Stress-Free Invoicing

Fewer Projects With Bigger Profits

Do you like working for free?

Just because we love what we do doesn’t mean we give away our expertise and countless hours of our precious time for free.

If you look at your bank balance and it doesn’t reflect all the long hours you put into client projects, I can tell you exactly what the problem is and I say this with love…the problem is you.

Feeling ‘bad’ for billing when you provide so much freakin’ value—can we please be done with this outrageous topic of conversation already?

Inside my Stress-Free Invoicing Guide, I share with you:

✓ 9 examples of billable hours you are not charging for—but should be

✓ What you avoid and how it’s stopping you from billing for all your time

✓ Calculations from a real client project that may shock you 

✓ Wording for your contract to outline billing terms for travel & admin

✓ Real client invoices with description entries for project tasks  

Want the Pricing Projects Bundle for the best value? Grab it here and you’ll also get:

  • Establishing Your Menu of Services Guide
  • The Pricing & Proposal Roadmap
$147.00 CAD

Do you struggle with knowing…

  • When to invoice clients for services and products, and when to collect balance payments?
  • What to do if a client doesn’t pay an invoice or wants to negotiate payment terms?
  • Whether to charge different rates for admin tasks and travel?
  • How to bill clients for your design assistants' time?
  • What to do if you go over the number of hours quoted for a project?

Inside my Stress-Free Invoicing guide, get answers to these questions and realize your earning potential in different areas of your business where you are likely losing out on a ton of money.  

Working this way is not sustainable for running a profitable business and it's not rewarding.

Why I believe this is necessary:

Whether charging by the hour or choosing to do a flat fee, most designers do not accurately bill for the actual time they spend working on a design project.

I have helped hundreds of designers make thousands more in revenue with these eye-opening strategies. All the work you put in adds up and are hours you should be billing for. 

The sooner you recognize this, the closer your dream of making more money in your business while working with fewer clients becomes a reality. 

What’s Included:

  • My Stress-Free Invoicing Guide PDF
    • What, when, and how to invoice clients
    • All the billable hours you're not charging for, but should be
    • Answers to the most frequently asked questions around invoicing
  • Examples of real invoices to see exact wording for various design tasks and how we bill clients
  • 20+ ideas of what to include as part of your service offerings

STOP feeling bad about billing for your time! Start implementing what I teach in my guide today and you'll find yourself working on fewer projects, with higher profits.

$147.00 CAD