Behind the Design

It’s easy to find pretty photos on line of finished interior decorating projects. Inspiration can be found everywhere from Pinterest, to Instagram and of course, in my portfolio too!

Design by Claire Jefford. Photo by Stephani Buchman Photography.

But wouldn’t you like to learn more about the details that go into the thought process for designing a beautiful space? After all, it didn’t just happen easily and by coincidence with all the pieces falling perfectly into place.

If that was the case, then my job would be super easy or even redundant altogether.

Welcome to ‘Behind the Design’!

Here I’ll share a quick round up a few different design elements to bring you a better understanding on why I make the choices that I do when working on clients’ project. Today’s post includes interior design tips from a main floor redesign that we did in a Burlington client’s home.

1,2,3, come take a look Behind the Design with me!

#1. Make Sense of Your Space

In our Burlington clients home, we removed a wall between the formal dining room and the traditional living room in order to create a larger kitchen.  The living room was not needed as my clients had a family room on the main floor as well as a fully finished basement.  (FYI – the wall is behind the angle from where the photo is being taken.)

In this before photo, you can see the sofa at the previous living room at the far end of the home.

Space Saving Tip:

Our suggestion was to turn the living room into the dining room and custom build a large banquette on the far wall for seating.  A wall banquette saves on space usually required for pulling out the dining chairs.

In addition, a dining table with a pedestal (opposed to legs) allows for extra seating space around each end of the table when needed to accommodate more guests.

Dining room with custom banquette and walls painted Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore

#2. Out With the Old

Within the same area there was a half wall that bordered the front foyer with a pillar on the end closest to the room opening (see below).  In addition to the new flooring and overall renovation work done to update their home, removing this traditional column helped us to eliminate a structural element that if indicative of a more traditional style.

A Plan With Purpose

We took that narrow wall all the wall to the ceiling and beautifully finished it with a detailed crown molding. This wall divides the space and enabled the addition of our clients’ simple, yet sophisticated artwork that greets you when you enter the front foyer area. So pretty, right?!

New front closet custom door. All professional photography by Stephani Buchman.

#3. Tricks of the Trade

There are so many doors in this small entry way that with the contrasting wall colour, it made the space feel very busy and closed in.

Front Entry Before

Bright & Welcoming

By lightening up the paint colour (Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore) and adding a custom mirror within the mill work on the wall, the front entry now feels bigger and is much more welcoming.  Don’t you agree?

Brighter Entry Way (and bigger looking too!)

To see more of this kitchen in my portfolio, click here. 

Which of these 3 updates was your favourite? Comment below to let me know which one you liked best.

It’s amazing how different a home can look and feel when you have a good design plan and a professional to help you along the way. We would love to work with you on your next project. Reach out and contact us here.

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Step by Step Process with LuAnn Nigara

Last week I had the pleasure of being a guest on LuAnn Nigara’s podcast, A Well Designed Business, for the third time.

LuAnn and I are good friends and both a bit nerdy when it comes to processes for our businesses. This is just one reason why I love her so much!

Me with the lovely LuAnn Nigara!

Coming Soon!

Before you jump into the podcast, there’s something you should know.

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Step by Step Process for the Initial Consultation

In my latest interview, episode #485,  LuAnn dedicates the entire show for me to walk her through every single step of my client intake & consultation process.

This process begins with the client Discovery Call and takes you all the way to the  to the end of the initial consultation meeting.

I have set it up in a way that enables me to quickly build trust with my clients and to manage their expectations from the onset.

After you listen, if you want to set yourself up with the exact same process without starting from scratch and figuring it all out on your own, you can get my ROCK the CONSULTATION PROCESSES PACKAGE HERE  for 30% off the regular price starting Friday!

Power Talk Friday Podcast Episode #485

Alright, please take a listen to my episode with LuAnn here and comment below to let me know what your biggest takeaway was from our conversation.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

To catch more of LuAnn’s podcast and hear more great episodes, go to her website here.   She sure is one #smartlady.

