How to work with family and friends. Guests: Joanne Jakab and Karin Bennett

Episode #1 of The Naked Truth
Episode #1

How to work with family and friends. Guests: Joanne Jakab and Karin Bennett

Show Notes

One of the most difficult aspects of being an interior design professional is knowing how to deal with family and friends who will inevitably ask for your advice or need your help. Do you charge them for your interior design services? Do you discount your pricing? Do you have them sign a contract?  

How about when you are at a social event and someone finds out what you do for a living. Do you let them ‘pick your brain’? 

How do you handle a situation where a friend asks you to come over for a glass of wine and to take a look at their home to give them ideas for design and decor? What exact words do you use to explain how they can work with you? How does it differ to working with clients?  Do you stick to your processes? How do you communicate your terms?

Understanding how other interior design professionals have handled these types of experiences in the past can help you to navigate similar situations, which will definitely arise at some point in your interior design career.

Hear Karin, Joanne and I discuss our real-life experiences. Joanne will share the single most important question that she asks clients who pass her a referral, while Karin tells us how a friendship was forever ruined after doing design work for them without proper processes in place. 

Don’t miss this very first Roundtable episode of TNT, The Naked Truth Podcast…Dynamite Claire-ity for your Interior design business. 

Guest Bio’s

Bio Joanne Jakab  @joannejakab

Joanne Jakab is a well-known award-winning local designer specializing in residential interiors. She helps busy professionals and their families to design and renovate their home so they can live the life they truly desire. 

Clients who had initially felt overwhelmed truly appreciated her proven track record for sorting through the myriad of options and creating a cohesive design plan. Identifying the key elements that will take them from standard design to extraordinary concept on time and on budget since 1999. 

Joanne Jakab resides with her family in Burlington, Ontario and has just announced her retirement.

Bio Karin Bennett @karinbennettdesigns

Karin Bennett Designs is a full-service design firm specializing in large scale remodels and new builds.  She believes in designing a home that is both functional and stylish. Karin has been married for 18 years and is a busy mom of three teenagers and two sweet dogs.  Karin grew up with parents that are modern-day House Flippers. Her mom was a designer and realtor who loved to fix up homes and move on to the next challenge, so renovating and designing homes is in Karin’s blood.


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