Farrow & Ball Hague Blue

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Farrow & Ball Hague Blue

Hague Blue No.30 By Farrow and Ball

Do you want to know more about this rich and luxurious paint colour? Wondering if this hue is for you? I’m here to help.  Let’s do this!

In this colour review video of Hague Blue by Farrow And Ball, I share:

  • The undertone of my featured colour
  • Colour comparisons in order to easily see the different colour tones
  • Best white paint colours for the trim and ceilings
  • Beautiful colour combinations to inspire you for your decorating project

After you watch the video if you would like all this information conveniently laid out for you in one place plus have even more paint colour combinations to use with Hague Blue, take a look at my new Perfect Colour Palette.

A must-have for any colour enthusiast or design professional.

Hague Blue Farrow & Ball

I’m a Certified True Colour Expert and an award-winning interior design professional having worked with many homeowners on various design projects. I want to give you the confidence to make educated decisions about your own paint choices.

Watch the video below of my Hague Blue Colour Review

In this living room, you can see the richness and depth of Hague Blue.

Farrow And Ball Hague Blue And White Ceiling Dining Room

Undertones: Blue/Green

Farrow and Ball’s website describes Hague Blue as a deep, dark, blue with a green undertone.

Colour Comparisons:

Stifkey Blue No.281 & Inchyra Blue No.289

Stifkey Blue & Hague Blue & Inchyra Blue

You can see in my colour comparison how Stifkey Blue is the ‘bluest’ of the three Farrow and Ball paint colours. Inchyra Blue is greener and Hague Blue sits nicely in the middle as a go-between.

Best Whites To Pair With Hague Blue

Wimborne White No.239 By Farrow & Ball

Hague Blue & Wimborne White

James White No.2010 By Farrow & Ball

Hague Blue & James White

Shadow White No.282 By Farrow & Ball

Hague Blue & Shadow White

Fabulous Colour Combinations

Churlish Green No.251, Red Earth No.64 & Vardo No.288

Churlish Green No.251 By Farrow & Ball

Red Earth No.64 By Farrow & Ball

Vardo No.288 By Farrow & Ball

Yeabridge Green No.287, Shadow White No.282 & Vardo No.288

Yeabridge Green No.287 By Farrow & Ball

Farrow And Ball Hague Blue And White Bedroom
Walls in Hague Blue by Farrow & Ball

Convenience At Your Fingertips

Get the convenience of having everything you need to know about using Hague Blue with even more colour combinations at your fingertips! Get my Hague Blue Perfect Colour Palette.

It is also part of my Farrow & Ball Classic Collection: 10 classic colours in one beautiful collection.

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Which room would be your favourite to use Hague Blue? Comment below, I always love hearing from you!

(42) Comments
  • Julie Brown
    | 7 November 2019

    Hi! I love your videos and ideas. I also love this color and could see it in my master bath. Although my master bedroom is a cream color (Ben Moore white down). Is that too much of a contrast?

    • Claire Jefford
      | 10 November 2019

      Online it looks to me like these colours would work beautifully together. I don’t have my fan decks to hand though, so be sure you check before committing. Cheers for watching Julie!

  • Linda M brooks
    | 7 November 2019

    I am painting my front door Hague blue. My door is white surrounded by glass on each side. I am so use to a white door I hope I like it.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 7 November 2019

      Oh, I think Hague Blue would make an exceptional door colour!

  • constance Alfano
    | 8 November 2019

    The room that houses my bathtub and toilet has popcorn ceiling (UGH!!) so I want to have it stripped and painted. It’s quite small 34 X 72. The walls are white ice (BM). Wonder if Hague Blue would be a good choice for the “5th wall”?

    • Claire Jefford
      | 10 November 2019

      I’ve never used White Ice, but took a quick look at in online since I’m not near my fan decks. It appears to have a slight blue undertone which means it should work well with Hague Blue. Check them out in your own space. I love a dark painted ceiling!

  • Janet R Lorusso
    | 9 November 2019

    It’s a beautiful, rich colour that would look great in so many places! Farrow and Ball makes such gorgeous, saturated, complex colours – their colour NAMES, however, are another matter…at least Hague Blue is one of the better names!

