Letter of Agreement

A Shortcut to Get Organized Now
Letter of Agreement

Exude the confidence to take control and manage clients’ expectations in the first phase of design with my Flat-Fee Letter of Agreement.

Having this powerful tool shows clients you are organized and on top of your game.  We present our LOA to clients at the end of the initial consultation, prior to moving forward with Phase 1 of Flat Fee Design services.

Download my flat fee LOA and you’ll also receive a private link to a 24-minute video where I explain why you need a LOA, when to use it, and a step-by-step of how to walk your client through the LOA.

Get the LOA for free when you buy The Contract Template Bundle.

$47.00 CAD



Terri Lind Davis

I used to write a customized agreement for each project after the initial consultation. When I first saw Claire's LOA, I thought it would be too basic for me. However, I have found it is a great way to get commitment before you leave that first consult. This simplified LOA works more times than I ever thought!

- Terri Lind Davis

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