BIG Reveal: Colourful Living Room

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BIG Reveal: Colourful Living Room


What We’re Working on Wednesday

Come with me and let me show you what we’ve been working on this week!

We’re at a client’s home for the install of their incredibly colourful living room and sophisticated dining room with sitting area.

With gorgeous drapery to be installed as well, it’s going to be a busy afternoon.

Inspirational art, painting
The painting that inspired it all.

If you saw my previous WWWOW post, the piece of artwork above will look familiar to you.

We used this single piece of art that belonged to my client’s mother to pull together a colour palette and be our inspiration for all these room designs.

Having a fabulous jumping-off point like this piece of artwork is one of the best ways to create a colour palette.

Watch our video to see just what an install day involves and how we brought our vision for these spaces to life for our wonderful Burlington clients.

First, we take a look at the sitting area that is adjacent to the dining room.

We are still waiting for some pieces but you can start to see how amazing it’s going to look when completed.

Big Reveal; colourful sitting area

The ripplefold draperies are up! The two beautiful custom chairs with fabric that is as soft as butter are also in place.

And how about that ottoman?

We specifically wanted the fly and the ladybug to be visible on the top.

It’s important to remember when covering furniture in a fabric such as this fun, colourful pattern that we used on the ottoman, to discuss with your workroom about what part of the pattern you want to be featured or centered.

Still waiting on the unit and floating shelves to go up.

Moving into the living room we see what it looked like when we first met with our client.

Our client’s living room before we got our hands on it.
A rendering of what the final look will be.
Another before shot of the wall where the funky wallpaper and t.v. are going.

The BIG Reveal!

Big Reveal; colourful living room with graphic wallpaper.
Getting close. Still have some art to hang and a few accessories to add but you can see how well it’s turned out.
Big Reveal, Colourful living room with beautiful drapery

This is my favourite part of this living room reno. I absolutely love this colourful, fun fabric!

Vibrant drapery ready for install
Drapery still wrapped up in its packaging.

We chose to use a ceiling-mounted rod in a black finish with end caps. We want the fabric to be front and centre and this style of hanging allows that perfectly.

Big Reveal, colourful living room with gorgeous drapery

Repeating the black and white speckled pattern from the wallpaper in the drapes was ideal. And the custom-made pillows with the brilliant coloured birds tie in so beautifully!

gorgeous drapery in a colourful living room

Such a bright and cheerful space.

Although there is a tonne of colour used as accents in the room, the walls are painted a neutral, Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore.

It’s possible to add brilliant colour to a neutral space and this project is a great example of that.

What a day it was! Glad you could join us and experience a little of what it’s like on install day.

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Big Reveal
Big Reveal, Colourful Living Room
The Big Reveal; colourful living room
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