Oh and did I mention that she’s also a ton of fun?  Below is a part of a video clip (I faded the for the video) from when I interviewed LuAnn at her Window Works store in New Jersey in 2018.

You can watch my video of that interview here.

The moment we realized that the camera over-heated!


LuAnn is also the mastermind behind the book ‘The Things I Learned From A Well Designed Business’, of which I am a co-author of, along with all of these other wonderful people!

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Elephant’s Breath Farrow And Ball

Elephant’s Breath by Farrow and Ball

Isn’t this Farrow and Ball paint colour gorgeous?! Let’s dive in to find out more about it and if it’s the right hue for you.  

In this colour review video of Elephant’s Breath by Farrow And Ball, I share:

  • The undertone of my featured colour
  • Colour comparisons in order to easily see the different colour tones
  • Best white paint colours for the trim and ceilings
  • Beautiful colour combinations to inspire you for your decorating project

I’m a Certified True Colour Expert and an award-winning interior design professional having worked with many homeowners on various design projects. I want to give you the confidence to make educated decisions about your own paint choices. Let’s do this!

Watch the video below of my Elephant’s Breath Colour Review

As a reference point, let’s start off by taking a look below at  this clients living room we designed. It’s painted Shale by Benjamin Moore.

Although Shale has slightly less intensity than Elephant’s Breath, it is quite comparable .

Below is a Farrow and Ball image with Elephant’s Breath on the bathroom walls.


Undertones: Pink/Violet


Elephant’s Breath is described by Farrow & Ball as a warm mid-gray with a hint of magenta, but can also look lilac depending on the light.

Colour Comparisons: Joa’s White & Pavillion Gray


Joa's White & Elephant's Breath & Pavillion Gray

Best Whites To Pair With Elephant’s Breath

Pointing  White By Farrow And Ball

School house By Farrow And Ball

All White By Farrow And Ball

Fabulous Colour Combinations with Elephant’s Breath

Conforth White, Blue Gray, and Brinjal


Charleston Gray, Mohogany and Brinjal


Convenience At Your Fingertips

Get the convenience of having everything you need to know about using Elephant’s Breath and with even more colour combinations at your fingertips!

Click here to see all of my newly released Essential Colour Guides.

Remember, it only takes one mistake to take your home decorating project from divine to disaster. Don’t let the paint be what stresses you out!

All of these colour combinations with Elephant’s Breath are listed in my Essential Colour Guide.  There are even two more colours in each, for a total of ten options to pair with Elephant’s Breath.

Which room would be your favourite to use Elephant’s Breath? Comment below, I always love hearing from you! 

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Interior Design Salary

Interior Design Salary

What’s the average salary for an Interior Designer working for another company?

What jobs are available within the Interior Design industry?

Although most of the designers whom I coach or who are in my Private Facebook Group for Interior Design Professionals run their own design business, perhaps you are still studying for your degree or recently graduated and wondering what the next step is in your journey.

Or maybe you are already running your own business, but it’s not quite bringing you in the revenue you need or it’s proving to be more difficult to get established with steady clients than you had anticipated.

If you are going to design school; or recently graduated or are simply looking at the options available to you in the interior design field, watch my video to better understand the types of jobs currently listed in both the US & Canada & what to expect in terms of an estimated annual Interior Designer salary.

Let me start by saying that everyone has different goals in terms of what they want to achieve and how much money they want to make.

I love this about life.

We are all different.

No two people are the same and ‘There is more than one path to the top of the mountain.’  I freakin’ love that expression.

So even if we all had similar goals, there are many different ways and strategies for achieving those goals.

I started my Interior Design Firm as a second career as soon as I received my Interior Decorating Certification. Despite applying for a couple of Interior Design jobs similar to the examples that I share with you in the video, I never worked for anyone else, nor had any previous retail experience.

However, I did work in Human Resources at Ford Motor Company in the UK when I lived in England for 6 years.  That role was pivotal for me in terms of understanding the importance of having organized processes and developing effective communication skills.

