Finding the Right Business Coach

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Finding the Right Business Coach

No matter how long you’ve been an interior designer or interior decorator, it’s likely that at some point throughout your career you will think about hiring a coach to get your business to the next level.

You’ve probably noticed that there are so many coaches out there now which means taking the time and careful consideration to find the right business coach is more crucial than ever before.

Let me help with some of the overwhelm as I share 4 of the most important things to consider when looking to hire a business coach.

I myself am a business coach, but I may not be the right one for you and that’s ok!

There are lots of important considerations before you make this investment in your interior design business. To see what you need to know before you splash out, watch the video!

What should you be looking for when trying to find the right business coach?

Think about this process in a similar way to how a homeowner would search for the best interior design professional to hire.

4 Steps for Finding the Right Business Coach

1. Figure out your needs

It will be difficult to find the right coach if you don’t know what you want to achieve by hiring one.

You need to know where you are struggling the most. What areas of your business are causing you the most stress? What tasks do you put off and enjoy the least? The answers to these questions will help you to determine what you need help with most.

Go through your biggest pain points, these could be anything from how to get clients, understanding your processes – if you even have any!! -, to what services should you offer, and then see which coach will meet those needs the best.

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2. Do your research

You wouldn’t expect a homeowner to hire the first interior designer they stumbled across. And you should not hire a coach either, without properly vetting them first.

You need to find a coach that resonates with you, someone who inspires you and will help you achieve your goals.

Doing your due diligence and finding a coach who has similar values and runs their business in a way that emulates how you want to run yours, will be a much better fit.

Here are the main design services that I offer in my business. The FREE download with walk through video will give you an idea if I could be the right coach for you.

3. Find a coach in the industry

While researching you should focus on coaches who are themselves interior designers or decorators or have been at some stage of their career.

You need someone who understands this industry and all of its’ (crazy) nuances. It is a complicated business and my advice is to hire someone who is there in the trenches with you, who will be able to offer you concrete ideas and guidance on how to best navigate through your struggles that you identified in step 1.

Even coaches hire coaches! Yes, I hired Amy Landino to assist me in getting my Coaching business up and running.

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Amy is a big YouTuber and she’s all about ‘Going After the Life You Want’. That really resonated with me, plus she had experience in running a private Facebook group which I also wanted to implement in my Coaching business.

Having her insights and experience to guide me was invaluable and well worth the investment. To have someone who is credible that you can have by your side as an accountability partner helps to get you where you want to go and FASTER than if you were doing it all on your own.

4. Investment amount

Hiring a coach is an important investment you will be making in your business. Just how much you are able or willing to invest is something you need to consider when deciding who is the best business coach for you to hire.

Are you looking for ongoing personal coaching or a one- off 1-on-1 video coaching session to get you on the right track?

I call this a ‘Pick My Brain’ video coaching call session.

There’s also a group membership style of coaching to contemplate. This is typically more of an ongoing type of coaching or specified amount of time where you are with other interior designers. It can be more cost effective than one on one coaching with the costs spread out over a longer length of time.

I don’t believe there is ever a time when we can’t be learning, expanding, and building up our business.

Remember, if you are considering hiring a business coach, maybe we are well suited to work together? Learn more here about my one-off, 90-minute zoom coaching calls.

If you want to better understand how I can help, I offer a free 15-minute Discovery Call so that we can see how best to proceed. And while I do offer ongoing coaching, it’s not something I typically advertise.

If you want an accountability partner and longer-term coaching to achieve your business goals, email us to inquire:

Providing extremely valuable and helpful coaching advice is a top priority to me. See what other designers have to say about their experience in working with me as their business coach.

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Finding the Right Business Coach
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Ready to take your business up a level? Hire me for a coaching session!

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Finding The Right Business Coach
Finding The Right Business Coach
Finding The Right Business Coach
Finding The Right Business Coach

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