Interior Design Contracts are essential for your business. These all-important documents need to be comprehensive, without being confusing or complicated. You should feel confident when you review a legally binding contract with a client and feel comfortable with the wording to easily answer any questions they may have. I understand and I’ve got you covered!

Reviewing a contract with your client should not be scary. This crucial step in your business process is an incredible opportunity to discuss details of how you will work together—encouraging open conversations that will help you to build trusting relationships.

Ready to let go of your worries around contracts? Choose a package and let’s get started.

The Contract Template Bundle

All Three Design Services + Bonus

$437.00 CAD

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The Designer For a Day Contract

Assist Clients Beyond the Consultation

$197.00 CAD

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The Designer By Your Side Contract

Long Term Guidance Without the Commitment

$197.00 CAD

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