Behind the Design

It’s easy to find pretty photos on line of finished interior decorating projects. Inspiration can be found everywhere from Pinterest, to Instagram and of course, in my portfolio too!

Design by Claire Jefford. Photo by Stephani Buchman Photography.

But wouldn’t you like to learn more about the details that go into the thought process for designing a beautiful space? After all, it didn’t just happen easily and by coincidence with all the pieces falling perfectly into place.

If that was the case, then my job would be super easy or even redundant altogether.

Welcome to ‘Behind the Design’!

Here I’ll share a quick round up a few different design elements to bring you a better understanding on why I make the choices that I do when working on clients’ project. Today’s post includes interior design tips from a main floor redesign that we did in a Burlington client’s home.

1,2,3, come take a look Behind the Design with me!

#1. Make Sense of Your Space

In our Burlington clients home, we removed a wall between the formal dining room and the traditional living room in order to create a larger kitchen.  The living room was not needed as my clients had a family room on the main floor as well as a fully finished basement.  (FYI – the wall is behind the angle from where the photo is being taken.)

In this before photo, you can see the sofa at the previous living room at the far end of the home.

Space Saving Tip:

Our suggestion was to turn the living room into the dining room and custom build a large banquette on the far wall for seating.  A wall banquette saves on space usually required for pulling out the dining chairs.

In addition, a dining table with a pedestal (opposed to legs) allows for extra seating space around each end of the table when needed to accommodate more guests.

Dining room with custom banquette and walls painted Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore

#2. Out With the Old

Within the same area there was a half wall that bordered the front foyer with a pillar on the end closest to the room opening (see below).  In addition to the new flooring and overall renovation work done to update their home, removing this traditional column helped us to eliminate a structural element that if indicative of a more traditional style.

A Plan With Purpose

We took that narrow wall all the wall to the ceiling and beautifully finished it with a detailed crown molding. This wall divides the space and enabled the addition of our clients’ simple, yet sophisticated artwork that greets you when you enter the front foyer area. So pretty, right?!

New front closet custom door. All professional photography by Stephani Buchman.

#3. Tricks of the Trade

There are so many doors in this small entry way that with the contrasting wall colour, it made the space feel very busy and closed in.

Front Entry Before

Bright & Welcoming

By lightening up the paint colour (Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore) and adding a custom mirror within the mill work on the wall, the front entry now feels bigger and is much more welcoming.  Don’t you agree?

Brighter Entry Way (and bigger looking too!)

To see more of this kitchen in my portfolio, click here. 

Which of these 3 updates was your favourite? Comment below to let me know which one you liked best.

It’s amazing how different a home can look and feel when you have a good design plan and a professional to help you along the way. We would love to work with you on your next project. Reach out and contact us here.

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Bedroom Makeover: Girly To Grown Up

Working with family can be challenging, but this was fun!

When is a good time to re-decorate a child’s bedroom?

Kids grow up fast and their needs for their personal space quickly change over time, but that doesn’t mean you want to be redecorating every 6 months.

Good design is smart design and knowing when is the right time to execute is important…and so is including the child in the decision making process. After all, it’s their personal space!

When my kids each turned 10 years old, we decided that was a good age to update their bedrooms.  We wanted to redesign their rooms to take them from toddler to teen in both decor and function.

Mexico 2017. Adley was 13 and Elise was 10. This was the year we redecorated her bedroom.

I was especially thoughtful to create designs that would grow with them over the next 8-10 years, so not to have to re-do these spaces before they (hopefully) move out. #kiddingnotkidding

In the video below, you’ll see how we found inspiration for my daughters dated ‘little girly room’ to transform it into a ‘Teens’ Dream Crib’ – that’s the lingo that all the cool kids are using these days, isn’t it? 😉

Sometimes working with family can be challenging, but collaborating with my kids on each of their bedroom makeovers was fun!

In her own words, Elise’s Room Tour

My daughter is not camera shy at all. If you follow me here on Instagram you may have seen my IGTV video of her singing ‘Shallow’ by Lady Gaga from ‘A Star is Born’.  No suprise that with her talent, this is my most viewed video on my channel to date!

Elise is very creative in music and arts.  She sings, plays piano and does musical theatre.  She is always singing around the house and has a wonderful sense of humour.  Boy does this girl make me smile!

Watch the Facebook Video here of Elise taking you on a tour of her bedroom.  She also tells you what she loves most about her new bedroom. Comment below or here on my YouTube channel to let me know what’s your favourite decorative element in Elise’s bedroom.

Perfect for Pinning!

All photos by Stephani Buchman photography. 

Updated girls bedroom design with pretty colours, subtle textures & some bling!

Functional & Fabulous!

This bed not only looks fabulous, but it also has hidden storage which was essential in my daughters small bedroom. The mechanism is sturdy, yet easy enough for even Elise to open and close.

Fabulous looking AND functional!


Custom closet doors with mirror play double duty for function and to enlarge/brighten the space

A painted ceiling in dark blue adds depth and drama to the space, as well as being the perfect backdrop for creating contrast with this white light fixture.

Elise wanted some bling and fell in love with this drum shade light fixture with crystals.


Custom bed with upholstered camel back style headboard and chrome nail heads


I am in love with these porcelain pink poodles!


