My Client wanted to cancel a $12k order!

Episode #8 of The Naked Truth
My Client wanted to cancel a $12k order!
Episode #8

My Client wanted to cancel a $12k order!

In this solo episode, I review a previous client project to share CLAIRE-ITY.  These Burlington clients were busy working professionals with 2 young children. They were fabulous to work with and did not have the time or energy to take on a custom living room redesign project on their own. They told me that they did not know where to start and the idea of doing this on their own was very overwhelming for them both.

Although the project went very well overall and it was beautiful to photograph for my portfolio, there were some key takeaways that I learned and I am sharing here with you in this podcast episode. Offering reassurance and following up with clients after a project is completed, are two of the key lessons I learned. Listen to the podcast to hear more!

Plus, see links below to my new Pricing Guides that I mention on the show, as these can help you to set realistic budgets for a project and easily manage your client’s expectations.


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