Mood Board App

Mood Board App

These interior design mood boards are unbelievable, you guys are killing it!

If you feel overwhelmed and unsure of which mood board app to use for your interior design presentations, then you won’t want to miss this video. Here you’ll learn what some of the best programs are, including the programs that my team uses, as well as what other talented designers are using for their client projects.

You’ll see examples of incredible mood boards created in various programs which will help you to make an informed decision on which mood board app would work best for your interior design business.

After you watch the video, scroll to the bottom of this post to find out how I can further help you to easily create beautiful client presentation packages that can equate to further design services. After all, that is always the goal, right?!

Power Point

The first mood board app I’m featuring is the one that I use the most for my business and that’s Power Point.

Power Point is free and simple to use. You can easily change the size of an image and move the images around to exactly where you want them placed on your board. You can also add text in the same way.

Here are some examples of not only my own client mood boards, but other designers who use Powerpoint in their business as well. 

Mood Boards by Claire Jefford

Interior Design Mood Board by Claire Jefford using Power Point.


Mood Board by Jil Sonia Interiors

Power Point Mood Board by Jil McDonald of Jil Sonia Interiors.

Below is a photo of the actual client’s home, so you can see how well Jil can manage client expectations from her Power Point presentation!


The second mood board app you can use is Keynote, which is a presentation software by Apple.

While I personally do not use apple or mac products, my senior designer recently used this program for our client’s beautiful condo presentation. Here are a few examples of the interior design mood boards created for the project. 

Mood Boards by Claire Jefford



Next up are 3 more interior design mood board apps available.  Even though I have not tried these programs myself, I felt it was important to give you a range of options, so you can make an informed decision on which is best for you. 

I reached out to my private Facebook group peeps and here are other programs & gorgeous mood board examples they kindly shared with me. 

By the way, if you already use mood boards for your interior design presentations, comment below to let me know which program you prefer and why you like it!


This next software is also by Apple and is called ‘Pages’. Take a look at these wonderful mood boards created in the Pages program.

Mood Boards by JRL Interiors

Created by Janet Pendleton Lorussoo of JRL Interiors.



These 8 gorgeous mood boards shown below were created in Photoshop.

Photoshop may be one of my new favourite mood board apps and you can see why when you take a look at these incredibly beautiful vision boards.  

Mood Boards by JJones Design Co.

Moody bedroom design from Joshua Jones at JJones Design Co.


Mood Boards by Leu Interiors

Photo Shop Mood board by Becky Leu of Leu Interiors
I absolutely love this mood board design by Becky!


Mood Boards by JM3D

Elegantly styled mood boards by Julia Madsen at JM3D, created in Photo Shop.


Mood Boards by Laliberte Interiors

Photo shop kitchen mood board by Lisa Laliberte-Alle of Laliberte Interiors


Design Files

Last but not least, the final interior design mood board program I’m featuring here is from Design Files.

Design Files is an online design platform that appears to be geared towards designers looking to run an e-design business. Below are 2 pretty design mood boards from Maria Bowers from Bdesign’D.

Mood Boards by Bdesign’D

Design Files mood board by Maria Bowers of Bdesign’d


Now you know the best mood board programs to use, but what about the process for putting together your actual client presentations?

Are you confident in your process from start to finish for creating your presentations in a concise and professional manner?

Learn more about my ROCK the 3D Design Presentation Processes package here

I have my ROCK the 3D design presentation processes package that takes you step by step through my process for creating a well thought out and beautiful presentation experience for your clients.

The package includes templates of 3 different types of design packages you can offer to clients, a client checklist to keep you on track, an easy to follow process flow chart, drafted emails to send to your client, information on how to measure a space and a video where I walk you through my process explaining everything step by step.

Whether you are looking to add 3D designs to your mood board services or not, these detailed presentation packages are already done for you with and will better organise your process. Go here to find our more or to get it now. 

