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Top 5 Posts – Interior Design Business Strategies

TNT PODCAST: Episode #13

Honest Feedback for Friends, Job Venting, Number of Jobs on the Go at One Time, Cheap Significant Others & Instagram Likes

Click on the video below to watch the podcast where I talk about the Top 5 posts from my private Facebook Group – Interior Design Business Strategies – IDBS.

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In this solo episode, I review the Top 5 posts in my private Facebook Group for interior design professionals – Interior Desing Business Strategies, from the past month or so. These are the hottest topics, the posts that received the most engagement in my group during this time.

Topics Include:

When a friend or family member asks you for your feedback, how honest are you? How honest should you be?

Venting. Some days you just have to let off a little (or a lot of) steam.

Are you a solo business owner? How many projects do you juggle at any given time?

Does this sound familear? Me: “How often should we change out our furniture?” My Husband: “25 years to never”.

Instagram likes: genuine or phony? Is there an ulterior motive for all of those sudden likes?

Interior Design Business Strategies

If you’re not in my private Facebook group, IDBS – where there is no BS, join now. Be a part of this talented group of design professionals. A group of like-minded professionals supporting each other and discussing current news and topics for today’s interior designers.

As mentioned in the podcast, my FREE INSTAGRAM TIP SHEET IS HERE ➜

See all my podcast episodes here. New episodes are published every other Friday!

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