Exclusive Offer: Pricing Projects Bundle

Get Firm With Your Fees

You don’t really like working for free, do you?

Just because you love what you do doesn’t mean you share your expertise and  give away countless hours of your precious time without getting paid. Designers at all levels wrestle with this.

The sooner you get out of your own way, the closer your dream of making more money while working with fewer clients becomes a reality. Let’s get clear on your services, perfect your proposal and be more profitable.

The Pricing Projects Bundle covers:

Establishing Your Menu of Services Guide:

Easily identify the best service for your clients’ needs and state your fees with ease. In this guide, I share strategies to help you weed out potentially problematic people and how to attract clients who are a joy to work with.

The Pricing & Proposal Roadmap:

Sell clients on your sensational services and secure more lucrative projects in your calendar. The best way I can guide you on pricing projects is to walk you through a real client proposal.

In this rare glimpse ‘behind the curtain’, see how I created a $40k client proposal so you will know exactly how to do the same, in a professional, classy, and compelling way.

Stress-Free Invoicing Strategies:

If you aren’t billing for all the hours you put into a project, you are losing out on tens of thousands of dollars per year. I know because I’ve done the math.

Inside my Stress-Free Invoicing Guide, realize your earning potential and stop feeling bad about charging clients for your hard work.

Fewer projects WITH bigger profits. Is it your time to rise up?  I think so.

Original price was: $297.00 CAD.Current price is: $197.00 CAD.

By Establishing Your Menu of Services, you will learn:

✓ 5 key questions to ask on the Discovery Call—and why they matter

✓ Simple strategies to easily identify the best service for a potential client

✓ The best way to develop a pricing structure and estimate service fees

✓ 6 principles for attracting trusted clients who are a joy to work with

✓ The smartest business model for designers just starting out

Your services are valuable but only to people who understand how you can help. Don’t be flaky, be firm. I got you!

With my Pricing & Proposal Roadmap, get a front-row seat and see:

✓ A real client whole-home proposal

✓ How we priced out each room of the project

✓ The way we defined each design deliverable

✓ How we list out the complete scope of work

✓ Our final presentation with before and after photos of the project

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about preparing a killer proposal is coming out from behind the curtain and ready for you to view now.

Inside my Stress-Free Invoicing Guide, I share with you:

✓ 9 examples of billable hours you are not charging for, but should be

✓ What you avoid and how it's stopping you from billing for all your time

✓ Calculations from a real client project that may shock you 

✓ Wording for your contract to outline billing terms for travel & admin

✓ Real client invoices with description entries for project tasks  

Stop feeling bad about billing for your time and prepare to have a healthy bank balance that reflects all the hard work you do for your clients.

What's Included in the Bundle:

The Establishing Your Menu of Services Pack

  • Two Coaching Videos:
    • Confusion to clarity: Why you must get clear on defining your services
    • Strategies for developing your service structure and fee schedule
  • Establishing Your Menu of Services Guide PDF


  • Action Item: Welcome Packet Canva Template Link
  • 20+ ideas of what to include as part of your service offerings
  • My Design Services & Rates Guide PDF

The Pricing & Proposal Roadmap

  • A walkthrough video of a $40k proposal with a breakdown of pricing, final presentation example, and before & after photos of the completed project
  • Pricing & Proposal Roadmap Guide PDF 
    • Answers to FAQs for best practices for creating & presenting proposals
    • Keynotes from the video with time stamps for easy reference
    • Project scope & pricing examples from a real client project
  • Interior Design Proposal - Canva Template to edit as your own
  • Examples of 20+ line item descriptions to use in your proposals

Stress-Free Invoicing Strategies

  • My Stress-Free Invoicing Guide PDF
    • What, when, and how to invoice clients
    • All the billable hours you're not charging for, but should be
    • Answers to the most frequently asked questions around invoicing
  • Examples of real invoices to see exact wording for various design tasks and how we bill clients
  • 20+ ideas of what to include as part of your service offerings

Get payment, not pushback. 

The Pricing Projects Bundle answers questions such as:

  • What is the best way to price projects?
  • Should I set a minimum budget?
  • What are the best questions to ask on a Discovery call?
  • Is a proposal required for every project?
  • Other than scope and pricing, what else do I include?
  • How and when should I be presenting my design proposal?
  • What to do if a client doesn’t pay an invoice or wants to negotiate payment terms?
  • Should I charge different rates for admin tasks and travel?
  • What to do if I go over the number of hours quoted for a project?

Set your services, define your deliverables, and refine your rates. See what crucial details and key selling features your proposal may be missing. Invoice clients stress-free—charging for all billable hours and increasing your revenue.

Get organized. Feel empowered. Love what you do and get paid what you deserve—like a BOSS.

Original price was: $297.00 CAD.Current price is: $197.00 CAD.