We updated these pine drawers with paint and new sparkly pulls


Custom window treatment is a Flat Roman Blind

High and Low

White IKEA desk, floating shelves and bedside table are where we decided to go ‘low’ in terms of costs for the bedroom design.  Since Elise started to take an interest in creating make up videos on her Instagram account, this area has never looked so tidy as it does in this photo!


This Gallery wall of art above her bed that was hand selected by Elise!  More tips on how to create a Gallery Wall of Art here.  

Girls bedroom design with painted ceiling

Custom window treatments are a splurge that are well worth the investment. No client of mine has ever stood back, looked at the new install of drapery or a blind and said, ‘Meh, it’s okay’.  The response is always one of awe and excitement, usually some happy squeals too!

See this video on my IGTV channel to learn more about custom window treatments.

Watch the video here now

The Colour Palette

Paint Palette / Colour Combination in Benjamin Moore Paint Colours

Okay, your turn. Tell me what is your favourite part of my daughters bedroom makeover?  She loves the bed, I love the mirrored closets and you love….

If you want to work with an interior design professional who is also a colour expert twice over to update any area of your home, contact me here and let’s create something beautiful together!

Find out about our services here and how we can help you to love where you live!

Revere Pewter Transformed This Master Bedroom!

revere pewter master bedroom design

Okay, so it wasn’t just because of the paint colour that this large master bedroom went from drab to fab.

However, when we paired Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore with Cloud White & designed this space with exquisite fabrics, various textures and custom furniture, this popular paint colour with subtle green undertones, does look pretty spectacular as a backdrop.

In this video you’ll not only see the dull ‘before’ photos of our Burlington clients Master Bedroom, but also the inspiring mood boards, as well as the 3D concept renderings we created for the space.

Plus, no makeover would be complete unless you saw the final reveal of the extraordinary after photos!

Can’t get enough of Revere Pewter? See more of our clients bedroom design here in our portfolio or scroll down to see more, including other videos for your viewing pleasure!

Got a question, comment below of DM me on Instagram here.

Want to work with us on your next decorating project?  Email us here, we would love to hear from you.

In this video, find out the undertone of Revere Pewter and the best white paint colours to use with it.

Below, I walk you through the design process. You’ll see exactly how I created this bedroom design as I do into details about the custom treatments such as the drapery, the built ins and the beautiful bed with upholstered headboard.

Professional photos by Stephani Buchman Photography.

Custom Cabinetry in Cloud White by Benjamin Moore.
Custom Cabinetry in Cloud White by Benjamin Moore.


Custom upholstered head board by Claire Jefford.
Bedroom painted in Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore.
Clients Custom Master Bedroom, by Claire Jefford
Clients Custom Master Bedroom, by Claire Jefford. Photo by Stephani Buchman
Pendants hung from above allow for more room on a bedside table.
Custom cabinetry painted CC40 Cloud White by Benjamin Moore.


Accessories on Cloud White Cabinetry.

Perfect for Pinning!

Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore with custom fabric
Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore with custom fabric
Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore with custom drapery
Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore with custom drapery
Cloud White Cabinetry CC40 Benjamin Moore
Cloud White Cabinetry CC40 Benjamin Moore
White Dove & Revere Pewter Colour Combination
White Dove & Revere Pewter Colour Combination

Kitchens And Baths – Before & After

Kitchens and Baths - Before and After

Before and After photographs are so compelling for any Interior Design business.  We can’t help but love seeing how spaces can be transformed from Fugly to Fantastic!

This is especially true if you feel there is a space in your home of which there is no hope for and it’s almost impossible to see past it’s current state…the key word there being ‘almost’.

Read moreKitchens And Baths – Before & After

My Master Bedroom – From Fugly to Fantastic!

Master Bedroom- Before and After

I did something last year that most people hardly ever get around to doing in their home.  I know it may be hard to believe, but this is so true of many homeowners.

When we decorate our homes, we concentrate on the main living spaces, which makes sense right? We need the hubs of our homes to function, especially the kitchen and other rooms that we use the most with our families and where we entertain in with friends.  But what about

Read moreMy Master Bedroom – From Fugly to Fantastic!

Basement Design Living Space & Pool Table

We have come to the last post in my Contemporary Basement Design series, thanks for hanging out with me!  In this post I show you the unbelievable stair construction by the Baeumler team.  As well, I reveal the other half of the living space that includes a custom media unit with a 6 foot fireplace, concrete hearth, lots of pops of colour and a pool table area.  So, let’s do this!

Read moreBasement Design Living Space & Pool Table

Basement Bar & Poker Room Design

We are nearing the end of the series in my clients contemporary basement design, I hope you have enjoyed it so far!  In the final two posts, I take you on a tour of the main living space in this spectacular basement.  Today, I am focusing on the modern custom white bar cabinetry with it’s colourful & bold backsplash as well as the moody, yet oh so sexy poker area

Read moreBasement Bar & Poker Room Design

Hidden Bookcase Door Reveals a Secret Room!

We are more than half way through my clients basement reveal series and I hope you are enjoying all of my posts on this truly spectacular renovation project.  Today’s post is dedicated to a room that you could easily miss altogether if you were not aware that it existed within this basement.

I was so excited when my clients asked me to incorporate a bookcase with a built in door  that lead to a ‘secret’ room.  

Read moreHidden Bookcase Door Reveals a Secret Room!

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