Is That Client A ‘Good Fit’ For You?

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Is That Client A ‘Good Fit’ For You?

Remember when you were in school and your teacher would say, “No question is a stupid question.”

Or they would say, “If you aren’t sure about something, chances are someone else here is probably wondering the same thing.”

This is so true!

I often see the same questions or similar scenarios popping up in the comments section of my YouTube channel, in my Private Facebook Group or when someone sends me a direct message on my Instagram account.

Instead of simply replying on those platforms alone, I wanted to respond in a more personal way that allows me to provide more of an explanation than I’m able to do in a written message.

So guess what I did? A Q&A video! HAHA! Suprise, suprise.

Running an Interior Design Business isn’t easy, but I’m here to help and together we are stronger!

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In this video you’ll see below the questions that I answer and even at what time within the video I address each question.

…Ya know, in case you want to jump ahead. But I have so much wisdom to share that you’ll want to hear it all. 😉

Your Questions Answered

[00:30] – How many client projects do you manage at one time without compromising on service?

[3:10] – How much do you charge for a consultation and does it matter how much time you give?

[3:57] – How do you know if a client is a good fit?

[6:10] – What’s the best way to understand a clients’ preferred design style?

[9:10] – How do you get contractors to bid on client projects?

Have you got a question you want to ask me? ASK ME ANYTHING!  You can either comment below, email me here or direct message me on Instagram here. 

If you want to do a deep dive into your own specific business goals in order to improve your processes, better manage client’s expectations, gain more confidence in handling awkward situations or to ramp up your marketing and social media presence, I can help you.  Book your one on one video coaching session here.
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Managing Expectations Starts Before You Meet

I can’t tell you how much video has propelled my career, even in ways that I never imagined.

Clients feel like they already know me when I walk through their door for the first time which makes building trust in the working relationship, a whole lot easier.

Leverage video for your Interior Design business. Find out more here.

interior design video for your business

My Biggest Selling Service -3D Designs

When I first began my business, I wasn’t offering 3D design services. In fact, I had no idea how to use any of the rendering programs available!

But over time, I self taught myself how to use Cheif Architect and quickly realized what an incredibly valuable tool this was for showing home owners design concepts we created for their home. It took me a few years to perfect my process for creating our PowerPoint presentations, but now it’s nailed down and I share it all here in this package.

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If you don’t want to learn how to do these rendering yourself, you can always outsource this task and still implement my process for creating the package.

See this blog post here that I wrote with a little help from my design friends who offer this service to other designers.

(2) Comments
  • Jill Laine
    | 17 February 2019

    Always love your content, Claire. You give great, practical advice!

    • Claire Jefford
      | 25 February 2019

      Thanks Jill!

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