    • Claire Jefford
      | 10 November 2019

      I think every paint company has some bizarre names for their paint colours Janet. I think I need to check out a previous post you did after seeing Leslie’s comment about it! Thanks for watching.

  • Mary Ann Benoit
    | 10 November 2019

    I think Hague Blue would look great in a bathroom.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 10 November 2019

      I won’t disagree with you there Mary Ann!

  • Leslie Carothers
    | 10 November 2019

    Thanks for making it easy to pick the right whites, Claire — great intell!

    • Claire Jefford
      | 10 November 2019

      Thanks Leslie. There are so many paint colours out there, I love giving ‘Claire-ity’ 😉 to make it easier for home owners to make informative decisions.

  • Shannon
    | 10 November 2019

    Thank you for breaking it down! I love this color for a library- I’d love to see it against gorgeous wood tones in our california light! Beautiful color, great info!

    • Claire Jefford
      | 10 November 2019

      Cheers Shannon. I think this colour could be used almost anywhere and no one could argue it’s beauty!

  • Marina V
    | 10 November 2019

    Great timing with the color! 🙂

    • Claire Jefford
      | 14 November 2019

      Total fluke, but I’ll take it!

  • Libby
    | 10 November 2019

    Hague blue is the prettiest color ever maybe. ?

    • Claire Jefford
      | 14 November 2019

      I think it might just be Libby!

  • Wendi Gee
    | 13 November 2019

    I’m absolutely in love with this color! You need clothes in this color too, btw. Your eyes look stunning. Now for a project where I can paint this Farrow and Ball COLOUR! 🙂

    • Claire Jefford
      | 14 November 2019

      I love this colour too Wendy! And THANK YOU so much for your kind words. I will definitely be getting more clothing and accessories in this colour!

  • Angie
    | 29 March 2020

    Hi Claire, I really love Hague Blue and Im looking for a light grey bt F&B for the 3 other walls so we are using the Hague Blue as a feature wall. Have you any ideas light greys that would complement the dark blue? Many thanks, Angie.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 30 March 2020

      Hi Angie. Please take a look at my Essential Colour guide for Hague Blue where I share 10 co-ordinating colours to pair with it. There are a couple of grays included, as well as accent colours by Farrow and Ball. Link here –> https://clairejefford.com/product/hague-blue/

  • RA
    | 9 May 2020

    Thank you for focusing on this color. I’m looking for a great contrast to pair with Gray Owl for an accent wall in my living room. The obvious bold choice color would be Van Deusen Blue since it’s also BM but I can’t get Hague Blue out of my mind. In your opinion would this pair well with (my beloved) Gray Owl? Thank you!!

    • Claire Jefford
      | 12 May 2020

      So many decisions to be made, right?! Either of those blues would pair beautifully with Gray Owl. We are actually painting my sisters island and lower cabinetry in her kitchen Van Deusen Blue for her main floor redesign and I can’t wait to see it complete! For more colour pairings with Gray Owl, check out my new Essential Colour Guide of Gray Owl here. More helpful info and all at your fingertips! –> https://clairejefford.com/product/gray-owl/

  • Fi
    | 15 May 2020

    I have just put F&B Pale Powder on large bedroom walls but thinking of doing the skirting in Hague or Stiffkey? Ceiling is Wimborne white. Any thoughts or advice welcome!?

  • Julia
    | 18 May 2020

    Hi Claire, I really appreciate your videos and your blog. We are building a new farmhouse which will be on 70 acres of land. I’ve narrowed my color choices down to a traditional white farmhouse with white windows. I’ve decided against black windows because I want a more classic look. My other color choice is a dark blue with gray green undertones. Maybe hague blue. Also thinking of hale navy or raccoon fur from Benjamin Moore. Do you have much experience with choosing exterior house paint colors?thank you.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 20 May 2020

      Hi Julia, your new farmhouse build sounds exciting, congratulations! I have selected colours for exteriors for clients in the past, it’s just not something that I do often. I can tell you that the colours always look considerably brighter when applied to the exterior of a home. So when you are looking at different options, be sure to keep that in mind. Also, look at the colours with your fixed elements such as stone, siding, any shutters etc. By the way, I like your thought process about the black windows. Not sure how long lasting those will be in years to come. Good luck!