 Thank you again to my fellow friends and talented designers who were kind enough to share their mood boards with me so I could share their fabulous work with you!

Interior Design Mood Boards


Not getting the sales you want in your interior design business? Watch this video to see how I share my vision for a space with my clients & get more sales because of it.

If you’re getting frustrated in not “closing the sale” with clients, let me show you exactly what to do in order to successfully sell clients on your vision for their home.

Mood Boards have been an invaluable tool for my business. You can see proof that this strategy works by checking out my vast portfolio of interior design work, featuring over 16 professionally photographed projects. We include mood boards in all of our custom interior decorating presentations for our clients, who then continue with our services to see their project through to that exciting final reveal day!

Before I dive into why you need to be using interior design mood boards in your business, I want to touch briefly on what a mood board is, just in case you are not familiar with this term. 

A mood board is like a vision board. When you look at a mood board, it should tell a story or have a theme through a collage of ideas or your desires based on the images, colours and text. Although you can create physical mood boards with fabrics and various other samples, I’m referring to digital mood boards created in a software on your computer.  

Here is an example of mood boards we created for a recent clients custom bedroom design.


Mood Board Master Bedroom Design
Mood Board Master Bedroom Design


4 Reasons To Use Interior Design Mood Boards

Reason #1

Interior design mood boards are essential to include in your presentations as they allow you to easily convey your design ideas to your clients, which in turn helps them to see AND better understand what you are proposing for their space. 

Many clients hire an interior designer or certified decorator because they find it difficult and often impossible, to visualize how something will look. In utilizing mood boards, your designs can come to life, enabling clients to understand your brilliant ideas. 

Below are 2 more mood boards we designed for another clients master bedroom.

Mood Board

Mood Board

Reason #2

Get the sale. Now that clients can see your brilliant ideas for their home,  you are much more likely to sell them on your vision. Clients can get excited about what the final outcome will be and how everything comes together so beautifully.

For the mood boards shown above, our clients loved everything we proposed. They were quick to make their decision and moved forward with the entire proposal, purchasing everything we proposed for the space.

Here are some of the professional photographs so you can see how beautifully it turned out.  Photo credit to Stephani Buchman.

To see more of this bedroom design painted in Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore, click here.

Reason #3

Interior Design Mood Boards make it easier for you to keep client work organized. 

We have a folder for each client where we keep all paperwork pertaining to their project. The client folder includes email correspondence, spec sheets on items we’ve sourced, client contracts, etc. 

We also include the final mood boards in these files. This is great not only for you to be able to reference easily as needed, but also when you are meeting a trades person or supplier to discuss details of the design.  Everything is easily to hand!

Reason #4

Better Manage Client Expectations.

You can use sample Mood Boards of previous projects as a helpful tool to show clients in the initial consultation meeting so they know exactly what to expect from your presentation.  Many clients may not know what a mood board is, so showing examples at this first meeting will allow you to manage their expectations of what’s to come AND lead to the next phase of services.  Plus, they can start to get even more excited about their project and working with you!

Now you know why using mood boards in your client presentations are crucial for getting the sale. But what about how to present your services and what to charge?

I’ve got a FREE download for you that lists different services you can offer & estimates of hours per design package to give you an idea of what to charge. I include a FREE coaching video as well where I explain further details of what to consider when putting together your service offerings. Click here to get your free downloads now. 

Stay tuned for my next video where I review different Interior Design Mood Board apps with the help of some of my Designer friends.

Best Gray Paint Colours by Benjamin Moore

the best gray paint colours

I’m reviewing eight different gray paint colours today that all from Benjamin Moore.

You’ll learn: the differences between each gray paint colour; what the undertones are; and how I’ve used some of them in different interior decorating projects.

But first, go grab my FREE download of 15 Shades of Gray with undertones revealed, subscribe to my Colour & Design updates here.

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Grays are still a very popular neutral that we’re seeing a lot of in Interior Design. This tone works great with pops of color. I know we hear that all the time, but it really is so true.

