Designer Favourite Whites

Selecting the perfect white paint is undoubtedly one of the most daunting decisions.

This is because they are the most complicated neutrals to read correctly.

Many whites have a specific undertone. All whites are not created equal. Some are brighter and cooler, while others are off-white and creamy.

As a True Colour Expert and Interior Design Professional who has helped hundreds of homeowners in making the BEST choice for their paint, allow me to provide you with colour Claire-ity, sharing my top eight designer favourite whites.

In this 27-page digital download you will see eight of the Best White Paint colours by Benjamin Moore that we use almost solely for all our client projects.

Whether it be custom cabinetry, trim and ceilings, walls, or if you are refreshing current cabinets and wish to use a white to brighten up your decor, find inspiration here that will build your confidence to make an informed decision to avoid making costly mistakes.

The guide includes:

  • My top eight designer favourite whites
  • My five tips for choosing the right paint colour
  • Recommendations for selecting the perfect paint sheen
  • Tips on selecting the best lighting for your home
  • Corresponding photos of our work
  • A link to the corresponding paint colour blog (if applicable)
  • Valuable resource to get your own painted samples

Make informed decisions when it comes to choosing the BEST white for your next project, whether it be for your kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity, trim & ceilings, or any room in your home.

$19.00 CAD