      • Claire Jefford
        | 20 May 2020

        Either of those blues by Farrow and Ball work beautifully with Pale Powder – just make sure that they also relate to other elements in the room. So repeat colours in either a fabric, throw pillow, in an area rug, etc.

  • Carol
    | 30 July 2020

    Hello. I have bought a basement flat. I want to paint it white. There is no light except for glass panels above in the footpath. What f&b white would you recommend?

    • Claire Jefford
      | 30 July 2020

      Hi Carol. I’m excited for you that you got a new flat! It’s important to remember that painting a space in a white paint colour doesn’t mean it will be bright. It all comes down to lighting. Whites are tricky with some being more creamy or off white, especially in the Farrow and Ball line up of paint colours. Choose a white that works with elements such as any of your tile flooring, fireplace stone and counter tops.

  • Rachele
    | 21 August 2020

    I wanted to thank you for your website! I just got done painting my living room and it came out perfect! I had a hard time picking colors until I took your colour quiz. I had my husband take it as well, he kept saying just do whatever you want. But i wanted to know what he really likes. It was so helpful. I’m jewel tone, no surprise there, he was Moody, which i thought hilarious! So i picked up samples of Hague and Vardo. I loved Hague but it was too dark for our room. And the Vardo, I loved but hated it in that room. So i mixed them! Haha and gave my paint mixed a hard task of matching it. He did and it’s PERFECT! I used Wimborne white for crown molding and ceiling. Now I’m eyeing my dining room ?

    • Claire Jefford
      | 23 August 2020

      This is wonderful to hear, thank you so much for sharing this story!! I appreciate it and love that you have found my content helpful 🙂

  • Bonnie
    | 25 September 2020

    Hi Claire, I’ve always loved Hague Blue! I’d like to paint my fireplace this color. Do you recommend high sheen or matte? Farrow and Ball’s masonry paint is matte, but I’m thinking it would so glamorous to have a fireplace in glossy Hague Blue. What is your advice?

    • Claire Jefford
      | 25 September 2020

      I would speak with your painter and with Farrow and Ball representative from where you purchase the paint. The Hague Blue would make a lovely focal point on a fireplace though, that is for sure! Good luck and cheers for watching.

  • Heide
    | 4 February 2021

    I would use Hague Blue in my large bedroom, walls, mounding and ceiling. One wall is full windows looking out over a beautiful valley.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 7 March 2021

      Sounds amazing!

  • Robin Ireland
    | 1 June 2021

    I am considering painting the foyer of my italianate brownstone Hague Blue. The room is small, but with 14-foot ceilings. Would Hague Blue look too black in this space? I’m also thinking of putting wallpaper on the ceiling? Any suggestions for ceiling wallpaper that would look smashing in a smaller space? Thanks so much for all your helpful posts.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 16 July 2021

      Hi Robin! I love the idea of painting a small room in a dark colour! If you have decent lighting with a fixture, then you should be able to see the blue. I suggest you take the Farrow and Ball Hague blue sample with you to some decorating or paint stores to look at wallpaper books. See which ones you like that will help to bring out the blue and coordinate with other finishes you have in the space. This project sounds fun and I love that you used the word ‘smashing’. It takes me back to the days when I lived in the UK. All the best!

  • Lea Paradiso
    | 26 November 2021

    I plan on using Hague Blue in our master bedroom. I was thinking on all four walls. Or should I go half way up? The rest white… Our bedding is white and we are looking for a new headboard. I do have a leopard print chaise and a black vanity. Any thoughts???

    • Claire Jefford
      | 5 December 2021

      I say GO FOR IT Lea!! I love bold painted walls!

  • Cathy
    | 9 August 2023

    I love the rich tones in Hague Blue. I think this would be an excellent color to use to give a bathroom vanity a makeover at our home by the shore. It’s a small bathroom and I am thinking the pop of richness would look great, however, the walls are all painted in Benjamin Moore Simply White. I am unsure if this will be a good match?

    • Claire Jefford
      | 16 August 2023

      Yes Cathy, these colours would work beautifully together!

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