I’m starting with Titanium by Benjamin Moore.This gray paint colour has a blue-green undertone and is quite light in terms of the actual intensity of the colour.


TITANIUM OC-49 by Benjamin Moore

Wickham Gray is up next.  This gray paint colour has a blue-green undertone but can often look more green. Remember, the undertone that comes out and is more predominant is going to greatly depend upon the lighting that you have in your space & other decorative accessories you pair with it.

Wickham Gray HC 171 by Benjamin Moore

Below you can see where I used Wickham Gray in a fabulous living room design of my client’s. We used Cloud White by Benjamin Moore on the built ins. Cloud White goes well with most of these grays I’m sharing with you in this post. See more of my clients custom living and dining room in my portfolio here.

Design by Claire Jefford. Photography by Stephani Buchman.

Next up is Benjamin Moore Gray Owl. Gray Owl is pretty similar to Wickham Gray and it too is a blue-green gray.

Gray Owl OC-52 by Benjamin Moore
Gray Owl OC-52 by Benjamin Moore

I used Gray Owl in a dental office and it really brightened up the waiting room.

Dental Office by Claire Jefford. Painted Gray Owl.


Gray Owl in the Reception Area

Moving on now to Stonington Gray.

Stonington Gray HC-170 Benjamin Moore

This is a blue gray, so we’re not seeing any green undertones here. Below you can see where we used Stonington Gray in a clients kitchen with orange accents.  Boy, how I still love this eat in kitchen design with the pillows and isn’t the base of that table we sourced for our clients super cute?!

Stonington Gray HC-170 Benjamin Moore

In the same clients home, we also used Stonington Gray for the front foyer paint colour with Cloud White on the custom wainscoting.

Front Foyer painted Stonington Gray HC-170 by Benjamin Moore

Same client entry, but the opposite side.

I often refer to Stonington Gray and this next gray paint colour, Coventry Gray, as the two true grays. Obviously we’re always going to get undertones in neutrals, but when I’m comparing colour to show clients the differences in tones, I like to show these two colours as comparisons to other grays.

Coventry Gray HC-169 Benjamin Moore

The next gray paint colour from Benjamin Moore I’m highlighting is HC 165, Boothbay Gray. This gray is much more blue than a lot of the other ones.

Boothbay Gray HC-165

I used this Benjamin Moore paint colour in one of my favorite rooms that I’ve done to date, which is a secret Xbox room! We pulled this colour from the super cool graffiti tile which we used on one of the walls.  See more of that secret room here.

Graffiti Wall in Secret Xbox room. Photos by Stephani Buchman.


Here you can see Boothbay Gray on the back wall.

Now we’re getting a little more dark and we have this color here, which is Storm, AF-700 from the Benjamin Moore Affinity line.

Storm AF 700 Benjamin Moore

And lastly, we have HC – 166 Kendall Charcoal. This is really deep in tone, it’s intense and has more of a green undertone to it. This gray is  great for exteriors like a bold front door or garage doors. It’s also a wonderful way to add drama to any interior design space.

Kendall Charcoal HC-166 by Benjamin Moore

I featured this colour as a great pairing with White Dove by Benjamin Moore in my ‘Three Best Whites’ post here.

There you go! Those are just some of the best gray paint colours from Benjamin Moore. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and know that I do this because I want you to love where you live! I believe that when you love where you live, you live a better life.

Which is your favourite gray paint colour? Comment below to let me know!


How I Got 100 Reviews

What’s one of the first things you do before booking a holiday or trying out a new local restaurant?  Do you look at reviews? A lot of people look at reviews!

Consumers are heavily swayed one way or the other based on the feedback from these written testimonies.

I can confidently attest to this, as for more than 4 years I have ranked as the #1 Interior Design professional in the Greater Toronto Area with 100 reviews and let me tell you, this has been HUGE for booking clients.

