Interior Design Quiz: Photoshoot Secrets

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Interior Design Quiz: Photoshoot Secrets

Who doesn’t love a quiz?! See if you can guess the answers to these interior design questions about our professional photoshoots and learn some trade secrets ‘Behind the Design’ about each project.

Believe me, when I say, photoshoots are way more work than you might expect. It can take up to 30 minutes and sometimes even an hour to get just one shot perfectly right.

Watch the quiz video below and TEST YOUR ID IQ!


You will see an image with a question above as its title.  Below the image, there will be options for you to choose from. Some will be multiple choice and others may be True or False. 


Once you think you know the answer, continue to scroll until all is revealed.  Comment at the end to let us know how you did and what surprised you the most.


All photos by Stephani Buchman Photography.

1. We broke a leg on this coffee table during the photoshoot – True or False

Contemporary Open Living And Dining Room Oakville


We constantly move furniture and accessories during a photoshoot – a smidge here, a hair there, we need to find the perfect placement to get the right shot. 

20171215 124118 2 1

When my photographer pulled this table with one hand, dragging it along the rug just a few inches, the leg snapped. She got to keep the table and had to pay to replace it for our client.

She now has an assistant to help with photoshoots. It takes a village and we must be careful!

Copy Of Living Room With Glass Cabinet Ontario
See more of this Oakville Client’s project here


2. What furnishings did we manipulate in this Toronto client’s walk in closet / lounge area for the shoot? 

A. The settee against the wall

B. The black chair in front of the closet door

C. The artwork above the settee

D. All of the above

Copy Of Formal Sitting Room With Armless Sofa Toronto On


The settee was actually purchased from Homesense and was only used for the day of the shoot. We returned it immediately afterwards as the clients were not keen on keeping it in this space, even though we thought it worked really well!

Settee shown with no artwork above it.

We placed the black ‘Smoke’ chair opposite to face the settee which created a ‘conversational feel’.

However, in real life, the chair doesn’t make sense to be in front of the closet door – unless you absolutely hate all the clothes in your closet! Haha! But for the shoot, it was placed in the perfect spot.

Black Leather Arm Chair With Nail Head Details Claire Jefford Interior Design
link here to see the process of the chair set on fire!

The canvas above the settee was photoshopped in later to give us the option as to whether or not we wanted to use it when sharing photos. The canvas art is a photo of our client’s baby girl.

Copy Of Formal Living Room With White Shag Rug Toronto Ontario
The canvas above the settee was added in later

On a side note, the wall and ceiling paint colour is a blue-green by Benjamin Moore called Gray Cashmere.

See the full project including a gorgeous all-white custom bathroom we designed here.

3. What’s wrong with this picture?
A. The artwork should be sitting directly on the fireplace mantle

B. The table is too close to the chair

C. The fireplace should not be on in professional photos

Living Room With Swivel Chair By Fireplace With White Mantle 1
What’s wrong with this picture?


In real life, the table would not be placed this close to the swivel chair.  You would have no room for your legs if it was set up like this! 

This custom accent swivel chair does not actually reside by the fireplace at all. However, it made for a lovely and cozy looking vignette with the fireplace in the background.

Below is another angle of this family room from the eat-in kitchen area where you can see how the chairs are actually positioned.  

Eat In Kitchen View To Living Room Fireplace Witih Mantle

In addition, the artwork had not actually been hung before the shoot. My photographer added it in afterwards during the post-production phase. 

The key is to ideally minimize post-production work like this where you can though, as this increases the price for the photography when more edits are required. 

On a side note regarding the photographing of fireplaces, you should always have them on because they provide a relaxing ambience that people like.

4. What did my photographer have to add to this built in unit in my clients’ custom master bedroom during the post production process?
A. The TV, it hadn’t been installed prior to the shoot

B. The shelf below the TV

C. The hardware because it was on back order

Master Bedroom With Cloud White Custom Built Ins With Revere Pewter Walls And Custom Drapery
Cloud White cabinetry with Revere Pewter walls


Despite having this in my rendering and in my original design, when I arrived on site after the installation, I noticed the shelf was not there.

Option1 View From Bed 1
Rendering of the built ins with shelf shown under the TV

My contractor said he didn’t think it was necessary and omitted it from the design. I was not overly happy and I explained that it was there to anchor the TV. 

Here is the photo of what it looked like before we staged it and without the additional shelf. 

Custom Built Ins Without The Shelf
My photo of the custom built in with no shelf below the TV

Needless to say, after this incident, I kindly asked my contractor to always speak with me first if there is ever something design-related that he feels is not required for whatever reason.

We are good friends again, so all is good. 🙂

See more of this custom principal bedroom project in my portfolio and learn details ‘behind the design’ here.

As an FYI, the wall colour is the always popular Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore.

5. Sometimes we reuse accessories for different photoshoots
True or False?

Decorative Mannequin Heads With Hat Feathers On Wooden Chest In Bedroom
Did we ever reuse these mannequin heads for another shoot?


In the image below you can see the mannequin heads in my Toronto client’s bedroom on their dresser.

Copy Of Wooden Barn Door In Bedroom Claire Jefford Interior Design
Shown with 2 barn doors either side of the dresser with mannequin head accessories

They actually bought me one of these heads after we worked together because I told her that I really like them.  I then used this same accessory in my daughter’s bedroom for another photoshoot. 

Teen Girls Bedroom Design Art Wall And Pink Dresser Lilac Walls

So, how did you do? Comment below to share your results and tell me if you want more quiz blogs!

Did you realize how much goes into a photoshoot? Did any answers surprise you?

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  • Nicole Heymer
    | 24 May 2021

    Love this behind the scenes stuff!:)

    • Claire Jefford
      | 7 June 2021

      Thanks for watching and me too! 🙂

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