Average Salary Ranges

If you watched the video you will see that the average annual salary for an Interior design job ranges from $40k – $120k. The higher end of that pay scale favours those who work in retail and are likely heavily commission based wages. Remember though that retail positions will also mean that you must work evenings and weekends.

There are other pros and cons of working for another company, all of which I cover in the video so be sure to watch it.

I’d Much Rather Be My Own Boss!

If you prefer to work for yourself (or if you already are)  make sure you are signed up to email list here, where I share my no-nonsense approach to success based on my own experiences.

I’m a ‘walk the walk kind of girl’ in case you didn’t already know that. If I said it, you can bet that I did it!

One on One Coaching

Not quite making the salary you want to be making in your business?

Are you unsure of your processes or how to market yourself to target your ideal client and get more business?

Stop wasting time and making excuses!  Get expert advice from someone who has been there.

One on one coaching sessions available. Find out more here.



Farrow & Ball Hague Blue

Hague Blue By Farrow and Ball

Do you want to know more about this rich and luxurious paint colour? Wondering if this hue is for you? I’m here to help.  Let’s do this!

In this colour review video of Hague Blue by Farrow And Ball, I share:

  • The undertone of my featured colour
  • Colour comparisons in order to easily see the different colour tones
  • Best white paint colours for the trim and ceilings
  • Beautiful colour combinations to inspire you for your decorating project

I’m a Certified True Colour Expert and an award-winning interior design professional having worked with many homeowners on various design projects. I want to give you the confidence to make educated decisions about your own paint choices.

Watch the video below of my Hague Blue Colour Review

In this bathroom by Farrow and Ball, you can see the richness and depth of Hague Blue.

Farrow and Ball Hague Blue shown here


Undertones: Blue/Green

Farrow and Ball’s website describes Hague Blue as a deep dark blue, with a green undertone.

Colour Comparisons: Inchyra Blue & Stifkey Blue

Stifkey Blue & Hague Blue & Inchyra Blue

You can see in my colour comparison how Stifkey Blue is the ‘bluest’ of the three Farrow and Ball paint colours. Inchyra Blue is more green and Hague Blue sits nicely in the middle as a go-between.

Best Whites To Pair With Hague Blue

Wimborne White By Farrow And Ball

Hague Blue & Wimborne White

James White By Farrow And Ball

Hague Blue & James White

Shadow White By Farrow And Ball

Hague Blue & Shadow White

Fabulous Colour Combinations with Hague Blue

Churlish Green, Red Earth and Vardo




Yearbridge Green, Shadow White & Vardo



Convenience At Your Fingertips

Get the convenience of having everything you need to know about using Hague Blue with even more colour combinations at your fingertips!

Click here to get my newly released Essential Colour Guides.

Remember, it only takes one mistake to take your home decorating project from divine to disaster. Don’t let the paint be what stresses you out!

Farrow & Ball Hague Blue Essential Colour Guide


Which room would be your favourite to use Hague Blue? Comment below, I always love hearing from you!

How to Send a Voice Message on Instagram

Social Media Minute (or two)

People think I’m a rock star when I send them an Instagram voice message, but guess what? It’s super easy and even faster than writing out a text!

(But don’t tell anyone that it’s super easy, I like people calling me a Rock star 🙂 )

If you aren’t using voice messages on Instagram yet, there’s no excuse now because I’m sharing a tutorial that is less than 2 minutes to show you exactly how to do this.

Now that you know how, go here to connect with me on Instagram and send me a voice message. I double dare you!

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Retainer Fee

Retainer Fee – Interior Design 

You should never be chasing money.

Don’t start any interior design work without a signed letter of agreement and retainer payment.

It’s your business:

  • You make the rules
  • Your set the boundaries
  • You are in control

And guess what? The good clients love that!

If you missed my previous video, ‘What is a Retainer Agreement’, please watch that first.  You can find it here.  In that post I go into more detail about the purpose of letter of agreement itself.

In today’s video  I focus on the retainer fee amount and how to work the retainer with your clients.