As a business owner running your own Interior Design or Decorating firm, knowing how and when to approach the request for a review is key.

If you know me, you know that I am always eager to see others succeed in this industry.  For this reason I want to share with you my proven tips for getting client reviews, as well as the exact wording that I use when requesting a testimonial.

Please feel free to copy and paste my verbiage when sending your own review requests. Some minor edits on your part will be required in order to personalize the wording specific to your business and your clients, but at least you don’t have to start from scratch.

First, You Can’t Get There Without This

Before we move too far ahead, it’s important to know that in order for anyone to willingly take time out of their busy day to write you a 5 Star review, you need to have provided them with an incredible overall experience and built a strong working relationship based on trust.

You must have confidence in your processes & the ability to handle client projects in a way that makes the experience of working with you, an extremely pleasing one.

PLEASE, don’t let this be your game plan…


My comprehensive 3-in-1 BUNDLE is everything you need from the very first discovery call with a client, all the way through to the end of the initial consultation meeting.

If you don’t have a clearly defined & organized intake process and you lack the ability to confidently ROCK YOUR CONSULTATION, then you will never get the opportunity to work on incredible interior design projects with wonderful clients who are eager to review you when all is said and done.

Click here or on the image below to see a video to find out more.

Get it here now.

Maybe learning how to leverage video is what you’re after for the future of your business or you want to ROCK your 3D Design Presentations.  I can help with that too.

Go to my shop page here to learn more and get organized in your business today!

Designer Testimonial: “I purchased the bundle and I am so thrilled with it! It gave me everything I needed…and more…to be organized and prepared in so many ways. There were forms I didn’t even know I needed…that’s how thorough Claire Jefford’s information was! I highly recommend her products.’

Now you’ve got the confidence, let’s get the reviews!


Copy for the exact wording is below, as well as my step by step process and further helpful tips to successfully get clients to review you.

First, I like to mention to clients in person if they would be happy to review me.

In a similar way that it’s important to review your Letter Of Agreement with clients to encourage open dialogue about how you work, it’s also necessary to explain why you would really appreciate them writing a review for you.

You can mention it to them either be at the end of the consultation if it was just a one off appointment they hired you for or at the end of a project when they are crying with tears of joy over their newly decorated space!

For this client, we met for a consultation & she then hired my ‘Day service’ to assist her in choosing finishes for her kitchen renovation


NOTE – In the past, some designers have questioned how I am able to ask for a testimonial if I have only met with them one time for an interior design or colour consultation meeting.  Let me tell you, at these one off appointments I am giving as much valuable advice as I can!

My ultimate goal is to help home owners in any way that I can, bringing as much value as I can, no matter what type of interior design or decorating services they need.

To learn more about how I work the initial consultation, including whether to charge a client & what I bring, watch my YouTube playlist here.

Ok, back to the process of getting those 5 star reviews!

Let your clients know that you would really appreciate a review and ask if it’s okay for you to send them a request or a link, depending on where you want them to post the review.

I used to do this on Houzz, but if you are familiar with that platform you probably are aware that they are not overly supportive of Interior Design professionals now and only seem to be out for themselves.

Therefore, I’ve also included my copy to show you how I am now reaching out to past clients who previously reviewed me and asking them to provide me with a Google review.

We’ll get to that in a minute.



As discussed, I would really appreciate it if you could take a few moments to write a review for me.  If you would be so kind to provide feedback on the level of service I provided and how  you benefited by hiring me to assist with your project, I would be very grateful.  

You will also be asked to rate my services, with 5 stars being the highest ranking.  

Thank you so much ENTER FIRST NAME, it’s been a pleasure working with you and ENTER PARTNER’S NAME IF APPLICABLE on this fabulous project. 

If you need any assistance with your home decor or a re-design in the future, please know that I would welcome the opportunity to work with you again.

Please let me know if you have any problems in accessing this site.  Thank you!”

