The Bully In the Room Took Us Over Budget

Episode #6 of The Naked Truth
The Bully In the Room Took Us Over Budget
Episode #6

The Bully In the Room Took Us Over Budget

Running an Interior Design business isn’t easy, but nothing worth having ever is. The best way to learn how to run a successful interior design business is to learn from others’ experiences. In TNT The Naked Truth podcast, I do just that. 

In my ‘Real Client Project’ Episodes, I share details of real client projects.  I review how the client came to find me, what my fees were for the interior design initial consultation and for interior decorating services. You will also hear specific details of the project including what happened during the process with trades, purchasing products, presenting design plans, and the overall working relationship between everyone involved.

In this Real Client Project episode, I am sharing details of my very first custom decorating project!  What went well? What did I charge the client? Why did the project go over budget? What didn’t the client like about the trades?  How did I deal with the ‘Bully in the Room’? For Dynamite Claire-ity, take a listen to hear all the details. Cheers!


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