What homeowners look for when hiring a designer

Episode #10 of The Naked Truth
What homeowners look for when hiring a designer
Episode #10

What homeowners look for when hiring a designer

Wow! The 10th episode of my TNT podcast. It’s amazing that we are here already. I am having an absolute blast making them. Hope that you are loving listening to them and finding dynamite Claire-ity in each episode!

This is the first episode in my new series called ‘A client’s perspective’. I am starting the series with a one-on-one discussion with my past client, Tara Vernest.

We worked together in 2016 when I provided my ‘Designer on Call’ service at her home in Guelph, Ontario. We keep in touch through social media, but we haven’t seen each other in over three years.

It was so great to see Tara and catch up on what’s been happening in her life. We talked about her interior design project and more specifically, why she looked for help from a professional to guide her through her renovation.

The discussion led to how she found me, why she hired me (hint: it might have had something to do with my processes and my upfront conversations!) and what her expectations were of working with a design professional.

Tara and Claire

It’s nice to hear a different point of view from the other side of the fence. As always, the discussion is open and honest. It is wonderful to dig a bit deeper to really understand the clients’ thinking process when it came to bringing an interior designer on board with a home renovation project.

Sit back and enjoy as Tara and I have a frank conversation of what it’s like to find and hire an interior design professional.

Guest Bio: Tara Vernest

Tara grew up in Kitchener-Waterloo. She attended the University of Guelph where she fell in love with the city and her future husband, Cameron. She’s the mother of two beautiful children, Avery, her 6-year-old sporty daughter and her gorgeous son Noah who is just about to turn 1!

She trained as a Brand Marketer, but her eye can’t help being drawn to home and design—a passion that she attributes to her late mom’s keen eye.

Tara and her husband lived in Singapore for five years. After welcoming Avery, they relocated back to Canada, where they faced a new set of desires for their home that they had been renting out while overseas. This is where our working relationship began.

Tara is joining the Insta – world in a big way. You can find her @whitelinenlifestyle sharing what she loves, favourite designs and advice.

We started off with many laughs and I’m so pleased that we’ve stayed close through social media. I am thrilled that Tara has agreed to be on my podcast. She is the first client to be on my show and I couldn’t be more pleased!


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