Custom kitchen design by Claire Jefford.
Custom kitchen design by Claire Jefford. Photography by Stephani Buchman.

Notice how both reviews mention my previous excellent reviews that they read on line?  I’m telling you, this works!


Google is ultimately the best place to ask for reviews.  It’s the top search engine and your website is the only thing you can really control and own on line, so I recommend this for building up your SEO -Search Engine Optimization.

In the past, I always asked for reviews on houzz because that’s where 50% of my inquiries were coming from. This was before houzz changed their algorithms and the way in which people search for professionals.

By the way, I NEVER paid houzz a dime for advertising. This is how I know that reviews are a big part of what home owners take into consideration when choosing a professional. 

Here’s the copy I created recently to send to clients who previously reviewed me on houzz, but whom I would now like to have their testimonial on Google.

By copying their previous review & including it in the email, you will make it super easy for them to do this. Although it’s an extra step, it’s worth it in order to stress how easy you’ve made it for them to do.


I hope you and your family are still enjoying your ENTER PROJECT YOU DID WITH THEM HERE! (ie- beautiful kitchen remodel that we designed for you!)

Previously, you kindly reviewed me on houzz with a 5 star rating and I really appreciated that. Reviews are one of the things that people look to most when searching any type of service. 

I’d like to build up my reviews on Google and am asking if you wouldn’t mind taking 40 seconds to add that same review to Google.  (Honestly, it takes less than a minute!)

To make it easy for you, I’ve included your original testimonial below. All that you need to do, is copy and paste this into a Google review. Here are 5 easy steps to do this:

1) Copy your review listed below by right clicking on your mouse and clicking over the word ‘copy’.
2) Click here  (link to your own google search result for your site here) and on the right side of the screen, you should see my listing pop up. 
3) Click on the ‘Write a Review’ on the bottom right of that box.
4) A window will pop up where you can hover over the stars to enter your 5 star rating, then underneath, right click your mouse and hit ‘paste’.  Your previously copied testimonial should appear.
5) Hit the ‘post’ button on the bottom right of that window and you’re done!

Here’s Your Original Review:
‘We hired Claire to remodel our bedroom and we couldn’t be happier with the results. We had no previous experience working with a professional designer prior to working with Claire but instantly she made us feel at ease with our decision. Claire did an excellent job understanding what we were looking and bringing it to life. She was very organized and made sure that no small detail was being overlooked. Her network of professionals that contributed to the job were all top notch as well. We highly recommend Claire and will not hesitate to work with her again the future.’  

Thanks Tim, I really appreciate you taking a minute out of your busy day to do this for me. I hope to work with you and Marie again soon!”

Custom bedroom design by Claire Jefford. Photography by Stephani Buchman.


Google Gets Suspicious

I’ve been told that Google apparently gets suspicious if you receive too many reviews at once. Therefore, aim to ask for requests no more than once or twice a week.

Also, someone did tell me that when you copy and paste, Google knows this and it’s frowned upon, but that has not been confirmed. I’m giving you this heads up so you can decide if it’s something you feel is worth doing. Google reviews should help your SEO and have you rank higher when a search for Interior Design or Decorating services occurs in your local area.

What if client’s don’t respond to my request?

While you can’t force anyone to write a review for you, you can follow up within a couple of weeks of sending the initial request. Note – Houzz will automatically resend the request within a week or so if the recipient has not replied.

If you are asking for reviews on another platform, consider logging in your calendar for one week’s time to do a follow up on the review request.  People get busy, don’t take it personally, but don’t hound them either.

Should I ask all past clients to review me?

Obviously you want glowing reviews. Use your judgement to decide which clients you feel would be happy to review you and who were thrilled with the overall experience of hiring your services. If things did not end well on a project for whatever reason or you know that you were not on your ‘A’ game, then I would not recommend you ask in those instances.

Once I get a review, what should I do?

