Farrow & Ball Hague Blue

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Farrow & Ball Hague Blue

Hague Blue No.30 By Farrow and Ball

Do you want to know more about this rich and luxurious paint colour? Wondering if this hue is for you? I’m here to help.  Let’s do this!

In this colour review video of Hague Blue by Farrow And Ball, I share:

  • The undertone of my featured colour
  • Colour comparisons in order to easily see the different colour tones
  • Best white paint colours for the trim and ceilings
  • Beautiful colour combinations to inspire you for your decorating project

After you watch the video, if you would like all this information conveniently laid out for you in one place plus have even more paint colour combinations to use with Hague Blue, take a look at my new Essential Colour Guide. A must have for any colour enthusiast or design professional.

I’m a Certified True Colour Expert and an award-winning interior design professional having worked with many homeowners on various design projects. I want to give you the confidence to make educated decisions about your own paint choices.

Watch the video below of my Hague Blue Colour Review

In this bathroom by Farrow and Ball, you can see the richness and depth of Hague Blue.

Farrow and Ball Hague Blue shown here

Undertones: Blue/Green

Farrow and Ball’s website describes Hague Blue as a deep, dark, blue with a green undertone.

Colour Comparisons:

Stifkey Blue No.281 & Inchyra Blue No.289

Stifkey Blue & Hague Blue & Inchyra Blue

You can see in my colour comparison how Stifkey Blue is the ‘bluest’ of the three Farrow and Ball paint colours. Inchyra Blue is more green and Hague Blue sits nicely in the middle as a go-between.

Best Whites To Pair With Hague Blue

Wimborne White No.239 By Farrow & Ball

Hague Blue & Wimborne White

James White No.2010 By Farrow & Ball

Hague Blue & James White

Shadow White No.282 By Farrow & Ball

Hague Blue & Shadow White

Fabulous Colour Combinations

Churlish Green No.251, Red Earth No.64 & Vardo No.288

Churlish Green No.251 By Farrow & Ball

Red Earth No.64 By Farrow & Ball

Vardo No.288 By Farrow & Ball

Yeabridge Green No.287, Shadow White No.282 & Vardo No.288

Yeabridge Green No.287 By Farrow & Ball

Convenience At Your Fingertips

Get the convenience of having everything you need to know about using Hague Blue with even more colour combinations at your fingertips! Get my Hague Blue Essential Colour Guide.

My Essential Colour Guide library is expanding and I now have over 30 paint colours to select from! Click here to see all them all.

Essential Colour Guide Graphic

Remember, it only takes one mistake to take your home decorating project from divine to disaster. Don’t let the paint be what stresses you out!

Take my Colour Quiz to see which Colour Palette best suits your style.

Paint Colour Quiz 2

Which room would be your favourite to use Hague Blue? Comment below, I always love hearing from you!

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