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This worked for booking clients!

Interior Design Marketing Strategies

This was one of my favourite marketing initiatives that I tried in my Interior Design business, because I was able to meet a lot of people. Did you know that I’m a ‘people person?’

And not only did I get to meet a lot of people as potential clients, but I met other local business owners which was great from a networking perspective.

Despite the fact that it was a lot of work and that I was exhausted by the end, this was an extremely fun experience for me.  Plus, I booked clients and built my email list too!  How did I do this?

Watch the video below and find out!

Have you been an exhibitor at a home show or a similar show to what I participated in?  What was your experience for getting clients?

If you are thinking about doing something similar and have a question, ask my by commenting below or here on my YouTube channel.

Follow along with my marketing video playlist here to see many more strategies that you can try for your Interior Design or Decorating business.


Did you know that I also have a Colour & Design YouTube channel with over 60 videos?

Creating video is a passion of mine (in case you didn’t know) and much of the focus on my Claire Jefford channel is on Colour. I’d love to see you there, you can check it out & subscribe here.

This is my most viewed video with more than 105k views!  Hope to see you there.

Claire xo

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