The first thing you should do is write a response to say thank you for the review.  Most platforms allow you the opportunity to reply, as well as to add photos of the project.

Below is an example of what I have written in the past:

Also use the review to your advantage as much as possible. Send it to your client list in your monthly newsletter updates.

Share it to your social media, announcing that you have another happy client from a recent project. Below are a couple examples of how I’ve done this on my Facebook Business page.

I created this graphic in Canva. This is my old branding, but you get the point!


Also create graphics to share milestones, such as this one where I shared when we hit 90 reviews.

Who Else Should I Ask To Review Me?

In addition to your happy clients, ask your trades and local suppliers to review you. Let them know that you will be happy to return the favour and review them as well.  You can also ask employees or colleagues.

I like to sprinkle those reviews in with the client reviews, don’t go gang busters on asking a slew of other professionals all at once. While getting suppliers and trades to review you is great to support your other testimonials, the client reviews are the most compelling and convincing for potential clients to see.

Do you have something you want to ask or wish to add on this topic? Comment below.

Please don’t forget about  hitting up my shop page.  Remember, you can’t get rave reviews and build your credibility without being well organized in your business.

Where My Biggest Lead Came From…you won’t believe it!

One of my very first clients whom I met with for an Interior Decorating consultation meeting was eager to hire me for further services.


Then she backed out and cancelled our next appointment.


I knew exactly why she got cold feet and I also knew that something needed to change in my interior design business.

The Harsh Reality

The truth is, after becoming a Certified Interior Decorator, although I started my own business, I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing.

I had no clear outline for my services, nor did I have organized processes of next steps past the initial consultation meeting.

Yes, I know what you are thinking – that is completely absurd! How could I not know what services I offered in my own business?

But it was true. I literally stumbled through the first few months, making it up as I went along.

It’s a good thing I turned it around when I did though, because one of marketing strategies that I share in Episode #8 of my YouTube video series, was my biggest breakthrough yet.

Watch the video to see how I found myself working for a big HGTV celebrity.

It’s one thing to learn as you go, heck we are always learning and I do love that about the interior design industry.

But to not be clear on the value you provide nor have a good understanding on how you will work with clients, is a dangerous place to be as a small business owner.  How can you convey what you can do for your clients if you don’t even know this yet yourself?

It’s a good thing I was determined with a passion to succeed!

My previous work experience in Human Resources helped me to turn things around rather quickly.  Perfecting business processes became an obsession and before long I was ROCKING my Initial Consultation.


Thank goodness I did because the amazing opportunity that I talk about in my video, could’ve easily passed me by had it not been for my impressive organizational skills and the ability to confidently convey the value I bring to every project.

If my story as a new entrepreneur sounds familiar and you are struggling in gaining confidence & taking control in business, don’t suffer through that any longer. It’s a miserable place to be.

See here how I can help you better your business today. Let’s do this!

DM me here on IG if you have any questions and I’ll likely reply with a voice message.

This weekend I’m in New Jersey for the launch of a new Interior Design Business Book that I am a co-author of and a huge event where I’m also speaking. I couldn’t be more excited!

It’s LuAnn Live and I hope to see you there.

Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore Colour Review

Although I’ve never used this neutral Benjamin Moore paint colour myself,  I’m dying to specify it for a project soon!

I’ve heard a lot of great feedback from those who have painted their walls in Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore. If you’ve used it, please comment below to share your experience.  Do you love it?


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Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore

As with each of my colour review posts, today about Benjamin Moore’s Pale Oak I’ll be sharing:

  • What the undertone is
  • Paint colour comparisons so you can get a better sense of Pale Oak
  • The best whites for trim and ceilings
  • Fabulous colour combinations to pair with this Benjamin Moore paint colour

Below the colour review video, you’ll see exactly how all of these paint tones work with one another in graphics that are perfect for pinning to Pinterest.  Follow me on Pinterest here.

But first, let’s do this!

