The Easiest Way to Create A Colour Palette

Paint Colour Palette Farrow and Ball with Ikea fabric

Today I’m sharing an easy way to create a colour palette that’s almost always guaranteed to have super satisfying results for any interior decorating project.

Sound too good to be true? I promise that this is the real deal!

Every interior design project needs to have a ‘jumping off’ point.  By this I mean either a striking piece of artwork, or an area rug with a distinctive look,  or it could even be an intricate tile design in a bathroom, kitchen or front foyer.

My favourite way to get inspiration for colour and style when decorating a clients home, tends to come from fabrics.  About 90% of the time when I’m curating a design, the fabrics are what I seek out first.

To create a beautiful colour palette for your next project, try colour matching a fabric like I show you in this video with the unlikely pairing of a new IKEA fabric with Farrow & Ball Paint colours.

Even if these colours are not your taste, there is no arguing that this is a pretty colour combination!

Watch the video here or click on the image below.

If you decorate a space by randomly choosing furnishings & fixed elements without having an actual plan in place, it’s likely not going to come together in a way that gives you the look that you desire.  You will probably also end up wasting a lot of money along the way, and that’s never a good thing.

By having a plan, you will save money and ease the stress of any renovation or decorating project.

Are you into these warmer colour tones that are coming back to interior design?   Comment below to let me know if this is a paint palette you could live with and love in your home.

farrow and ball ikea fabric palette
Farrow and ball paint palette created from IKEA LIEKNY fabric

More gorgeous colour combinations from Farrow and Ball below.

Farrow and Ball 'Fresh' Colour palette
Farrow and Ball ‘Fresh’ Colour palette


Farrow and Ball 'Camouflage' Colour palette
Farrow and Ball ‘Camouflage’ Colour palette


Farrow and ball colour palette modern
Farrow and ball Modern colour palette

Want help planning and choosing colours for your next Interior decorating project so you don’t waste time or money?  Contact me here and let’s do this!

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See you next time!

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Choosing Paint Colours Shouldn’t Be Scary

Maria Killam Colour Course 2018 Long Island New York

I am big stickler for investing in one’s business. When you find helpful tools or attend seminars and events that can propel you forward, it allows you to enhance the skills you already have. This makes you better at what you do, thus providing clients with a better quality of service and overall experience.

Toronto Client's bathroom painted Snowfall White by BM. Photo by Stephani Buchman.
My Toronto Client’s bathroom in Snowfall White by BM. Featured in Maria Killam’s White Is Complicated Book.  Photo by Stephani Buchman.

In the business of Interior Design and Decorating, understanding colour is essential.  When I attended my college course to obtain my Interior Decorating certificate, there was a colour theory class that was mandatory to take as part of the program curriculum.

While it was helpful in explaining how to use a colour wheel and recognise various colour schemes, it wasn’t enough to give me the confidence I needed to specify paint colours for clients.

True Colour Expert Maria Killam and I in Toronto, 2012.
True Colour Expert Maria Killam and I in Toronto, 2012, at my first True Colour Expert training course.

In 2011, the year I started my Interior Decorating business, it was my very first client who introduced me to a blog that changed my life.

The blog was called Colour Me Happy.  The content provided on this blog was truly addictive, full of so much useful information pertaining to choosing colours and identifying undertones. I would binge read from post to post for hours and felt like I had struck gold!

By now, it’s highly likely that you know the True Colour Guru behind this extremely popular blog. She is (my now good friend) the one and only, Maria Killam.

Maria Killam Specify Colour with Confidence course 2018
Maria Killam Specify Colour with Confidence course 2018. How cute is she?!

Attending Maria’s course in 2012 was one of the best investments that I ever made in my business.  Almost overnight -and I’m not even kidding –  I went from having the colour consultation being one of the scariest parts of my job, to being one of my most favourite things to do for clients!

Of course, having Maria’s large painted boards also helps in a big way.  If you are either a homeowner or design professional who has her boards, you know how valuable they are when looking at and specifying paint colour, to make sure you get it right the FIRST time, EVERY time.

My colour confidence is to the point now where creating video content for my YouTube channel and on my IGTV videos on Instagram, about paint colour reviews and how to choose colour, excites me almost more than interior decorating does. To teach and share what I’ve learned is exhilarating and fun for me. I have Maria to thank for that.

IGTV Video Episode #13, Disclaimer: Paint Colour Selections. You can watch it here.

Earlier this year, I decided to attend Maria’s course for the second time while on a trip to New York.  I wanted to see how the course had changed – and to be totally transparent, I was also excited to see Maria again and many of my designer friends who were also attending the Specify Colour with Confidence Course in Long Island. 🙂

I contacted Maria ahead of time and asked her if she would be willing to sit down with me for a first ever interview of this kind with the True Colour Expert herself.

I wanted to get a ‘behind the scenes’ glimpse into her course and find out more about why she feels so strongly about this being ‘the course’ that people need to take in order to better understand & confidently specify colour.