If you have ever chased clients for outstanding payments or had to reissue invoices & reminders time and again, then you know what a lousy feeling that is. It’s a terrible place to be.

Since the beginning of my career, I have been successfully reviewing my Letter of Agreement and collecting retainer payments from clients at the end of the initial consultation meeting, before moving ahead with design services.  You can too.

Watch my video here to learn more.

Need A Retainer Agreement? Get mine!

Exude the confidence to take control & manage clients expectations on your various processes with my Letter of Agreement. 

Having this powerful tool shows clients you are organised and on top of your game. When you invest in my Letter of Agreement & you’ll also receive a private link to a 20 minute video where I explain why you need an LOA; when to use it & a step by step of how to walk your client through the LOA.

Letter of Agreement with Walk Through Video

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BEST VALUE! BUNDLE & SAVE with my 3 in 1 Package
BEST VALUE! BUNDLE & SAVE with my 3 in 1 Package


I include videos showing you how I speak to a potential client on an initial phone call and another video on how to conduct an initial consultation. Be a fly on the wall and learn how to avoid the BIGGEST MISTAKE designers are making in this first meeting!

There are also 4 scenarios where I show you how to deal with awkward client situations such as:

  • Asking about your discount
  • Having friends & other family members give decorating advice
  • How to handle if a client who challenges your process
  • How to deal with the ‘other half’ who may not be fully on board with hiring your extremely helpful services

Why re-invent the wheel with every new client or fly by the seat of your pants creating new templates and forms with each consultation meeting? Gain more confidence & get organised NOW.

AND – you’ll also get my Interior Design Starter Pack that addresses branding your business; establishing relationships with trades and suppliers; must have tools for your business and more.

The time and stress you will save yourself by getting super organised, super fast, is invaluable.

Interior Design business coach Claire Jefford Testimonial

Got a question? Email us:


Benjamin Moore Colour of the Year 2020

The Colour of the Year is always a big talking point that everyone has an opinion on and I can’t say that I’m any different!

If nothing else, I love that it gets people talking about colour, as everyone is so passionate when it comes to colour and how it makes them feel.

The Sherwin Williams Colour of the Year, Naval SW 6244, was announced last month and as a huge fan of Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore, I can’t help but love Naval too.

Colour of the Year 2020 for Sherwin Williams: Naval

Earlier this month I was invited to the Benjamin Moore Colour of the Year event in Toronto. Although many speculated that the Benjamin Moore Colour this year would also be a dramatic, deep and moody tone, it was quite the opposite.

Benjamin Moore Colour of the Year:

First Light 2102-70

The Benjamin Moore Colour of the Year: First Light 2102-70


First Light 2102-70 Benjamin Moore

Andrea Magno, Benjamin Moore Director of Colour Marketing and Development, said “We selected First Light 2102-70 as our Colour of the Year 2020 to represent a new dawn of idealism, design and living. First Light 2102-70 reflects a new definition of the home – a shift in mindset from the material to satisfying the core needs in life: community, comfort, security, self-expression, authenticity and ultimately, optimism.”

Colour of the Year First Light 2102-70

We have actually been seeing this colour for a long time in interior design, but more in soft blush accessories, fabrics and other accents.  Even if you don’t love the colour for your walls, it may be the perfect accent colour to compliment a main colour within your chosen colour palette or design.

Along with the Colour of the Year, Benjamin Moore also announced: Ten harmonious hues have been selected to guide us into the next 10 years and beyond.

Benjamin Moore Colour Trends 2020 Colour Palette

Images from the Benjamin Moore Colour Trends 2020 palette can be see below. All photos are courtesy of Benjamin Moore.