Where would you Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore in your home?

Best Whites to pair with Pale Oak:

Please note that all paint colours listed below are by Benjamin Moore.

(These are Perfect for Pinning by the way!)

White Dove by Benjamin Moore is always one of my favourites!



Cloud White works wonderfully with Pale Oak


Ivory White is the most creamy of the three and maybe even my favourite pairing.

Fabulous Colour Combinations

Healing Aloe by Benjamin Moore is so soothing!


Smoky Green is a slightly more intense colour & more blue than Healing Aloe.


Newburg Green, perhaps my most favourite combination with Pale Oak

The graphic below shows you all the colours together, plus Chelsea Gray thrown into the mix.  How gorgeous is this?!

Perfect Paint Palette!

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Do Luxury Magazine Ads Get You Clients?

Although some marketing tactics may seem like great initiatives that will be hitting your target audience, how often does that really happen?

Early on in my career as an Interior Decorator, I had a luxury golf magazine reach out to me. They were local to my area and pitched an advertisement in two of their publications. I really thought this was going to see a good return on my investment, but did it yield me clients?

You’ll have to watch episode #7 of my Marketing Strategies Series to find out.

In the video I also reveal another way that I created an incentive for potential clients which was also a strategy that allowed me to network with other local businesses.

Have you advertised in a local magazine similar to this?  Did you get clients and see a good return on your investment? Comment below to share your experience.

From having met many interior design professionals in the industry, as well as having done numerous coaching calls, I know that different strategies and service offerings work for different business models.

There often is no right or wrong way of doing business, as long as you clearly manage client’s expectations throughout the process.

If you’ve missed my previously videos in this series, you can catch them all on my Claire Jefford Coaching YouTube channel on a playlist here I created specifically for my Marketing series.

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray Colour Review

Is This The Most Popular Neutral?

Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams is one of the most popular neutral colours out there just now for Interior Design and Decor.

While I haven’t had a project professionally photographed with this paint colour yet, I have specified it a fair amount to home owners in my local area of Burlington and Oakville Ontario.

Explore this Colour More!

In this video of Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams, and as always, in my colour review videos I share:

  • The undertone of my featured colour
  • Colour Comparisons in order to easily ‘SEE’ the different colour tones
  • Best White paints to pair for the trim & ceilings
  • Beautiful Colour Combinations to inspire you for your next decorating project

Comment below if you’ve used this colour and if you’ve had a space professionally photographed where you used Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray.  Email me the image and your details & I may feature you in a future vlog!  Send to –>

For future colour videos I’d like to feature inspiring spaces by talented designers. Seeing a colour in a space and how it varies with lighting, plus the many ways that it can be paired with other fabulous textures and finishes, is always fascinating to me. I know I’m not alone!


Colour Comparisons

In this colour comparison below, you can easily see the difference between the colours and their undertones.  The top colour is a blue-green gray; Agreeable Gray in the centre is a Green Gray and Wool Skein is a Green Beige.


Best Whites to Pair with Agreeable Gray

Of course there are many more whites that would work wonderfully with this colour, but I’ve pulled 3 of my favourites from Sherwin Williams.



Fabulous Colour Combinations with Agreeable Gray

All colours paired here with Agreeable Gray are also from Sherwin Williams.



My good friend Maria Killam designed this gorgeous living room that is painted Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams. How fabulous does it look with the blues and yellow accents?!

Room design by Maria Killam.

Speaking of Maria Killam, do you love my large painted colour boards and want your own set?

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How To Effectively Work With Realtors

To help you get more clients and boost those sales, my Interior Design Marketing Strategies Series is back!

This week in Episode #6, I share my experience of working with a Realtor and tell you:

  • Why teaming up with these industry professionals is smart for your business
  • What strategies you need to consider before building this type of mutually beneficial partnership
  • How you can also use postcards to land clients

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Farrow & Ball Colour Book Unboxing

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