Maria said yes, YAY!  I couldn’t be more excited to share this exclusive interview with you here today. Click below to see the full interview.

When people ask me if the course is worth taking, my answer without a doubt, is yes.

Maria’s 3 day course is about more than just colour. She does helpful hands on exercises on how to read undertones; shares her process for E-design; provides insight on how to style a space and much more.

Maria is a big believer that loving your home is all about ‘the look and the feel’ when you put it together. Paint alone cannot transform a space.

For the record, this is not a sponsored post.

Even if it was, there isn’t anything I’m saying here that I don’t 100% believe. This is THE NAKED TRUTH!

Specify Colour with Confidence Course 2018 Long Island, NY.
Specify Colour with Confidence Course 2018 Long Island, NY.

Have you taken Maria’s colour class yet or have you been following her blog and are still considering it?  Comment below, ask a question and Maria or I will be happy to respond.

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My next video is all about Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy and is released Wednesday October 10th.  Don’t miss it!

Hale Navy colour review release date: October 10th.

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How To Create a Gallery Wall In Your Home

Wall gallery displays in Interior Decor have become a popular way to dress up the walls in your home.  To ensure you get this focal wall just right, I’m sharing a few guidelines with you that I like to follow.

You want to make sure that your hard efforts of creating a gallery wall in your own home will pay off to give you your desired look, especially before putting holes in that wall!

You’ll also see:

  • My rules to follow for creating a gallery wall in your home
  • What to consider when choosing your wall art and your frames
  • How I created a simple (& inexpensive!) gallery wall as a focal point in my own home
  • A foyer & dining room of two different client projects using their photos to personalize the space
  • 3D renderings to allow clients to visualize my ideas for these accent walls within their home

    Are you ready? LET’S DO THIS!


If you know me, you know I like to plan, so this is very important.

My rule is that there should be at least one commonality throughout the entire gallery wall, one element tying it all together. The first thing you need to do is:


For my client’s front entryway (below) in their home in Hamilton, Ontario, we decided to go with the theme of family photos. We wanted to convey through the images in the gallery, that was is tight knit family with a home full of love and fun!  The framed images were from their wedding and trips that they had taken together over the years.


Gallery Wall of personal photos
Gallery Wall of personal photos.

Similar Frames or Mat Colours

In my own living room in Burlington Ontario, I have a feature wall with IKEA frames that are all the same medium toned wood colour. I also made my own border within the mats to frame each photograph. To keep continuity and flow, I chose to paint them the same as the wall colour, Flint by Benjamin Moore.

Each of our ‘Nature’ themed photos have a little bit of yellow in the image.

Shown below is a wall design that I did in my own basement many years ago. All the mat colours are the same, but you can see that I decided to go with different frames, different in both style and in size.

Photos from our travels, before kids and before we moved back to Canada from England.

Take Your Measurements

Now wait. Don’t put your hammer to the nails just yet!

Before you put a hole in the wall, you’ll need to measure the wall space where your wall art will live. Let’s say it’s going above your sofa. You typically don’t want to exceed the width of the sofa. Also, be sure to place the bottom of the frames  within 6″ – 12″ above the top of the sofa.

As with anything, there are some exceptions to this rule. However, for the purpose of this post, let’s stick to that way of thinking.

Below in my daughter Elise’s room.  Notice how the items on the wall do not extend past her bed?


Photo of this interior decorating project by Stephani Buchman Photography.

To measure it all out, I do one of two things:

I either use my 3D program and map it all out like you can see in the rendering below. This way I can show clients exactly how I intend to set up their gallery wall display and get my client’s approval for the layout.

The other option is to map it all out on the floor. Use a measuring tape and play around with the arrangement by moving your decorative pieces around until you get the look you want.

Tip: Take photos of proposed layouts before adjusting items to try another look.  This way you don’t need to worry about remembering each possibility! (Hey, we aren’t getting any younger, right?!)

I like to start by placing the biggest piece first, unless all the photos are the same size.

You’ll also want to consider if you (or your client) is someone who likes things to be symmetrical or if you are a bit more ‘loosey goosey’ and like the quirkiness of an asymmetrical design.

Symmetrical layout of my clients framed photographs in their industrial dining room we designed.

Keep each piece of wall art close enough together so they’re relating to one another.  At the same time, allow for some breathing space so each item can be appreciated when looking at the final design, just as we did above in our clients very cool dining room

What I love about so many gallery walls, is not only are they a great way to display artwork, but these feature walls are a great opportunity to make your space more personal.  That’s really what great interior design for a home is all about.

Just like my tagline states, “Love where you live, live a better life.”

When you surround yourself with personal and sentimental items, that’s when you really make your house, a home.

Plus, you’re going to be excited to show off your beautifully decorated home with those who mean the most to you.  A win-win for sure!

If you want help designing a gallery wall, I’d be happy to help.  Contact me here.

Now it’s your turn to share your tips with us.  Comment below to let us know if you have a Gallery Wall of Art in your home.


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