Benjamin Moore’s Colour of the year, First Light


First Light Benjamin Moore Colour of the Year
Walls First Light 2102-70 Ceiling is White Heron OC 57
First Light Benjamin Moore
First Light Benjamin Moore


First Light Benjamin Moore

Windmill Wings 2067-60


Windmill Wings on the walls and Oxford Gray on base of bench seat


Windmill Wings 2067-60 Benjamin Moore

Blue Danube 2062-30

Buxton Blue HC-149


2062-30 Blue Danube Benjamin Moore with Buxton Blue HC 149


Benjamin Moore Buxton Blue upper wall blue Danube on lower wall

Crystalline AF – 485


Benjamin Moore Crystalline AF 485 with White Heron OC 57

Cushing Green HC-145


Benjamin Moore Cushing Green HC 125 and White Heron OC 57 walls in the bathroom


Crystalline AF 485 Benjamin Moore on the top and Cushing Green HC 125 on the bottom

Oxford Gray 2128-40


Oxford Gray Benjamin Moore on the island with White Heron cabinets

White Heron OC -57


Benjamin Moore White Heron OC 57 walls and ceiling

Golden Straw 2152-50


Golden Straw 2152-50 Benjamin Moore walls

Thunder AF-685


Benjamin Moore Thunder AF 685 walls with First Light on the cabinetry

What do you think of these Colour Trends 2020 from Benjamin Moore?  I quite like them, even though I’m not a huge fan of pastel colours.  When put together in a thoughtful way in interior design, they make for gorgeous colour palettes.

If you are struggling with choosing paint colours, be sure to check out my Essential Colour Guides. More paint colour guides will be added over time, so be sure to check back here often for new paint colours.

Retainer Agreement – Interior Design Contract

Retainer Agreement – Interior Design Contract

Do you ever have outstanding invoices for services from clients?  You need to make sure you are getting paid up front. In this post I’m going to tell you how to do just that with a Retainer Agreement.

If you don’t have a Letter of Agreement, here’s where you can get mine. But first, watch the video below to learn more about how and why this initial contract is imperative to have in place for your business. 

At least once a month in my private Facebook Group for Designers, someone posts to ask for advice on how to get paid for outstanding client invoices.

Please don’t let this happen to you, it’s no way to run a successful interior design business!

I’ve set up my processes so that I am never out of pocket for services. I always have a signed retainer agreement before commencing design services and you should too. 

What is a Retainer Agreement? 

A retainer agreement is essentially a contract between you and your client. It states the terms of how you work, the scope of a project and services you will provide, as well as details of your fee schedule.

How elaborate and detailed the retainer agreement is, will depend on your business model. Either way, your Letter of Agreement is in place so that you receive a retainer fee up front for services and your clients understand the terms and conditions of working with you. 

This structured way of working also shows clients that you are an organized professional with processes in place.  The good interior design clients really like that and respect you more for it.

I have clients sign my retainer agreement at the end of the initial consultation meeting, before commencing further design services.  I call my Retainer Agreement an LOA – Letter of Agreement and it’s a one-page document.

I actually have 2 that I use depending on whether clients are hiring us for hourly services or for flat-fee packages.

As we have done so many interior design 3D plans and that is one of our most popular offerings to clients, I already know how much plans are going to cost, based on the size of the project.

A Retainer Is Still Important Even For Complex Jobs

If the project is going to be more involved & more time is required to finalize the scope of work & determine pricing for service fees, then even in those circumstances, we still ask for a retainer to hold a space in our calendar for that client’s project. 

A big mistake that a lot of designers make is that they either leave the document for clients to review on their own or they email it to clients after they’ve sent a proposal.

This is a big no-no in my book.  One main reason people do that is because they are nervous about pulling out a contract and discussing it through with clients. Whereas I see it completely differently and encourage you to as well.

This is a fantastic opportunity to manage your client’s expectations! Sitting down to review any contract allows for an open conversation so the client can get a good grasp on what to expect moving forward .

It also provides the chance for clients to ask you any more questions & for you to further clarify how you will work together moving forward.  Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!  Hit it head on with confidence!

How Much Should You Ask For?

We ask for 50% of the estimated total cost for services. For example, if our 3D design concepts start at $3000, I will request $1500 at the end of our initial consultation meeting with the balance being due 5 days prior to a presentation meeting.  

My business model is a hybrid model which means that we charge a flat fee for plans that take clients to the point of presentation and then an hourly fee for our services to implement our design ideas.

