Sea Salt

Sea Salt

If you have a decorating or renovation project coming up, don’t pick your paint colours out of thin air!

Select colour combinations that will work beautifully together. As a Certified True Colour Expert, let me help to make it super simple for you.

Our Perfect Colour Palettes help you confidently select the best colour for your home, and then see which trim, ceiling, and accent colours pair well with your selected colour.

Choose the perfect interior paint colours the first time, every time.  Every 6-page PDF download includes:

  • Undertone(s) (if applicable)
  • Two paint colour comparisons for a better understanding of how to see colour
  • Three of the best white paint colours for trim and ceilings
  • Ten curated paint colours that work great with the selected colour
  • A link to the corresponding paint colour video (if available)

Or browse our Perfect Colour Palette Collections and choose a curated package of 10 or 20 colours.

$17.00 CAD