Trending Sofa Designs: The Best Couches with Chaises

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Trending Sofa Designs: The Best Couches with Chaises

There are some exciting trends in sofa designs that I want to share with you. Interestingly, all of the living room sofas I’m showing you here on the blog today have one thing in common: large chaises.

Yes, sofas and sectionals with large chaises are currently trending in upholstered living room furniture. I’ve got six different looks and styles to share with you that are in the showroom of my local decorating centre.

Plus, we’ve compiled a few sofas’ with chaises to share with you that we’ve used in recent interior design projects.

1. Super Casual and Comfy

This first style is incredibly casual and comfy, perfect for lounging. It’s not the best choice for someone who prefers a more tailored look or likes to sit up straight.

I see this fitting beautifully in a cottage or as the main seating in a basement living area.

Oversized cloud couch With Chaise

2. Modern Elegance

Next up is a sofa with a modern feel, featuring a slightly curved arm detail that adds an elevated touch.

This style merges contemporary design with subtle sophistication, making it a versatile sofa with chaise for various living room aesthetics.

Large Gray couch With Chaise

3. Perfect for Cuddling

This sofa features a chaise that matches the width of the adjacent sofa cushion, making it ideal for two people to cuddle up on.

Notice how the back cushions are smaller than the large seat cushions, offering different configurations for seating and back support.

While I’m not a fan of the skinny chrome legs, they do provide a streamlined look that some people prefer.

Overall though, the narrow chrome legs are too small for the scale of this sofa. And while in this photo the rug is not under the leg shown on the right side, you always want both front legs of your sofa to be on the area rug. This helps to create a ‘vignette’ and bring the entire sitting area together.

While this video is older, it’s still a great example of what you want to consider for choosing the best size area rug for your living room design.

Gray Modern couch With Wide Chaise

4. Bulkier Comfort

The fourth sofa is similar to the previous one but with much bulkier seat cushions and a more substantial frame. Surprisingly, it also features small, dainty chrome legs.

Given the larger scale of the cushions, I feel that chunkier legs would be more appropriate.

Two Seater Modern Gray couch With Chaise

5. Spacious Sectionals

Sectionals with chaises are hugely popular for those large living spaces.

Notice how the feet of this sofa are almost invisible due to its proximity to the ground. This might pose a challenge for vacuuming underneath, which is important to keep in mind if you’re obsessed with vacuuming as much as I am!

Large Gray Cozy Modern Sectional With Chaise

6. Long Chaise with Ottoman

Lastly, we have a sofa with a long chaise and an ottoman-type table in the middle.

This configuration is fantastic for a custom living room design setup. The ‘bump-out ottoman’ offers a convenient spot to perch or place snacks, and it also maintains a clear view of focal points like a fireplace.

Long Chaise Couch With Ottoman and coffee table

In one of our most recent living room designs, we created a custom sofa that had a ‘cut out’. This means, it had no back cushion by the section in front of the fireplace, so not to obstruct the view of that feature wall. Below is the 3D rendering.

White Living Room With Sectional And Fireplace
3D Rendering of our Burlington Client’s living room design

Our Interior Design Projects

Now let’s take a look at interior design projects that we here at Claire Jefford Inc., have created for our fabulous clients.

First, we have this contemporary, tailored sofa with chaise in a light gray fabric.

Living Room With Tailored Sofa With Chaise In A Light Gray Fabric
Designed by Claire Jefford Inc. All professional photos by Stephanie Buchman Interiors.

What you need to know:

  • The sofa is opposite to the media wall with a TV
  • The chaise is oriented on the right side because opposite on the left side, there is a swing door that opens into the room
  • The gray fabric has blue undertones which work beautifully with the other soft, blue accents in the room. We love blue colour combinations!
  • The family fights over who gets the comfy chaise section 😉
  • The wall colour is Collingwood by Benjamin Moore, which is the same colour as my updated main floor – well, at least the ones that aren’t covered in wallpaper
  • Collingwood is similar to Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray (except Collingwood has a Violet undertone)

Fun Fact:

We called this project Collingwood Casual & Manhattan Blues because the artwork behind the sofa is a map of New York City, where our clients loved to vacation. It is separated into 3 pieces which we had custom framed.

Next up is a project we called Marina Gray & Rich Woods and the sofa with chaise has similar chrome legs that we saw in some of the trending sofas from my decorating centre.

Living Room With Gray Sofa And Accent Pillows And Modern Coffee Table And Art Wall With Blue Abstract Painting And Geometric Rug
Light gray living room with statement coffee table

What you need to know:

  • There are 2 back pillows and one longer bench cushion, instead of a ‘2 and 2’ configuration
  • The chaise is on the side with the door to the patio, which we measured carefully to ensure there was enough clearance with no obstruction
  • I would have loved to include drapery panels to add another element of softness and a pattern. However, there was not enough room for a ‘stack back’ since the windows were so close to the walls, therefore, we felt having good light was more important

Fun Fact:

This was the first (and last) project where I never actually met the clients until the day of the photoshoot. My design assistant at the time led the entire project while I oversaw and approved all plans before she presented them to our clients. (they were lovely BTW!)

Living Room With Gray Sofa And Geometric Rug Claire Jefford (1)
Conversational living room in neutral tones

The third project I’m sharing a sofa with chaise may very well be an example of the biggest sofa we’ve ever worked with in a living room. It is a light cream sofa which our clients purchased themselves for this large living room.

Living Room With Large Cream Sofa
Large living room, creamy sectional with chaise

What you need to know:

  • These clients have five children, which meant they needed an overscale couch to ensure all seven of them could gather here comfortably to watch TV together
  • The room was so long that we divided it into 3 different spaces – the far end with a console and extra cube seating to be used as needed, the TV viewing area, and the opposite end with 2 accent chairs
  • The wall colour is Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore, but the kitchen was painted Stonington Gray which is why we named the project as we did (see below)
Living Room With Art Work And White Sectional With A Teal Rug
Living room design with Edgecomb Gray walls by Benjamin Moore

Fun Fact:

For this Stonington Gray & Gold Treasures project, clients worked with us using our Designer By Your Side Services. Since that meant that we weren’t designing the entire room in one go, the large 3-piece artwork set with the gold leaves was one of the final pieces of the puzzle to this room design.

The name of our project reflects these ‘Gold Treasures’ and you can see the finish repeated in the round mirror at the opposite end of the room, in the accent pieces by the two patterned chairs, and the framed colourful artwork above the striped bench seat.

Living Room With Two Side Chairs Claire Jefford Interior Design (1)
Patterned accent chairs with a backdrop of custom, color blocked drapery

Do you have a sofa with a chaise? Or if you were going to invest in one for a living space in your home, which style do you like best?

Comment below to have your say.

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(2) Comments
  • Mollie
    | 22 June 2024

    As trendy as all this white is, it is not a color that I could ever see in my space. If you have kids or pets, it simply is not the best choice. I purchased a beautiful Argentine black cowhide sofa for my space. It is more masculine and warmer than all the white.

    • Claire Jefford
      | 23 June 2024

      Thanks for your comment Mollie. I totally hear you on the cream and white upholstered pieces! Although, you can now get fabric that is much more resilient where liquids bead off the fabric and stains can be more easily treated. There is nothing that is completely bullet-proof though, so if you know that any little mark would bother you, especially if you don’t tend to it quickly, then it’s best to go for fabrics that are darker and/or have slight textures to them. Cheers for reading!

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