If a client wishes to continue with our design services and signs off on the ideas we presented, then phase two is the implementation stage. For that we have a separate purchasing agreement that covers all aspects of managing the design to the big reveal day and that includes the purchasing of the furniture and warranties etc.

Get My Retainer Agreements

Get my LOA agreement here with walk through video

If you want to save time in developing your own Agreement, I have mine for purchase here on my website. It’s the agreement that I use to move clients past the initial consultation and onto our first level of services. 

I also include a coaching video where I do a walk through to show you exactly how I present my retainer agreement to clients. You will need to do some minor edits to suit your own business model and add your own logo and business details. 

Please note that this is a one-page agreement, not a lengthy contract or for purchasing products. Find out more here.

Comment below to let me know if you use a Retainer Agreement in your business.

Princess Margaret Lottery Home

What type of home can you expect for a cool $4.8 million in Oakville, Ontario?  How about this beauty that is the 2019 Princess Margaret Lottery Home?!

I had the pleasure of receiving an exclusive invitation from the Lixil Group to attend the open house recently before it went public and today I want to share my experience with you.

The house is on a corner lot and the photo above shows the ‘front’ of the home, while the image below is of the side entrance with double garage.

Most of the images in my blog post are courtesy of the Princess Margaret Lottery Home, of which you can visit here to buy your ticket to conquer cancer.

Princess Margaret lottery home 2019 side entrance

In this week’s video I share both my favourite interior decorating features inside the home and the ‘Design Disappointments’.

Hey, I appreciate that not everything in a residential interior design project is going to resonate with everybody and there will always be critics.

As an Interior Design Professional who works with clients on a daily basis to redesign and redecorate their homes, I wanted to share my perspective and thoughts.  I welcome your feedback as well, please leave a comment here on my blog.

Also, what kind of Colour Expert would I be if I didn’t mention the Benjamin Moore paint colours?! Read on past the video to find out what paint colours were used in this home.

My Favourite Things

Mill Work & Trim

When you hear the expression, ‘It’s all in the details’ you cannot argue that in this home, each room has substantial elements of beautiful, detailed custom mill work.

Princess Margaret lottery home hallway and doorways with bold, contrasting trim in Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore


Walls & Wainscoting are Distant Gray OC 68 by Benjamin Moore


The tall doors with detailed moldings and striking hardware. Doors and trim are Silver Satin OC 26 by Benjamin Moore.


Partial European columns in each corner of the dining room. Be sure to look up at the ceiling trim detail too!

Wallpaper and Drapery

Interior Designer Brian Gluckstein is well known for using subtle and sophisticated wallpaper and drapery in his projects.  This Princess Margaret Lottery Showhome is no exception. Here are some of my favourite rooms with these exquisite decorative elements.

Tone on tone. Dark gray pleated draperies layered with dark gray wallpaper in the family room.


In the office, wonderful wallpaper in neutral tones with a linen look. Custom pleated draperies and area rug add more softness to this space.


Pink is everywhere in this nursery. Ceiling & trim are painted Odessa pink by Benjamin Moore.
Even the spa area had ripplefold drapery which added softenss to the space.  Walls are also wallpapered here!
Second floor bathroom with striking wallpaper in pretty blue hues.

Gallery Wall & Artwork

In terms of wall art for home decor, we have been seeing large prints either framed or on canvas for quite some time.

Here in the Princess Margaret Lottery Home, that trend was no exception. But first, you’ve got to see this gallery wall which is one of the most interesting I’ve even seen!

The main reason it’s so unique is because it wraps around a curved wall in the stairway. All photos are in black and white with black frames. Quite the statement, wouldn’t you agree?

Very cool view looking down the stairs at the wall wrapped in black and white framed prints.

Here are two more art pieces that could be found on the second level of the Princess Margaret Lottery Home.


Abstract art in upper hallway. Wall is Silver Satin by Benjamin Moore

Design Disappointments

In the video I am able to easily convey my feelings about why I feel the way that I do about some of the main areas within the home.  (This is why I always promote video for your business as the best way to share your message!)

