are on there way! See the fabrics here below.

Jf Fabrics Accent Pillows

If you know me, the pillows are the one thing that I really call my jumping off point
and they’re just really beautiful.

Jf Fabrics Accent Pillows 2
Here’s a closer look!

My client really wanted a recliner so we got this customer recliner, we got to choose the fabric so it ties in beautifully with our other finishes in this family room.

Now the hubby is very excited that he can watch the baseball and the hockey games sitting here…this is his chair! It even goes back even further and what’s great is that we’ve got this curved lamp.

We’ve got to hang up this artwork, this oversized piece of artwork. This room can totally handle it as they’ve got really high ceilings.

Soon we will have the custom cabinetry installed, some lower cabinetry as well as a couple of shelves to display accessories.

Final Fireplace Drawing With Cabinetry May 28 2021

For the lighting, we are going to swap out the bulbs in the sconces. These are cooler bulbs when you compare it to the lamp light which is a warmer bulb.

We want to make sure that we are using the same sort of lighting color.

My client also has some speakers that they want to put on the wall. We’ve got wire hiders so you don’t see that and our painter is going to paint it the same color as the wall which is Shaker Beige by Benjamin Moore.

Thank you for this first episode ever of of What We’re Working on Wednesday.

WWWOW! It is seriously wow, right?

Comment to let me know your feedback and I’ll see you next time. Cheers!

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  • Nicole
    | 19 August 2021

    So nice! I’m not usually a fan of shiplap, but this is a great application.

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