Please watch the video if you want to hear opinions straight from the ‘horse’s mouth’. -that’s me!   I’ve made bullet points below to list elements of the design that I was deeply disappointed in for such a luxurious family home.

The Kitchen – Things that make you go ‘hmmm’

  • The bookcase murals that cover each fridge on both ends of the kitchen
  • Seating configuration at the island -are we in a hibachi restaurant?
  • Lack of counter space between the stove and the sink
  • The kitchen is open to the hallway, but not open to other rooms


The Laundry Room – Or Lack Thereof

  • No actual laundry ‘room’, but rather a walk through laundry area between the kitchen and the pathway to the garage & side door
  • No rod nor a dedicated area to hang delicate items to dry
  • Not enough space to place a laundry basket AND fold your laundry at the same time
  • Second floor laundry is in an awkward location, at top of the stairs in the middle of the main hallway (see below, second image)
  • With the ‘all in one washer & dryer’, the linen closet doesn’t leave much room for linens, pillows, or duvets
Main laundry area that is also a main walkway through to the kitchen from the garage and side door


Main linen closet at the top of the stairs, in the hallway

Custom Vanities Fall Short

I absolutely appreciate that these two vanities were likely built to look like furniture – and there is no denying they are absolutely GORGEOUS!

But why not have them custom built wall to wall?  The gaps between the walls on either side are not practical & you run the risk of having toiletries that will inevitably be placed here, likely falling to the floor.

These ‘gaps’ also become a dust trap, especially with the area underneath being open.  I mean, can you imagine how many dust bunnies would be playing under there at any given time? Hopefully the eventual owners will be able to employ a daily cleaner.

The fluted detail of the cupboard fronts are lovely, as are the black DXV faucets
While I LOVE the wallpaper on the vanity, the gaps at each end would drive me crazy -especially for what is meant to be a girls washroom!

A Basement Fit for a….a…..Spinning instructor and Masseuse

Most families I know, including my own, love to spend time playing board games, cards, darts or watching movies. Often, these activities take place in the basement -especially for us since we live in a small 3 bedroom bungalow.

Having designed a 3000 square foot basement for a past client project of which their wish list included: a movie theater, concessions area, a 400 square foot gym, a sauna, designated space to play poker and pool, PLUS a Secret Xbox room, I’m fully aware of what a daunting and detailed task designing the basement layout for the Princess Margaret Lottery Home could be.

I also understand that every year there is added pressure to come up with a design that has an incredible ‘Wow’ factor. Last year the home had this 2 lane bowling alley. Now that was fun!

From the 2018 Princess Margaret Lottery Home

This year it was all about wellness, with a Spinning room and large spa area.  There is no denying that the space is absolutely worthy of a jaw drop when you first enter, but is it the best use of space for a family basement?

In my opinion, no.  Here’s a summary of what I felt  the basement was lacking:

  • A games area with storage -where is all the storage for board games, video games, DVD’s?
  • The TV/Movie space was small with seating arranged in a way that did not look like everyone could adequately and easily view the TV
  • A wet bar…there is no bar! Nowhere to make popcorn, no mini fridge to grab a pop. Must I walk all the way upstairs to get the wine?
  • Privacy in the open tub, sauna and shower area.


As you get to the bottom of the stairs you have 2 options. Turn right for the TV or left for the spa.


This is it for the designated area to watch movies. I did love the 80’s framed movie posters though.


That piece of furniture is the only case good or storage unit in this entire side of the basement
This is referred toas the ‘Relaxation Lounge’.  I had a nice massage here, but who is massaging you after the open house event?


One cannot argue that this looks pretty darn impressive though!

Alright, so there you have it.  I told you what I thought and now it’s your turn!  Comment below to let me know what you think about this Lottery Showhome?

Regardless of whether you feel the same as me, the event the Princess Margaret Lottery Home stands for is worthy of supporting. Go get your tickets here now.   Good luck!

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